Chapter 81 Humiliated

MGA: Chapter 81 – Humiliated

“Senior Gong, even in the future, creation of alliances are not allowed in the core zone?” Han Xue asked quietly as if afraid of Gong Luyun.

“Of course. I’ve said it before. As a core disciple, it’s fine as long as you are loyal to the Azure Dragon School. Creation of alliances to create your own power is not allowed.”

“I don’t care about the inner court because those people are only random mobs and they have no use to our Azure Dragon School. But in the core zone, I, Gong Luyun, do not allow any futile attempts in creating alliances.”

“Han Xue, for the sake of your face, I won’t investigate those people. Go over and tell them to quickly take down the Wings Alliance badges. Also, in the future, Wings Alliance members will exist no more. They only have one status and that is to be core disciple.” Gong Luyun’s tone was a bit cold.

“I understand. I’ll go and tell them right now.” Han Xue did not dare to be slow, and after nodding she walked towards Chu Feng and the others.

“Han Xue, I’ve missed you.” When Han Xue got close, Su Mei leaped into her embrace. Han Xue was also full of smiles and it seemed that their relationship was quite nice.

“Little Mei, are you really planning to continue the Wings Alliance in the core zone?” Han Xue smiled and asked.

“Mm, we’re planning to do that. Is there something wrong?” The smart Su Mei heard the meaning behind Han Xue’s words.

“If it was before, you could. But recently, senior Gong passed down an order and that was to forbid any creation of alliances or powers in the core zone. So, all the alliances in the core zone has been disbanded.” Han Xue explained and said.

“Senior Gong? He’s Gong Luyun?” Hearing those words, Situ Yu and the others couldn’t help but cast their gazes to the nearby Gong Luyun and within their eyes, a hint of fear surged up.

“Other than him, who else has such power? So…”

“Senior Han Xue, we understand your meaning. We won’t create the Wings Alliance in the core zone.”

Situ Yu firmly took off the badge on his chest. Seeing that, the other Wings Alliance members also took off their badges.

On the other hand, Su Mei was frowning and she said, “Han Xue, is this issue undiscussable?”

“Little Mei, I know that your feeling with the Wings Alliance is very deep, and it’s not like I don’t have deep feelings as well. But, the situation in the core zone is different. In here, personal strength is what matters. The use of alliances isn’t too big. In any case, senior Gong has already spoke and who dares to not follow it?” Han Xue earnestly persuaded.

“At the end, isn’t Gong Luyun just a disciple? He still wouldn’t go against elders so how is he qualified to speak those words?” At that time, Chu Feng spoke.

He quite understood Su Mei and he was very clear that Su Mei wanted to let the Wings Alliance continue existing in the core zone. Although he didn’t know the specifics, he knew Su Mei’s thoughts.

That was also why when the Wings Alliance no longer had any value to him, he still chose to stay in the Wings Alliance. It was for Su Mei.

“This is?” Hearing Chu Feng speak, Han Xue frowned and cast a strange gaze towards him.

“Ahh, I forgot the introductions. He is Chu Feng and he’s the newest member of the Wings Alliance.” Su Mei quickly introduced and said.

“Oh, it seems that he is still quite young and is inexperienced of the world. It’s normal if he doesn’t understand the seriousness of certain issues.”

“Little Mei, I’ll let you take care of him. Remember. The Wings Alliance must be disbanded.” After saying those words, Han Xue turned around and was going to leave.

“Actually, I’m very curious how serious the so-called seriousness is.” Chu Feng spoke again because the thing he could not take the most was other people threatening him.

Hearing those words, Han Xue suddenly turned her head as if wanting to say something. However, when she saw Su Mei, she suppressed it down and said,

“Little Mei, don’t say that I didn’t remind you. In the current core zone, no one dares to go against Gong Luyun. So, you better give the Wings Alliance up. It’s also a good thing for you two.”

“Han Xue, have you met with trouble?” Just at that time, Gong Luyun’s voice suddenly rang out. The #1 disciple in the Azure Dragon School walked over.

At that instant, the faces of Situ Yu and the others changed greatly. Although they would have rebutted angrily in the inner court, when facing Gong Luyun, they were truly terrified.

“Senior Gong, there’s no trouble. I’m just chatting a bit more with the juniors.” Han Xue said half-heartedly.

“Oh? It doesn’t seem that simple in my eyes.” Gong Luyun lightly smiled, walked in front of Su Mei and Chu Feng then said with an absolute tone,

“I think the thing that should have been said were said by Han Xue. I’m only giving you two a choice. If you take the badges off your chest, I will act as nothing had happened.”

Hearing those words, Su Mei had some hesitation but she still slowly raised her hand and prepared to take the badge off because she already clearly felt that Gong Luyun was not kind.

But just at that time, Chu Feng’s grabbed Su Mei’s hand then smiled and said to Gong Luyun, “Senior Gong, our Wings Alliance won’t affect others. Is there an absolute need to disband it?”

*whoosh* But, who would have thought that Gong Luyun said nothing, raised his hand and slapped towards Chu Feng’s face?

*swoosh* At that instant, Chu Feng was alarmed. He quickly used the Imperial Sky Technique and the wind under his feet lifted him up. He instantly disappeared and reappeared 10 meters away.

“This guy is fast.” Seeing that scene, all of the core disciples were shocked. Not ordinary people were able to escape from Gong Luyun’s hands.

“Hmph.” Gong Luyun coldly snorted. His body went straight toward and he appeared behind Chu Feng like a ghost. His hand grabbed downward towards his back.

“Crap.” At that instant, Chu Feng could feel a strong power engulfing his body and he pretty much lost the power to escape. While facing an expert of the Profound realm, he was indeed still too weak.

*bang* After grabbing onto Chu Feng’s neck, Gong Luyun suddenly pressed him down. He forcefully pressed Chu Feng onto the ground and the strong power made Chu Feng fiercely sink into the rocks. Instantly, large cracks appeared in his surroundings.

“You remember this. In this core zone, no one dares to go against me. Those who do only have one ending. That’s to be like you, kneeling on the ground like a dog.”

“Damn it.”

Chu Feng’s hands were pushing towards the ground. He operated the Mysterious technique and used his entire body’s strength to try and support his body back up. But the palm behind his neck was pressuring him like a huge mountain. Not to mention standing up, even breathing got harder and harder.

“Senior Gong, we’ll disband the Wings Alliance. We’ll disband it so please let him go!”

Seeing Chu Feng who sank within the rocks, Su Mei cried from fear. As she took the badge in front of her chest down, she ran and begged in front of Gong Luyun.

“This junior. Words of begging are useless by you. I need him to personally say that to me.” As Gong Luyun spoke, he pulled Chu Feng back up from the rocks.

“Pah!” But just as Chu Feng left the rocks, he turned his head and a huge gob of phlegm flew towards Gong Luyun.