Chapter 63: Bizarre Main Hall

MGA: Chapter 63: Bizarre Main Hall


As he was feeling hazy, Chu Feng opened his eyes. When he recovered his consciousness, Chu Feng got extremely happy.

He discovered, within his brain, there was a lot of new information. The information was the cultivation method of the Imperial Sky Technique. But, Chu Feng was not even able to smile from the happiness in his heart because he was stunned by the scene in front him.

“What…What place is this?”

At that instant, in front of Chu Feng, it was no longer the strange room. It became a bizarre hall. A truly bizarre, main hall.

It was tall yet there was no roof. It was as if one was able to see into another world. The walls surrounding him was not wood, nor stone, nor steel. It was as shiny as a crystal and as smooth as a mirror. It was extremely beautiful.

But, at that instant, what shocked Chu Feng the most was in front of him, there was a big door on the wall that shot up straight into the sky.

The door was extremely large, even several times larger than the city gates of the Ancient City. Its appearance was very strange as well. It was just like the mouth of a demon, extending out from the wall.

On top of the big door, it was filled with thick chains. Every chain was 1 meter thick and it densely covered the entire door as if locking a scary monster within.

Spreading out his Spirit power, Chu Feng’s face lost colour. Although it was sealed shut by the door, Chu Feng could still feel an extremely scary aura on the other side.

That aura was extremely cold, extremely icy, and extremely dark. It was like it was’t something from this world. It was so terrifying that Chu Feng’s hairs stood up straight and chills went down his spine.

“Heavens, I didn’t die right? This isn’t hell right?” Chu Feng had that thought because he felt that everything in front of him was not real. It was so dream-like and it was so terrifying.

“Hey! It’s you! You finally came! Haha, this is great! This is great!”

But just at that time, suddenly, a happy voice rang behind Chu Feng and because of the suddenness, Chu Feng jumped up in surprise.

“What’s this?” Chu Feng shivered from that and suddenly stood up. Only then did he find out that there was an egg behind him.

That was right. It was an egg, and it was a black-coloured egg. The egg was extremely big and it was not a chicken egg. It was even taller than Chu Feng and there could not be such a huge egg in the world.

“You’re a ‘What’s this’! Stupid Chu Feng, really stupid. What an idiot you are! You only look for me to play after so long, don’t you know that I’m bored?!!”

Suddenly, the huge egg made a voice. The voice was extremely sweet and pleasant. It was like the voice of Yingying and it was also like the bells of gold and silver. It could be said that it was the most pleasant voice that Chu Feng ever heard.

“Female egg? This is an egg of a female!” Chu Feng was stunned. Since it was the voice of a girl, then it was certainly an egg of a female.

“No, you’re a female egg! You’re a chicken egg! Rotten egg! Bastard!” Within the huge egg came a sharp cursing voice. The huge egg even started to shake as if something was going to break out.

[TN: “Bastard” has the character “egg” in it.]

*bzz* Just at that time, Chu Feng’s vision became blurry. The scene all around him started to quickly swirl and when everything returned to normal, Chu Feng discovered with shock that he was laid on the ground and he had returned to the room in the tomb.

“This…So I just had a dream?” Chu Feng was very surprised. He only relaxed when he found out that the cultivation methods of the Imperial Sky Technique was still in his brain.

“This guy really didn’t die. How is this possible? Did he really get the approval of the Imperial Sky Technique?” Almost at the same time that Chu Feng opened his eyes, the head of the Thousand Wind School started bawling.

“Impossible. Absolutely impossible. With his cultivation, how could he possibly refine that special technique?” Although Zhuge’s expression could not be seen, from his voice, it was also able to be heard that he was very shocked at that instant.

Seeing that, Chu Feng lightly smiled and couldn’t help but stand up, pat his clothes and say to the two of them, “Excuse me, I’ve disappointed you two. I didn’t die, and I’m living quite well. As for the Imperial Sky Technique that you two want, hehe…”

“It’s here!” Chu Feng pointed at his brain.

“You bastard, I’ll break you.” Seeing that, the head of the Thousand Wind School yelled and released the Cold Steel over him.

*rumble* Just as he let go, the Cold Steel suddenly dropped and the entire room started to shake.

“Bastard.” Facing that situation, the head of the Thousand Wind School could only put the hand in which he just released back or else the three of them would be turned into meat paste.

*bzz* Seeing that, Chu Feng did not delay and used the 1st style of the Three Thunder Styles. He quickly ran towards the entrance because in front of the two Profound realm experts, his position was really too dangerous.

If it wasn’t for the Cold Steel that stopped their power, with a little movement of their fingers, he would be crushed to death by them.

“This guy is from the Azure Dragon School!” As he saw the skill that Chu Feng displayed, Zhuge’s eyes instantly lit up. As a guest elder of the Azure Dragon School, with a glance, he recognized the skill that Chu Feng used.

After Chu Feng escaped the room, he quickly returned along the original road. He did not know when the two experts would free themselves, but he knew that they would undoubtedly have a way to free themselves. At least the World Spiritist would know.

Under those circumstances, the only thing he could do was run for his life. As he ran, Chu Feng saw too many corpses. The tomb of this Imperial Sky sage really did induce a huge blood battle.

A lot of people that did not have the strength paid with their lives as they had a greedy heart. Even many cultivating experts were made a fool by others. But, in this tomb robbing, the biggest winner was obviously Chu Feng.

But, just as Chu Feng thought he was already safe, he never would have guessed that the real danger just arrived.

“I finally found you boy.” An angry yell came from behind. The head of the Thousand Wind School actually caught up to him.

But the current him was in quite a sorry situation. Not only was he messy, there were even some blood traces on his clothes and some cuts on his head. He was just like a crazy person. It could be seen that he paid quite a price to escape the tomb.

“Damn. I really shouldn’t have directly returned to the Ancient City. I should have took a longer route.”

But, the current Chu Feng had no heart to observe all that. He rotated according to the Mysterious Technique and used the 1st Thunder Style. He flung his arms, and in large strides, he really started to run for his life.

But even so, how could he be faster than the expert of the Profound realm? The huge pressure from behind flew past him like lightning. Very quickly, it pressed Chu Feng to the ground and fiercely sank him into a pile of sand.

At that instant, Chu Feng only had one thought, and it was that he was dead. That person, for the Imperial Sky Technique, harmed quite a few elders and disciples. If he was caught by him, he may get his brain opened just to see if the Imperial Sky Technique could be taken out.


But suddenly, Chu Feng felt that something was wrong. The huge pressure suddenly disappeared in the air. When he looked back, he was even more shocked. It was completely empty behind him. There was not even a shadow of a person.

“Was it an illusion?”

“No, it was absolutely not an illusion. But what happened?”

However, as Chu Feng was confused why the head of the Thousand Wind School disappeared, dozens of miles outside of the tomb, the head of the Thousand Wind School was sitting there blankly. On his face, it was filled with terror.

At that moment, he did not have the atmosphere of the head of a school. His lips uncontrollably trembled and even his body was shivering. His eyes were staring at the person in front of him.

There was a beggar in front of him. His hair was in chaos but his eyes were like the edge of a blade. On his forehead, there was a flame-like scar.