Chapter 262 - Torturing Lin Ran

MGA: Chapter 262 - Torturing Lin Ran

“You...You...Who are you? You dare to attack people from my Qilin Prince’s Mansion?!”

That scene terrified the other guards, because after all, the guard who was just killed was still an expert in the Profound realm. If a person like that was so easily beheaded, it meant that the person on the road was not ordinary.

At that instant, the person on the road slowly stood up and took the conical hat on his head off. A handsome and young face was revealed, and he smiled and said to the crowd indifferently, “I came here to slaughter the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.”

“You...You...You are Chu Feng?!”

After seeing that face, the colours of the guards’ faces were instantly all gone because at that very instant, the person who stopped in front of them was none other than Chu Feng.

However, they remembered that Chu Feng was clearly only in the 7th level of the Origin realm, yet he was emanating the aura of the 1st level of the Profound realm. That change truly was unimaginable, and some didn’t even dare to be sure whether the person in front of them was Chu Feng or not.

“Chu Feng?!” After hearing the name “Chu Feng”, Lin Ran stepped out of the carriage and came out.

The current Lin Ran was heavily sweating and his face was slightly green. His eyes were deeply caved in, and in addition to the chaotic hair, that appearance terrified people as much as they could be terrified. The most important part was that his aura was extremely petty. He dropped down to the 6th level of the Profound realm, and it could be seen that the rebound of the Forbidden Medicine was indeed quite strong.

However, after seeing Chu Feng, he was not only shocked. Instantly, boiling bloodlust also surged out, and he pointed at Chu Feng and said, “I never would have thought that you would dare to send yourself here. Kill him!!”

“Kill!!” After the order, the remaining guards did not dare to be slow and every single one of them let the aura of the Profound realm out. The strong pressure forced its way towards Chu Feng.

Simultaneously, twenty various strong martial skills were also thrown out. Not only did they not block Chu Feng’s escape, that attack showed that they wanted to take Chu Feng’s life.

*swoosh swoosh swoosh*

However, light flashed under Chu Feng’s feet and his entire body became a row of light. He quickly dodged the densely packed martial skills, and with a blink, he arrived in front of the guards.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* Following that, Chu Feng clenched both of his hands and two big blades appeared in his palm. They became two golden-coloured blurs as they endlessly flew everywhere.

After the golden blurs stopped, the twenty Profound realm experts from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion were all beheaded and killed by Chu Feng.

“Your...Your aura, that bodily martial skill...You are Mr. Grey-cloak!!”

At that instant, Lin Ran could finally not remain calm anymore because he astonishingly discovered that Chu Feng’s current aura, Chu Feng’s current battle power, and Chu Feng’s mysterious bodily methods he displayed were exactly the same as Mr. Grey-cloak’s who chased after Gong Luyun in the Valley of Hundred Bends.

He suddenly thought of a terrifying possibility. Mr. Grey-cloak who chased after Gong Luyun and killed the others did not have connections with Chu Feng, because Chu Feng was Mr. Grey-cloak. Half a year ago, Chu Feng already had the strength to kill Gong Luyun!

“Heh, you found out about it. It seems that you aren’t stupid huh.”

“However, do you remember what I said in the Valley of Hundred Bends that day? Next time we meet, I will take your life!” Chu Feng had a light smile on his face, but his gaze was icy cold.

“Hmph. If you want to take my life, you need to have that strength. On that day, I was able to force you to escape for your life. Today, I can cut your corpse into ten thousand pieces.”

Lin Ran was furious. As he insanely howled, he extended his hand towards his Cosmos Sack. A black-coloured Forbidden Medicine appeared in his palm once again.

He who received the rebound of the Forbidden Medicine no longer had the battle power that he previously had. So, if he wanted to defeat the current Chu Feng, he had to use Forbidden Medicine again. Although it would greatly harm him, it was the only thing he could do at that moment.



But how could Chu Feng give that chance to him? The light under Chu Feng’s feet flashed, and he already dashed in front of Lin Ran. Following that, the big blade in his hand mercilessly sliced down, and after a glare swept past, with snapping noises, blood sprayed out and Lin Ran’s hand that was holding the Forbidden Medicine was already chopped off by Chu Feng.

After cutting his hand off, Chu Feng held the Forbidden Medicine in his hand. As he looked at the Forbidden Medicine which was filled with strange power, Chu Feng curled his lips and said, “Although this thing harms people quite a bit, it should still be worth something. I’ll take it.”

As he spoke, Chu Feng put the Forbidden Medicine away. After that, he looked at the disconnected palm under Lin Ran’s legs, spit on it, and said, “As for this thing… Even dogs won’t eat it, so it is useless to keep it.” After speaking, Chu Feng raised his feet, and stamped Lin Ran’s disconnected palm into meat paste.

“Ahh~~~~I will skin you alive!!”

As he saw his own palm being stamped into meat paste by Chu Feng, Lin Ran truly saw it with his eyes, but ached in his heart. He madly pounced towards Chu Feng.

However, because of the rebound from the Forbidden Medicine, his current cultivation was restricted to the 6th level of the Profound realm. It was even extremely petty, so how could he possibly defeat Chu Feng?

“Damn you.” Chu Feng kicked out and directly kicked Lin Ran to the ground. He looked at Lin Ran and said, “You really like seeing other people castrate themself huh? Today, I show you how you get castrated by someone else.” After speaking, Chu Feng’s big leg was suddenly raised.

“No!!” At that instant, Lin Ran was terrified as he hysterically screamed out.

But would Chu Feng listen to his words? Chu Feng’s foot ruthlessly stamped down, and with a “puchi”, on Lin Ran’s pants, blood splattered around his crotch section. His genitals were stamped into meat paste by Chu Feng.

“Hehehe, why is it so small? I couldn’t even feel anything.” Chu Feng smacked his lips, and as he looked at Lin Ran with a lifeless expression, he felt quite refreshed in his heart.

At that instant, Lin Ran’s face was like ash. The pain he felt from his body was not comparable to the pain in his heart. He had no son, as he was decapitated by Chu Feng. He had no genitals, as they were stamped into meat paste by Chu Feng. He truly was not going to have a later generation, as he had no sons or grandsons.

“I say, you are still the head manager of the Lin clan from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. What are you so poor? You only have a few dozen high-quality Profound medicine on you. These aren’t even enough to fill my teeth.” Chu Feng took Lin Ran’s Cosmos Sack off and he was currently searching inside it.

“Kill me.” Lin Ran deathly-gloomily said those words.

“What did you say?” Chu Feng acted as if he didn’t hear them.

“Kill me!!” Lin Ran loudly howled.

“Oh? You want to die?” Chu Feng chuckled, then bent down and quietly said to Lin Ran, “You want to reunite with your son?”

“You...You...What do you mean?” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Lin Ran’s face greatly changed once again because in this life, he had no sons. His only son was Gong Luyun, but no one should have known that Gong Luyun was his son. Obviously, Chu Feng’s words meant that he knew something already.

“Heh, I don’t mean anything. If you want to reunite, I will grant you that wish. However, before that, I haven’t tortured you enough.” Chu Feng strangely smiled, and a sharp dagger appeared in his hand. He stabbed towards one of Lin Ran’s eyes.

“Ahh~~~~~~~” After that, on the little road, various types of painful cries kept on ringing out. Only after a good while did they gradually quiet down.