Chapter 55 I Am Called Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 55 – I Am Called Chu Feng

But just as he was going to have his way, Chu Feng suddenly appeared next to Su Mei and took her into his arms, dodging the dirty hands of the core disciple.

That scene greatly changed the face of the core disciple. Two cold rays instantly shot out from his eyes. That gaze really made him want to kill Chu Feng on scene.

But Chu Feng just ignored him and chuckled while looking at the Su Mei in his embrace, “Darling, do you know him?”

Seeing that, Su Mei sweetly smiled and said, “Not too familiar.”

“Ohh, in the future, don’t chat with people you are not familiar with. Girls need to pay attention.” As Chu Feng spoke, he stroked Su Mei’s hair and did not care, at all, what the core disciple felt.

“I understand.” Su Mei also responded as if the two of them really were a pair of lovers.

“Boy, who are you?” The face of the core disciple turned green. He forcefully endured his anger, pointed at Chu Feng and questioned.

He came here with quite some difficulty and coincidentally met the little beauty Su Mei. Originally, he thought he could take small advantages of her, but he never would have thought that out of nowhere, this boy came out. It made him extremely displeased.

“And who are you?” Chu Feng did not reply, and instead, he arrogantly asked back.

“Who am I? I am a core disciple of the Azure Dragon School, Zhou Zhiyuan.”

“Oh? You’re Zhou Zhiyuan?”

“That’s me.”

“Never heard of you.”


That time, not to mention the core disciple Zhou Zhiyuan. Even the surrounding Wings Alliance members dropped their jaws in shock.

Chu Feng’s nerves were too big. He dared to dig the face of the core disciple like that, and he even said it loudly so that everyone would hear it. A disaster was going to arrive for Chu Feng.

“You’re looking to die!”

Indeed, Zhou Zhiyuan really did start to attack. He swung his arm, and the hard and strong palm carried the sound of wind as it aimed towards Chu Feng’s face.

At that instant, Su Mei frowned, rotated her spiritual energy and was prepared attack as well. But, she felt a warm power that pushed her away. It was Chu Feng.


After pushing Su Mei away, Chu Feng leaned his head to the side and dodged Zhou Zhiyuan’s slap. Almost at the same time, he stepped forward, stuck out with his fist and it went towards Zhou Zhiyuan’s chest.

“This guy.”

Seeing that not only did Chu Feng dodge his attack and even sent such a sharp attack at him, he made Zhou Zhiyuan quite shocked. He hurriedly followed the Mysterious Technique and rotated his spiritual energy, then also shot out a punch which collided with Chu Feng’s fist.

*bang* The two fists collided, and the strong power made the both of them back away a few steps. Although Chu Feng’s face was calm, Zhou Zhiyuan’s face changed greatly.

6th level of the Spirit realm. A boy of the 6th level forcefully collided fists with him yet neither one of them had the advantage. His hand even had a numbing feeling, and it let him know that the young person’s body was quite something. It was just like having steel tendons and iron bones!

“You are decently skilled. Boy, do you dare to announce your name!” After finding out that Chu Feng was not a simple person, Zhou Zhiyuan didn’t attack again. Instead, he questioned Chu Feng.

“I do not change my name whether I am sitting or standing. Inner court disciple of the Azure Dragon School, I am called Chu Feng!” Chu Feng kept his head high and chest out as he loudly announced his name.

“Chu Feng, very good. I’ve remembered you.”

“After seeing a core disciple, you, a mere inner court disciple, not only did not pay your respects, you even disrespected me. You better not let me see you again or else I will have you face the consequences.”

After coldly saying those words, Zhou Zhiyuan fiercely glared at Chu Feng then quickly left.

“Chu Feng, you’re too impressive. That Zhou Zhiyuan is a core disciple that cultivated in the Mysterious Techniques, and he has the strength of the 8th level of the Spirit realm! You took one of his punches by force and didn’t even suffer any damages! I, Bai Tong, truly admire you.”

“Chu Feng, even in our Wings Alliance, your strength can absolutely be in the top 10. I, Ye Taozi, also admire you as well.”

“The Spirit power is indeed strong. Chu Feng, when you are more developed in the future, don’t forget about us brothers!”

When Zhou Zhiyuan walked away, the observing crowd that didn’t dare to come close, Bai Tong, Ye Taozi, the Dragon and Tiger brothers all came close. Admiration filled their faces.

In an exchange between the 6th level of the Spirit realm and the 8th level of the Spirit realm, he could calmly respond to the attacks. That strength was never seen before by them and never even heard before.

But being shocked was being shocked. They didn’t suspect Chu Feng’s body too much and they thought that Chu Feng was so strong because of his Spirit power.

“Let’s hurry up on the road. I’m sure that the Origin realm experts already reached the tomb. If we don’t go quicker then we won’t even be able to get the leftovers.” Su Mei looked at the map and told everyone to continue forward.

When they restarted their journey, Su Mei gradually walked next to Chu Feng and said in a low voice, “You are really scary.”

“What’s wrong?” Chu Feng was a bit confused.

“You just used the Breathing Technique or else you wouldn’t have been able to hold off Zhou Zhiyuan’s punch.”

“That’s right, I used the Breathing Technique. What’s so scary about that?”

“Do you know how much time I spent training the Breathing Technique?”

“How long?”

“I used an entire year to be able to use the Breathing Technique. But you. You only use a few days!”

“So are you praising that I’m too smart, or do you want me to say that you’re too stupid?”

“You bastard.”


A scream rang out, and on Chu Feng’s arm, there was another chunk of green. Bai Tong and the others already got used to the behaviors of those two.

Actually, people could tell that Su Mei and Chu Feng’s relationship was not ordinary, so even if they were rushing, they intentionally pulled the distance apart to avoid disturbing them.

Seeing the Chu Feng who was grimacing and constantly rubbing his arm, Su Mei pursed her lips and said softly, “Thank you.”

“Thanks for what?” Chu Feng was a bit muddled and he didn’t know what the girl was implying.

“You are a smart person, so I’m sure that you know what the future holds if you offended Zhou Zhiyuan. But you still choose to help me, I…”

“What are you saying? Don’t think of foolish things. Remember, not only some core disciple, even if there’s a stronger person that wants to bully you, I will stand in front of you without hesitation and help you to teach him a lesson!”


“Because you are a person that I want to protect!” After saying that, Chu Feng gave a bright smile and continued walking.

But Su Mei stopped where she was. Her pair of beautiful eyes flickered without stopping and the emotions on her face were very complicated. For the first time, she felt that the young person that she only knew for a short amount of time could be really reliable.

“Hehe” Suddenly, Su Mei beautifully smiled, and with her little hands behind her back, she bounced and jumped to chase up to Chu Feng. She had an extremely sweet smile on her face, and it was truly extremely sweet because the smile came from her heart.