Chapter 58 The Roads of Enemies Are Narrow

MGA: Chapter 58 – The Roads of Enemies Are Narrow

“It’s the Imperial Sky Sage?” The Dragon and Tiger brothers were extremely shocked and it was obvious that they heard of that person.

“The Imperial Sky Technique is his absolute technique. But, very little people know what it was called. So, from what I can tell, this is certainly his tomb.” Su Mei explained.

“I never would have thought that he would buried here. No wonder no one knew where he went.” Ye Taozi also sighed and said.

“Look! There’s something under the stone tablet.” Just at that time, Zhang Tingzi suddenly yelled in surprise and ran towards the stone tablet as she talked.

At that time, others also noticed that there was a wooden box under the stone tablet. After opening it, everyone was extremely happy.

Gold light flashed in the box, and inside, all of them were Spiritual Beads. Although the box wasn’t big, the sizes of Spiritual Beads were small. So, there were at least 100 Spiritual Beads in the box. 100 Spiritual Beads meant that everyone could get a dozen or so, so they earned quite a bit this time.

But just as the brothers and the others were crazily dividing the Spiritual Beads, Chu Feng walked towards the end of the cliff and looked down. He couldn’t help but frown.

The cliff went for a long ways down. But, on the side of the cliff, there were several vines that went down. They went straight through the mist and disappeared there.

The mist covered everything and he couldn’t see the world underneath. But, Chu Feng could hiddenly feel that there were dense killing intents under that fog.

“The Imperial Sky Technique is a strange technique. The Imperial Sky Sage used it to walk on air for tens of thousands of miles every day. Although he did not enter the Heaven realm, he had the dignity of the Heaven realm. It really makes one admire him.”

“But sadly, the Imperial Sky Sage’s character was quite strange. Not only did he not join any powers, he did not have a single friend. Although many young elites wanted to be his disciple, they all got one result. It was being refused.”

“So, the Imperial Sky Technique has already been lost for hundreds of years. Some people estimate that the Imperial Sky Technique is rated as a rank 7 skill. But you need to know, in our Azure Province, the best skills are only rank 6 ones and our Azure Dragon School doesn’t even have a rank 6.”

“This time, if someone could successfully get the Imperial Sky Technique then we really would earn big.”

“But I have to say, we’re really lucky this time to have accidentally entered the tomb of the Imperial Sky sage. But sadly, our strength isn’t enough and this good luck could only pass by our shoulders.” Looking at the mist, Su Mei’s eyes flashed and pursed her lips while feeling regretful.

“Is this Imperial Sky sage really that powerful?”

Chu Feng never even heard of his name. Suddenly, he felt that he was a poor little guy that grew in in some desolate village and knew nothing.

On the other hand, Su Mei and the others were like the were like the rich masters that grew up in the city. Although their age were not too far apart, being influenced by the people around them, their experiences would be broader than him as well and the truth was indeed so.

“As the #1 expert in the Azure Province back then, you think it was just a joke?”

“If the tomb of the Imperial Sky sage got spread out, it would be enough to shock the entire Azure Province. Powers from everywhere would insanely send their top experts here as soon as possible.”

“At that time, not only will we not be able to take advantage of the situations, even the Azure Dragon School and the Thousand Wind School will not have the qualifications. It would be the world of the first-rate schools. So, that’s why I said that we’re very lucky.” Su Mei explained.

Hearing Su Mei’s words, Chu Feng’s gaze got more and more bright. He tightly stared at the ocean of mist underneath and a crazy thought appeared in his mind.

The Imperial Sky Technique that was lost for hundreds of years would very likely be under in the mist. There was no reason to let it slide past him right?

*bang* But just at that time, a huge sound came from the entrance. Looking over, the faces of Su Mei and the others changed greatly. Even Chu Feng started to frown.

There were six tall and big males that were all handsome with unordinary auras. Also, they were wearing blue-coloured robes while having the aura of the 8th level of the Spirit realm. Those people were the core disciples of the Azure Dragon School. Within them, there was even someone they knew. It was the person that had a conflict with Chu Feng earlier, Zhou Zhiyuan.

“Oh? I never would have thought that someone already arrived here first. Looking at them, they seem like babies that haven’t grown up yet. How could they be here?”

“It seems we underestimated the people here. Indeed, other than us, someone else also knew the way to pass through the Blood Corpses.”

After seeing Chu Feng and the others, the core disciples were surprised. But from their words, they did not even put them in their eyes.

“The roads of enemies are quite narrow. Su Mei, we meet again.” Just at that time, Zhou Zhiyuan spoke with an evil smile.

“Su Mei? This is Su Rou’s sister and the people that disrespected you earlier?” Seeing that, someone spoke to question.

“That’s right, it’s them. Especially that boy over there. His nerves are so big that it covers the world.” Zhou Zhiyuan pointed at Chu Feng who was at the top of the cliff and a cold smile was on his face.

“Zhiyuan, how do you want to handle that boy? We’ll help you.” The gazes of the other people became darker and colder. As core disciples, they were offended by inner court disciples. To them, it was not something that they could endure.

“We are under the orders of Senior Leng to collect the Spiritual Beads at the cliffs. Those who obstruct us die without exception.” Zhou Zhiyuan said.

“Zhou Zhiyuan, we come from the same school yet you dare to kill us?” Su Mei said angrily.

“Same school? If so, why aren’t you wearing the clothing of the Azure Dragon School? Those who do not wear the clothes of the school means that they do not put the Azure Dragon School in their eyes and don’t see themselves as a disciple of the Azure Dragon School. We should get rid of people like them.”

“But, Su Mei, no need to be afraid. How can I, Zhou Zhiyuan, bear to kill you? I will enjoy myself with you, hehe…” Speaking to that point, Zhou Zhiyuan’s face revealed a shameless smile.

“You…” Hearing those words, Su Mei’s face paled from anger. She was really angry because she never thought that Zhou Zhiyuan would be as shameless as that.

“Zhiyuan, that’s not too good right? After all, she is Su Rou’s sister.” Another core disciple spoke. Although he said that, his pair of eyes restlessly looked around Su Mei’s body.

“Everyone, I’m sure that you know that Su Rou is the #1 beauty in our Azure Dragon School. But, she is too proud of herself and we cannot even get close to her. It is fated that we will have no chance.”

“But her sister Su Mei. No matter if it’s her looks or body, she is no worse than Su Rou. In the future, she will be a beauty as well. Today, with such a good chance, do you not want to have a taste of this little beauty?” Zhou Zhiyuan was quite direct and said his own thoughts out loud.

“Haha, Zhiyuan, since you already said that, what are we waiting for? An instant of youth is worth a thousand gold!” Finally one of them impatiently started to force themselves towards Chu Feng and the others.

That scene, not only Bai Tong and the others, even Su Mei started to frown and became abnormally nervous. Six core disciples were not something that they could take.