Chapter 57 Imperial Sky Sage

MGA: Chapter 57 – Imperial Sky Sage

The spacious hall was filled with bodies. From their clothing, those people came in after the tomb was opened.

Surrounding those bodies were many human-shaped monsters. So, that was why they were called Human-Shaped Monsters. They were extremely ugly. Their bloody appearance were like a human that shed off their skin and they were extremely terrifying.

On their bodies were the auras of a martial cultivator. The weakest was at the 6th level. But, there were some that reached the 9th level of the Spirit realm.

At that instant, the strange monsters were munching the flesh of the bodies with huge bites. They were even more scary and ruthless than Fierce Beasts.

The most important thing was that there were several hundreds of the monsters. They almost completely occupied most areas in the hall. With that, if the group wanted to go from one part of the hall to the other, they would not have much luck unless there were experts of the Origin realm or experts of the 9th level of the Spirit realm.

“They are Blood Corpses. There are actually so many Blood Corpses. This…This is too cruel!”

At that instant, Su Mei covered her mouth with her hand. Her beautiful eyes were opened wide and they were filled with incomparable shock.

“Su Mei, you recognize these things?”

Chu Feng also felt that it was extremely disturbing. Through the observations of his Spirit power, he discovered that other than having almost no skin, the monster’s body was no different than the human’s body. Which more or less meant the monsters were evolved from humans.

“There’s a poison in the world called the Blood Poison. The Blood Poison is created from several thousands of strange poisons.”

“If a person swallows the poison and does not get the cure, within one hour, they will get stripped of their awareness. From then on, they do not die nor rot and they became a zombie-like killing tool. Because, after being changed, their outer skin would be stripped off and only the blood and muscles would remain. From that, they were called Blood Corpses.”

“To prevent their tomb from being robbed, some people would use this poison to create the Blood corpses and then put them into their tomb. But I never would have thought that there would be so many Blood Corpses in this place! The master of this tomb is a bit too cruel…”

After hearing Su Mei’s description, everyone took a breath of cool air. To change humans that were alive to monsters like these, their methods were indeed quite ruthless.

“Then, Su Mei, do you know the characteristics of these things?”

Chu Feng and the others were standing outside of the hall, and clearly, the Blood Corpses could see them but they did not attack them. Yet, it was obvious that the people in the halls were killed by the Blood Corpses. So, Chu Feng felt that because the Blood Corpses were not complete humans, they must have a certain weakness.

“The Blood Corpses do not have eyes nor awareness. They only have the desire to kill and they use their sense of smell to determine if it’s food or if they’re from the same species. Other than the same species, any organism that goes near their range of smell, they will receive the heartless slaughter from them.” Su Mei said.

“You said that they use smell to distinguish between foe and ally?” Chu Feng’s eyes lit up.

“Yes.” Su Mei nodded and replied.

“If it’s like that, then I have a method to go through.” Chu Feng smiled and said.

“What method?” Hearing him say that, everyone was moved. It was originally a dead end in front of them, but if Chu Feng really had a way to pass through, then what was waiting for them would certainly be huge treasures.

“It’s just a thought. As for if it will work or not, I need to experiment. You guys wait here for me.”

After saying that, Chu Feng stepped into the hall. He used the Breathing Mysterious Technique and ran directly towards a Blood Corpse which was at the 6th level of the Spirit realm.


Just as Chu Feng got within 10 meters of that Blood Corpse, it made a beast-like howl. While baring its teeth, it suddenly leaped towards Chu Feng like a hungry tiger towards food.

*whoosh whoosh* But Chu Feng’s arms moved and a cold glare shot out. The undamaged Blood Corpse was sliced into many pieces and scattered everywhere. But, the Blood Corpse was very strange. Although it was bloody throughout its body, after being sliced, not a single drop of blood was sprayed out.

“This guy is too terrifying.” Looking at the perfect cuts and looking at Chu Feng’s palm, Bai Tong and the others breathed a breath of cool air.

Although at their stage of cultivation, their body would be as strong as steel and normal weapons would have difficulty even damaging them, they had rarely seen a person like Chu Feng who used his palm like a knife and it was even so sharp. At least at their stage they had not.

But, Chu Feng’s following actions completely stunned them. After Chu Feng sliced a few more Blood Corpses, they saw that he used the clothes of the dead as a rope and tied the limbs of the Blood Corpse onto his waist and legs.

“What is Chu Feng doing? He used the Blood Corpse, disgusting…” Zhang Tingzi covered her mouth with both of her hands and she was slightly unable to bear with it

“Continue watching. He must have a reason for doing this.” But Su Mei tightly stared at Chu Feng, expecting his next actions.

Just at that time, the shocking scene happened. Chu Feng started to run crazily. His goal was the middle of the hall where the Blood Corpses formed into groups.

That terrified Su Mei and the others. The Blood Corpses in the middle of the hall were very strong. A few already reached the 9th level of the Spirit realm. If they attacked in groups, even if it was Chu Feng, he would instantly die. He was simply looking for death.

But the next moment shocked them once again. They discovered with surprise, when Chu Feng shot through the Blood Corpses, they completely ignored Chu Feng as if unable to smell his scent.

“I know. He is using the scent of the Blood Corpse to conceal his own and it bypassed the Blood Corpses’ smelling sense.” Finally, Su Mei said with shock.

“So it was like that. It’s quite impressive that he was able think of that method.” At the same time, the others also understood and admiration was revealed on their faces.

After that, the crowd used Chu Feng’s method and successfully dodged the Blood Corpses. At the end, they safely arrived at the other end of the hall and they could finally continue going in deeper.

Going along the tunnel for a thousand meters or so, a door made of stone appeared in front of them. After pushing open the door, Chu Feng and the others were extremely happy.

At that moment, a huge cave appeared in front of them. The cave was very wide, over 300 feet tall and it was like a world of rocks. The rocks in there were very special because it emitted a strange green glow. They were very numerous and beautiful.

But, they could only look at the beautiful scene of the cave and they were unable to touch those rocks. Because, currently, they were on top of a steep cliff.

On the peak of the steep cliff, there was a 10 meter tall stone tablet erected on it. On the stone tablet, a few rows of large flamboyant cursive words were carved on it,

“I started martial cultivation at the age of 10, entered the Origin realm at the age of 16, entered the Profound realm at the age of 25, and I was already at the 9th level of the Profound realm at the age of 40. No matter what, after 100 years, I was unable to understand the mysteriousness of the Heaven realm. At the end, I was unable to step into the Heaven realm and unable feel the feeling of traveling to the horizon.”

“I did not use regret as a comfort and I painstaking researched for dozens of years. Finally, I created a skill, ‘Imperial Sky Technique’. Although I did not enter the Heaven realm, I could still walk in the air and feel the subtleness of walking within the clouds.”

“The Imperial Sky Technique is my flesh and blood. Various people wanted to learn it but they were all refused by me. Today, the Imperial Sky Technique is in my tomb, waiting for someone to take it. But, my flesh and blood cannot be acquired by normal people. If you want to obtain it, then it will depend on your strength.”

“It’s him!” After seeing the words on the tablet, Su Mei was shocked.

“Su Mei, you know him?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

But before letting Su Mei speak, Bai Tong spoke first, “If I’m not mistaken, then this person is the #1 expert that dominated the Azure Province 100 years ago, the Imperial Sky Sage.”