Chapter 260 - Strange Old Man

MGA: Chapter 260 - Strange Old Man

*bang bang bang*

Qi Fengyang, after he pulling his sleeved back and revealing his arm, fiercely kicked Lin Ran as he also added some cursing.

As people saw that scene, their souls were shocked. They grimaced, they were dumbfounded, they wanted to stop looking, yet they could not. They thought in their hearts: They were both in the 9th level of the Profound realm, but that difference was a bit too great wasn’t it?

In reality, it was indeed so. Even Chu Feng widened his mouth in shock because he could tell that it wasn’t only the distance in terms of cultivation realms. It was purely the distance in terms of battle power. Similarly as he could use the cultivation of the 7th level of the Origin realm to defeat Gong Luyun who was in the 4th level of the Profound realm.

Although Qi Fengyang at that moment didn’t have such twisted battle power as Chu Feng, he was still clearly not on the same level as Lin Ran. He was far above him. Beating Lin Ran was like beating a child. Lin Ran did not have any room to fight back nor did he have a chance to fight back because Qi Fengyang’s battle power was completely above his, and he absolutely crushed him.

“This...What should we do about this? Qi Fengyang is as abnormal as usual, and even Lord Lin Ran who ate Forbidden Medicine cannot defeat him...”

“What else can we do? Quickly retreat! This old guy has disappeared for a long time, and during this period of time, the Qi clan has been quite miserably suppressed by my Lin clan. Right now, since he suddenly appeared, he will certainly not forgive us.”

Seeing that their own family’s Lord Lin Ran was being so violently beaten up like that, the Qilin army from the Lin clan tightly frowned and they kept on shivering. They secretly turned around, and they wanted to secretly leave.

However, how was it possible for such a huge army with such huge numbers not attract attention when they wanted to leave? So, when the first person turned around and retreated, Qi Fengyang immediately loudly yelled.

“God damn, all of you stand right there! I will break three legs from the people who dare to leave this arena!!”

[TN: Three legs. One on the right, one on the left, and one in the middle ;)]

“Huaa~~~” After yelling, everyone in the Qilin army did not dare to move from fear. Every single one of them stood where they were while their bodies were trembling and their legs quivering.

They were too afraid of Qi Fengyang. The Qi clan and the Lin clan were not on friendly terms, and when Qi Fengyang was in the Prince’s Mansion, he suppressed the Lin clan. At that time, Qi Fengyang was a name that caused the Lin clan to be fearful just by hearing it. Even the chief of the Lin clan had headaches because of him.

Later on, Qi Fengyang suddenly disappeared. The Qi clan was like a group of dragons without a head, so the Lin clan started their counterattack. During that period of time, the Qi clan were indeed quite miserably suppressed by the Lin clan. However, the king of hell returned, and they could completely imagine what situations their Lin clan was going to face.

“Damn. You really think you’re so good now? In the period of time that I wasn’t here, all of you were quite arrogant huh? Not only did you bully my Qi clan in the mansion, you even bully my close friend’s school outside of the mansion. God damn! Who gave you these nerves?”



Qi Fengyang explosively yelled, and without even hesitating, the Lin clan’s army kneeled simultaneously. Their former arrogance and unshakable dignity, after doing so much, it was only fart in front Qi Fengyang. They very decisively threw them away.

Qi Fengyang took that scene as normal, but the outsiders in the arena were joyful beyond expectations and they were endlessly shocked. Not only was the army from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion kneeling to Qi Fengyang, the army was also kneeling to them.

How much face would be given if one said that the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion knelt before them? Even if they could not become some big character in the future, at least, they would be able to brag to their grandsons and later generations right?

“What are you thinking? Slap yourself a hundred times!!” Qi Fengyang stepped on Lin Ran’s head, then he yelled at the Lin clan while pointing at them.

“Chi...Chi...Chief Qi, we only followed the commands of our superior! We were truly forced!” This time, someone hesitated, and with a full face of grievance, that person yelled and complained to Qi Fengyang.

At the same time, the tens of thousands people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion nodded with faces of grievances as well. They really hoped that Qi Fengyang could spare them once.

“Screw your damn being forced.” However, Qi Fengyang did not buy that. He first loudly cursed, then took off a shoe that he was wearing and waved his arm. He threw that shoe towards the face of the one who begged.

No matter how you said it, other people’s shoes were still shoes. However, Qi Fengyang’s shoe was a ferocious weapon. After that shoe landed, the person who begged cried out in pain. His nose was crooked, and his face was smashed in, and not only did he get knocked out from that, his face even got paralyzed.

After seeing the person who got his face smashed by a shoe, the Lin clan army of tens of thousands all hesitated for 0.001 seconds, then raised their palms, waved their arms, and sent huge slaps towards their own faces with bangs. Putting aside how much power they used to slap themselves, but without even slapping themselves for a hundred times, no one dared to stop.

People were completely stupefied when they looked at that scene. Their mouths and eyes were crooked, and they were so shocked that they could not care for themselves. The Qilin army that was so aggressive with boiling killing intent earlier was taken care by someone to that state. They truly saw something new.

Even shock was filled on Eggy’s sweet little face in Chu Feng’s Spiritual World. As she was stunned, her little mouth couldn’t help but slightly open and she couldn’t help but yell in surprise,

“This old man is quite strange. I recall how righteous he seemed in the Valley of Hundred Bends. I never would have thought that when facing the enemy, he would not care what methods he use and he would be so despicable and shameless.”

“Ahh, luckily he isn’t the enemy because he is even more terrifying than Lin Ran.”

As for Chu Feng, a faint smile was hung on the corner of his mouth. He was very glad that he met such a noble person like Qi Fengyang. Not only did he save himself, he even saved the people close to him.

At the same time, he was even more glad that Qi Fengyang wasn’t his enemy because he knew that if the old man was currently his enemy, right now, he would have certainly been played around to death by the old man.

Finally, after a hundred slaps, the several tens of thousands Lin clan members from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion had swelled up and red faces. Deep palm marks were left, and it could be seen that they were quite fierce to themselves.

Of course, they did not dare to not be fierce. In front of Qi Fengyang, how could they dare to play any tricks? If they were discovered, Qi Fengyang could certainly play around with them until they were dead.

“Brother Chu Feng, this group of dogs came here to stir up trouble and they ruined your originally fine life and death battle. Speak. How should they be punished? I’ll help you out with it.”

Qi Fengyang arrived in front of Chu Feng and heroically patted Chu Feng’s shoulder. Looking at how he acted, he really did not seem to be facing a junior. It was more like he was facing a brother.

Chu Feng was always grateful towards Qi Fengyang. His life was saved by him in the Valley of Hundred Bends and Chu Feng already owned him a huge favour then. Before he could even pay that back, his life was saved once again by him.

Also, not only did he save Chu Feng’s life, he even saved the near a million people’s lives in the arena. Chu Feng was already endlessly grateful, so he clasped his hands and said, “Senior Qi, I will not forget your benevolence and kindness and I will undoubtedly pay it back in the future.”

“Tsk. What are you talking about?” However, it was unexpected that Qi Fengyang did not want Chu Feng’s words. He curled his lips, widened his eyes, and said to Chu Feng, “Who are you calling senior? Call me brother!”