Chapter 261 - Mysterious Passerby

MGA: Chapter 261 - Mysterious Passerby

As he looked at Qi Fengyang who was full of smiles, Chu Feng hesitated for a bit, but he still laughed, smiled, and said to Qi Fengyang, “Brother!”

“Ahh, that’s right!” After hearing Chu Feng’s response, Qi Fengyang’s smile was even more dazzling. He raised his head, looked around, then loudly said,

“Everyone listen up! From today on, Chu Feng is my brother. Whoever dares to bully Chu Feng means that they are bullying me, Qi Fengyang. As long as I, Qi Fengyang, am still breathing, I will absolutely not forgive him.”

“Also, the Azure Dragon School is already qualified to become a first-rate school. Not for any other reason, but my brother being here is a reason enough. Besides, School Head Li’s cultivation is already qualified to be the school head for a first-rate school.”

“Therefore, School Head Li, I, Qi Fengyang, shall boldly ask. Why not take this chance and start an assembly in the Azure Dragon School for a school promotion, and to raise the Azure Dragon School from a second-rate school, to a first-rate school?” Qi Fengyang smiled and said to Li Zhangqing.

“Everything can be arranged by you, Lord Qi.” Let alone that Li Zhangqing did not dare to go against Qi Fengyang’s wishes, actually, he himself also wanted to raise the Azure Dragon School to a first-rate school. Since there was a chance like that right now, and it was even personally hosted by the number two person in the grand Qilin Prince’s Mansion, naturally, he would not miss that chance.

“Haha! Good! Today, this thing will be set. In order to celebrate the promotion of the school that my younger brother is in, my Qilin Prince’s Mansion will contribute. Two days later, also in this place, the Azure Dragon School will host a school promotion assembly for a new start!”

“Anyone who come are guests, so everyone, no need to leave. Stay for an extra two days, and why not join this Azure Dragon School’s school promotion assembly as well?”

Qi Fengyang was extremely happy, and as for the people in the arena, naturally, they were endlessly excited as well. It was quite an honorable thing to participate in the school promotion assembly that Qi Fengyang hosted.

Besides, the current Azure Dragon School did indeed have the strength for them to set up a relationship. Not to mention the Azure Dragon School’s head, Li Zhangqing’s strength, and not to mention Chu Feng’s potential, just by looking at Qi Fengyang, the supporter behind them, it was enough to make various schools seriously treat them.

However, some people were quite depressed as well, and one of them would be Gong Tianping who was bearing the pain of losing his son. His own son was killed, but he had no way of avenging him. That caused him to be depressed to the extreme. So, he did not stay behind to participate in the Azure Dragon School’s school promotion assembly. He only led the people from the Black Tortoise City and gloomily left.

As for the elders and heads from first-rate schools which he brought along, they did not choose to leave. In front of Qi Fengyang’s mighty name, they decisively threw Gong Tianping away and chose to rely on the Azure Dragon School. They decided to befriend the Azure Dragon School.

That made Gong Tianping even more depressed. As he was in pain because his own son was lost, his allies abandoned him and threw themselves towards the enemy. That was truly adding frost onto snow, and the date of his revenge was so distant and far.

But the most depressed people were the Lin clan from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. Under Qi Fengyang’s command, the big characters who had well-known statuses became physical labour for the Azure Dragon School’s promotion.

They laid the space, arranged tables and chairs, swept the ground, organized, prepared goods and supplies… Everything were their responsiblities, and even though they felt wronged in their stomachs, they did not dare to speak even half a word of complaint because they truly feared Qi Fengyang too much.

As they faced a situation like that, at first, many people did not get used to the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion pouring tea for them. It made them feel extremely frightened and they were deeply afraid that they would take revenge on them for that. But gradually, they still got used to it.

It was because Qi Fengyang said one sentence. If anyone on scene had anything happen to them, no matter if it was done by the Lin clan or not, in the future, he would still collect debts from the Lin clan. So naturally, the people from the Lin clan would not dare to have any plans.

However, Qi Fengyang wasn’t a person who didn’t know when to stop. Although most of the Lin clan members stayed behind for physical labour, he still let twenty Lin clan members who had decent cultivation leave.

The reason why they were let go was naturally to send the heavily injured Lin Ran back to the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. Although Qi Fengyang felt very displeased towards Lin Ran, after all, he was still in the Lin clan. A lesson could be given, but a life could not be taken.

“Cough cough cough…”

On the road back to the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, twenty experts from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion rode golden horses, and they were escorting a luxurious carriage while hurrying on the road. Heart-tearing and lung-splitting huge coughs occasionally came from the carriage, and occasionally, bursts of unceasingly miserable moans came from the carriage.”

“This Qi Fengyang has gone too far by beating Lord Lin Ran like this. After returning to the Prince Mansion, we must report this to the lord of the mansion and let him punish Qi Fengyang.” A young guard aggrievedly said.

“What do you even know? Even the chief can’t do anything about Qi Fengyang. Do you really think that mansion lord will listen to you? Do you think that he knows nothing? Who do you think is more important to the Prince Mansion, Qi Fengyang, or Lord Lin Ran?”

“Besides, the current injuries that Lord Lin Ran has right now was not caused by Qi Fengyang. They are internal injuries resulted from the rebounds of that Forbidden Medicine.” A middle-aged guard reminded.

“It’s the Forbidden Medicine? This type of rebound is really too painful and I can truly not bear seeing Lord Lin Ran endure this type of torture.“ Worry and unwillingness filled the young guard’s face.

“There’s someone in front!!”

But just at that time, the guard who was at the very front suddenly loudly yelled. Quickly after, the twenty Prince’s Mansion guards entered a high alert state.

Indeed, a figure appeared on the road in front. That person was sitting in the middle of the road while wearing a conical hat. His appearance was unclear, but he blocked the road forward.

“We are Lin clan members from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion! The person in front, quickly move!” One of the guards howled.

However, the person who preventing them from continuing still sat in the middle of the road. He did not have any reactions, as though he didn’t hear the guard’s words.

“Oi! I’m speaking to you! Do you not hear me?” Seeing that there were no reactions, that guard howled again. But yet again, that person still ignored him.

“God damn, you are truly looking to die.” Seeing that, the guard who already had a stomach of anger jumped and leaped off the horse, then quickly walked towards that person.

At that instant, a smile of ridicule appeared on the faces of the other guards because they knew what the guard planned to do. If he truly wanted to kill the person on the road, he would have just directly attacked and sent a strike through the air. It would have been enough to break him into pieces, so there was no need to walk over.

The reason why he walked over was because he wanted to torture the guy who did not have eyes for a while. Incidentally, all of them had a stomach full of anger, so they wanted to vent it out on the passerby who didn’t have eyes.

“You, stand up.” The guard walked next to the person on the road, extended his hand, and he wanted to grab his clothes.


However, a half-moon shaped cold glare slid across his wrist. Blood sprayed, and the hand that the guard extended was already cut off. Following that, another cold glare streaked past, and the guard’s head already flew into the air, then landed onto the ground.