Chapter 62 The Fisherman Reaps the Rewards

MGA: Chapter 62 – The Fisherman Reaps the Rewards

“You think I’m an idiot? You spread the news of the tomb and baited me here. Then, you used me and the others to break the killing formation.”

“You used such ruthless methods. How would you be so kind to give the Imperial Sky Technique to me?” The head of the Thousand Wind School obviously did not believe what Zhuge said.

“Elders, no need to fight over this. How about I enjoy this Imperial Sky Technique for you two?” Just at that time, underneath the room, a voice suddenly rang out.

When that voice rang out, the two of them were shocked. They never would have thought that other than them, there would be another person that was able to arrive at the room alive.

Under their astonished gazes, Chu Feng slowly came out from the entrance. He smiled as he evaluated the two people. But, when Chu Feng saw Zhuge, his eyes couldn’t help but lit up.

Seeing the white cloak that was full of symbols, Chu Feng’s instinct was that he might be a World Spiritist.

But compared to Chu Feng, the head of the Thousand Wind School and Zhuge were incomparably shocked. No matter what, they never would have thought that the person who was able to arrive at that place would be such a young man.

*bzz* Suddenly, Chu Feng frowned as he felt a strong Spirit power attacking him to sense his body.

The Spirit power was extremely strong and he didn’t know how to defend himself. He was worried that their Spirit power would merge into his chest. Would the map of symbols be revealed just like that?

But luckily, the Spirit power passed through his chest without any reaction. At the same time, it relaxed Chu Feng and he thought of a possibility.

The map on his chest would very likely only be moved by his own Spirit power. If that was real, then in the future, he did not need to worry about his secret being detected by other people that had the Spirit power.

“6th level of the Spirit realm. With only a cultivation like this, you are still able to arrive at this place. It must be because of the World Spirit Compass in your hand right?” Zhuge spoke first.

“6th level of the Spirit realm?” Hearing those words, the head of the Thousand Wind School was even more shocked.

To the him who was at the Profound realm, people in the Origin realm were trash. People in the Spirit realm were the trash within trash. But, at that instant, such a trash arrived at this place. Naturally, it made him extremely shocked.

“Indeed, nice eyesight.” Chu Feng lightly smiled towards Zhuge. He also didn’t waste his time speaking and he walked towards the Imperial Sky Technique in big strides.

“Die.” Seeing that, the head of the Thousand Wind School was seething with anger. With a thought, the boundless pressure came engulfing out and it pressed towards Chu Feng.

“Damn it.” At that instant, Chu Feng could feel the boundless pressure surrounded his entire body. It wanted to penetrate his skin and stab his bones. It was extremely terrifying.

But, there was a huge difference between the pressure that the insane beggar gave him that day and to this. It could be said that the pressure from the beggar almost made Chu Feng die from the explosion of his body. But, the pressure from the head of the Thousand Wind School was able to be endured and it wouldn’t kill him.

*ta, ta, ta* While enduring the pressure that was pressing his body, Chu Feng painfully walked the first step, the second step, the third step, and although it was extremely hard and painful, he still continued forward.

“What a strong physical body.” Looking at that scene, Zhuge couldn’t help but exclaim.

“You old guy, why aren’t you attacking as well? Do you want this little brat to be the fisherman that reaps the reward?” Seeing that Zhuge was only looking and not helping, the head of the Thousand Wind School was even more angry.

“Hey, words cannot be said like that. Since he could arrive here with his cultivation, it clearly showed that he is not ordinary. Perhaps he could even be the prefered successor of the Imperial Sky Sage right?” Zhuge lightly smiled and he had a beautiful generosity of an adult.

“You bastard, I’ll shred your body into thousands of pieces later.“

The head of the Thousand Wind School grinded his teeth from his anger towards Zhuge. But, seeing the Chu Feng who kept on getting closer to the Imperial Sky Technique, he did not speak any more. He endlessly cast wave after wave of pressure towards Chu Feng, wanting to stop his movements.

But it was useless. Chu Feng’s physical body was too strong. Under the pressure that was even feared by the experts of the Origin realm, not only could Chu Feng endure it, he could still continue walking forward. Although it was very painful and challenging, he was already quite overpowered being able to reach that point.

“Give it up. He is equipped with Spirit power and your pressure won’t be able to move his determination. As long as his physical body can endure it, you will not be able to force him to give up purely with your pressure.” Zhuge reminded once again and his eyes slightly narrowed and he concentrated on every movement and action of Chu Feng.

After a difficult journey, Chu Feng finally arrived in front of the jade stand that held the Imperial Sky Technique. Although he was pale at that instant and his body was completely soaked with sweat, he was still incomparably excited.

Grabbing the Imperial Sky Technique that was sparkling like a jade and created by the concentrated Spirit power, Chu Feng patted it towards his brain. Instantly, his face couldn’t help but change greatly. A pain like the stabbing of needles was spreading from his brain.


The pain was extremely strong and it was hard for Chu Feng to endure it. He hugged his head with both of his hands and rolled on the ground while loudly screaming.

Seeing that scene, Zhuge laughed out loud and said, “I forgot to tell you that the techniques created from the concentration of Spirit power isn’t easy to cultivate.”

“If you want to cultivate this technique, then first, you must have an extremely strong willpower. Having the Spirit power is a necessity. But even so, without a certain cultivation, you would be unable to bear this wave of power.”

“If you are unable to bear the power, it would consume your Spirit power and take away your life. After drawing out everything, it would float out from your body and wait for its suitable master.”

“But unluckily, it seems that your strength is just beyond the requirement of his power. It looks like you won’t have much luck today!”

Hearing Zhuge’s words, the confused head of the Thousand Wind School also became extremely happy, “I knew that you wouldn’t easily let others take this Imperial Sky Technique. I knew that you were cruel, but I never would have thought that you would be this cruel.”

“Haha, without a few methods, I wouldn’t be qualified to be a World Spiritist.” Zhuge did not admit to that and instead, he was proud.

How would Chu Feng even have the heart to listen to what Zhuge said? He only felt that his Spirit power was quickly being washed away. He even reached the stage in which he was getting dried up. The pain in his brain got clearer and clearer. He was unable to endure it and it was as if he was going to lose his life.

“Ahh~” Finally, Chu Feng yelled out for the last time and limped on the ground without strength and without making any sound.

“What, he’s dead? Why didn’t the Imperial Sky Technique float out?” The head of the Thousand Wind School quickly asked.

Zhuge already surged his Spirit power out and observed the current Chu Feng. But, when he retracted his Spirit power, he frowned and said, “This guy. He isn’t dead yet.”