Chapter 64 Raging Flames of the Burning Heavens

MGA: Chapter 64 – Raging Flames of the Burning Heavens

“You…Who are you?” The head of the Thousand Wind School said those words while trembling.

Looking at the middle-aged man who was like a beggar in front of him, he was really scared to a point in which he did not understand it at all. Although the beggar did not emit a single strand of aura and he looked like a normal person, just by looking at those eyes, he was terrified in his heart. The fear permeated in his bones.

Especially before. Although he did not see how he arrived at that place, he hiddenly felt that he came from the sky. Which meant that the person in front of him was an expert of the Heaven realm.

The Heaven realm. A realm that no one reached in the entire Azure Province. Only within the overlord of the Nine Provinces, the Jiang Dynasty, had such a strong character. It was undoubtedly the realm that could only be reached by the pinnacle experts of the Nine Provinces.

But from what he knew, even in the imperial court, the characters that reached the Heaven realm were old people that were similar in age as him. But in front of him, the person was clearly only middle-aged. It was extremely hard for him to accept that he arrived at the Heaven realm at that age.

“You should not attack him.” The beggar-like person spoke. This voice was very steady as he emitted the atmosphere of a king that was overlooking the world.

“I should not attack who? Is…Is it that boy?”

“So…Sorry, I did not recognize him and I didn’t know that he was connected with you. I hope that you can be generous and spare my life.”

After all, he was the head of a school. Very quickly, he remembered that Chu Feng was quite different than the others. If Chu Feng was connected with the person in front of him and he tried to kill Chu Feng before, then the current him would really be at death’s door.

“Please, spare me…spare me…”

Thinking to that point, the head of the Thousand Wind School kneeled down and continuously banged his head on the ground. He completely ignored his high position and status. When his life was in danger, he chose to give everything up and that included his dignity.

*rumble rumble rumble*

Just at that time, from afar, the thunder-like noise of footsteps resonated out. After a moment, sand sprung up everywhere. Looking over, densely gathered figures were crazily running towards the tomb. From their clothes, it was the army of the Thousand Wind School.

The Thousand Wind School and the Azure Dragon School were different. Although they were fairly close to the desert, the news of the tomb was the arranged trap by the Azure Dragon School elder, Zhuge.

So, the goal of the Azure Dragon School was already clear before even coming. The core disciples collected the treasures from different places of the tomb but no one entered the mist. The instant that they finished collecting the treasures, they retreated away.

The Thousand Wind School that did not know the truth kept on sending people after the tomb was opened. They sent a lot of people as they wanted to monopolize the treasures within the tomb. But, they never thought that they were in the trap of Zhuge so they received heavy losses.

The Thousand Wind School army that was approaching also didn’t know the truth. They were the supporting troops that just arrived, but after seeing that scene, they were a bit speechless.

“Who are you that dares to harm the head of our school?”

The core elders of the Thousand Wind School recognized their own head with a glance. But, when they saw that he was kneeling on the ground while begging for forgiveness, they were furious and angry. Without even thinking they lead the army and slaughtered towards him.

Facing that scene, the head of the Thousand Wind School did not care in the slightest. He continued banging his head towards the beggar and hoped that he could gain his forgiveness. He knew that the person in front of him was not a person that was beatable with numbers.

“Even if I don’t kill you, he will not forgive you. I’ll send you on a journey and at least it would be better than him making a move on you.”

The beggar slowly closed his eyes. Suddenly, the scar of flame on his forehead started to emit a fire-red glow. As his hair fluttered, a huge boom resounded. Within the circumference of 10 miles, it became an ocean of fire.

The ocean of fire rose into the air reaching dozens of feet tall. The surging flames were like a huge dragon at times, were like a fierce tiger at times, and it roared as it rushed around within the desert.

Almost within a flash, it swallowed the army of the Thousand Wind School. The aggressive people from before were like ants on a hot pan. They instantly lost all their abilities and started to roll their bodies in the flames while howling in pain without end.

In an instant, all sorts of cries sounded everywhere. Even the head of the Thousand Wind School had no way of resisting against such terrifying high temperature.

But, the insane beggar was not affected at all within the flames. Even his clothes were not lit and he calmly walked within the flames.

Although his clothes were not adequate, although his hair was in chaos, the aura on his body was incomparable by anyone. He was like a king and he emitted the airs of a king that looked over the world.

“I am the raging flames of the burning heavens and I can burn all living things. I am the saint of the burning heavens and I wish to unite the world. I am the holy son of the burning heavens and I am invincible…”


Suddenly, the strong expert that had an abnormal presence flashed his eyes. Suddenly, he started to howl in so much pain like he wished to die. Both of his hands were grabbing his long hair and he started to roll over within the flames. He used his body to collide with the desert ground and the strong power even made the desert shake.

No one knew how long that lasted for before he slowly calmed himself. The flames also started to gradually vanish and the scar of flame between his eyebrows also returned to normal. Even the king-like aura before disappeared.

His eyes were no longer fierce and they were dull. His expression was extremely tense as if frightened by something. He ran and yelled while shaking left and right,

“I should die, I should die, I shouldn’t have entered your territory, please forgive me, please forgive me, I don’t want to die…”

“I promise that I will protect him, I will protect him without fail as long as you let me go I will do anything for you…”

Later in the day, the entire desert became a forbidden area. Although there were no more flames, the area had such a high temperature and no one could step into it. The suddenly arrived huge fire also became a shocking news and it quickly spread to the Ancient City.

“Let me go, I need to find him.”

“Su Mei, calm yourself. The tomb has already become a forbidden area. Even Profound realm experts can’t go near it so you have no way of entering.”

“Let me go! 3 days has passed already and Chu Feng isn’t back yet. Are you guys not nervous? He risked his life that time to save you all!” At the entrance of the Ancient City, Su Mei was being pulled back by Bai Tong and the others. Her face was full of anxiety and anger.

“Hey, what are you doing? Why is it so lively here?” But just at that time, a voice suddenly rang out and when everyone raising their heads to look, they rejoiced.

They saw Chu Feng standing nearby while smiling and looking at him while squinting. But, the Chu Feng at that instant was in a bit of a sorry shape and he looked just like a beggar.

“Chu Feng.” But everyone would have never thought that even though Chu Feng was in such a shape, Su Mei ignored it and jumped into Chu Feng’s embrace and tightly hugged him. On the corner of her eyes, there were even tears of joy.