Chapter 56 Those Who Dare Approach, Die

MGA: Chapter 56 – Those Who Dare Approach, Die

Chu Feng and the others followed the map and continued walking. Finally, before the sky became dark, they arrived at the so-called tomb.

At that instant, the tomb was already opened. Although there were still a lot of people rushing in, they could not see the figures of the Origin realm experts. Which meant that the strongest people already entered.

“So we can only get some leftovers?” Seeing that scene, many people were discouraged.

“If we don’t quickly enter, I’m afraid that we won’t even see a single grain of rice.” On the other hand, Chu Feng smiled indifferently and took the lead to rush in first.

The tomb was created under the desert and the size exceeded everyone’s imagination. On both sides of the wide tunnel, luminous rocks were hung all over. The road lit up by the rocks were as bright as the day.

Going along the road, before 50 meters, a round hall appeared. The hall was lit up by lamps and the dazzling sight was very beautiful. It was the first time that Chu Feng saw such luxurious indoor decorations.

But, the round hall was not the end. Rather, there were dozens of tunnels there. Every tunnel went very deep and they couldn’t see the end.

“Chu Feng, which one should we go into?” Seeing the tunnels that were like a maze, Su Mei and the others cast their gazes towards Chu Feng. At that moment, the Chu Feng that had the Spirit power became the backbone of their group.

“The tunnels go too deep and I can’t even check the end. We can only wish for luck.”

Chu Feng helplessly shook his head but he didn’t hesitate and picked a tunnel. He rushed into it and Su Mei and the others closely followed.

After entering the tunnel before long, they found out that on both sides, many doors appeared. Some of the doors were already opened and they could see a large amount of spiritual medicines inside. Also within the many rooms, people were battling each other to fight over the spiritual medicines.

“Here, I’ll open this one.”

Chu Feng spread out his Spirit power and found the firmest iron door. As he arrived in front of the door, he said nothing and used the 2nd style of the Three Thunder Styles. A ray of lighting swept past and that sturdy iron door got opened by Chu Feng.


After opening the door, a wave of spiritual energy rushed towards their face. Ground Spirit Grass, Sky Spirit Grass, Saint Spirit Grass… everything that should be there was there. There were several thousands being displayed in the room and they were all dazzling.

“How is this a tomb? It’s just like a treasure storehouse!”

Seeing that, everyone was extremely happy. They knew that they were going to earn a lot because there were at least several dozens of rooms just like this in the tunnels.

“Bai Long, Bai Hu, Ye Taozi, Zhang Tingzi. The four of you guard the door. Bai Tong, Su Mei, us three will go and take the spiritual medicines.”

After saying that, Chu Feng, Su Mei, Bai Tong rushed in, took the Cosmos Sacks and began to collect the spiritual medicines without restraint. No matter if it was of the low quality or of the high quality, as long as it was spiritual medicines they did not let it any go.

“Move. If you don’t move I’ll slaughter you.”

“This room was opened by us so the spiritual medicines in here belong to us.”

“Ha! The things in here have no owner. You think it’s yours just because you said it is?”

But just at that time, a yell came from the entrance. Looking over, the brothers and the group started battling with a group of people.

No one knew which power the group belonged to, but their strength were not weak. 5 of them reached the 7th level of the Spirit realm and they pressured the brothers and the others.

“Bastards. They want to take the work of others.” Seeing that Su Mei and Bai Tong were abnormally angry.

Before they opened the doors, they already saw the group of people. The group did not open any one of the doors and they were just standing in the tunnel while quietly observing the changes. Indeed, after Chu Feng and the others opened the door, they came rushing over.

“You guys continue collecting, I’ll go block them.” Chu Feng threw his own Cosmos Sack to Su Mei and rushed towards the group in huge strides.

At that moment, a person was battling intensely with the Dragon and Tiger brothers. But, Chu Feng came slaughtering in like a demon. They only saw a rush like the lightning and the spray of blood. Within a blink, 5 screams rang out. Three people from the 6th level of the Spirit realm and two people from the 7th level of the Spirit realm fell into a pool of blood. They breathed no more.

That scene terrified the group of people and they immediately put away their weapons, retreated, pointed at Chu Feng, then said, “Boy, you dare to kill! Do you know who we are?”

*whoosh* In the instant that the person finished speaking, Chu Feng appeared in front of him like a ghost. His palm was like a knife and a cold light flashed past. The person’s head flew up and he was decapitated.

After cleanly killing those people, Chu Feng’s body was full of blood. He stood in front of the door with eyes shooting out two cold rays. He only said 5 words. “Those who dare approach, die!”

A huge killing intent which was like a shapeless hurricane scared the group of people back. Looking at the 6 members who died, the group of people were angry but no one dared to approach.

They were terrified by Chu Feng’s power. Although Chu Feng seemed quite young, everyone could tell that the young person was ruthless. It could be said that he was “killing without even blinking”.


After grinding his teeth, the person that seemed to be the leader bellowed. The group of people deeply looked at Chu Feng and rushed towards other rooms.

At that instant, the Dragon and Tiger brothers, Ye Taozi and Zhang Tingzi, the gazes towards Chu Feng were extremely complicated. After all, they were still young. Although they experienced a lot, they never killed a person with their hands.

But Chu Feng was different. The killing intent emitted from his body was authentic. He really would kill, and he already did. Not only that, when he did, he was merciless. Only the killing intent emitted by people like Chu Feng could be so bone-piercing cold and it created fear from the bottom of people’s hearts.

At that instant, the 4 of them were rejoicing in their hearts. Rejoicing that Chu Feng was their teammates and not their enemy. Or else it would be unimaginable what kind of dangerous situations they would sink into if they faced an enemy like that.

“Don’t be lost in your thoughts. All of you, go in and collect the spiritual medicines. I can guard here by myself.” Chu Feng said to the 4 of them.

“Mm.” The 4 of them rushed in without hesitation. At that instant, Chu Feng’s position in their heart changed. He was not even like a person that just joined the Wings Alliance. He became the leader of this operation just like that.

From then on, Chu Feng and the others continuously opened several more doors. The amount of spiritual medicines in every room got more and more compared to the previous room.

Also at that time, many people that didn’t have eyes wanted to rob Chu Feng and the other’s work. But, they only had one ending. That was death.

At the end, the killing intent on Chu Feng’s body got stronger and stronger. Pretty much when people just looked at him, they quickly walked around. They were afraid to offend that baleful person because that bone-piercing killing intent was not for jokes.

There were only a few doors on the two sides that were not opened, but Chu Feng decided not to take it from those people. They continued going deeper. As for the goal, it was to take the initiative.

Although until now, the amount of spiritual medicines they got neared 10 thousand, most of them were low quality spiritual medicines. The best were no higher than the high quality Saint Spirit Grass.

As for the top quality “Spiritual Bead”, they haven’t seen any yet. So, they all felt that there were even better treasures deeper inside the tomb. After all, it was a tomb of an expert in the Profound realm.

But, when they went deeper in, a dense smell of blood rushed towards them. When they entered a wide hall, almost all of them were stunned by the scene in front of them.