Chapter 259 - I'll Let You Be So Full Of Yourself

MGA: Chapter 259 - I'll Let You Be So Full Of Yourself

“Chu Feng you bastard! In order to save those two, are you going to not care about my life? If you die, I can’t live as well!” Seeing that Chu Feng really wanted to do some idiotic thing, Eggy insanely howled.

“Eggy, no need to lie to me. I’ve already inquired about it. After the World Spiritist dies, the contract will indeed get dissolved, but the World Spirit won’t disappear. They’ll just return to the Spiritual World.” Chu Feng smiled, but then his tone was filled with guilt.

“Nonsense! They only know fart. I was sealed in your body. If I could have returned to the Spiritual World, I would have already left! Why would I always be locked in your Spiritual World?” Eggy angrily rebuked.

[TN: The translation above should be correct, but the context just doesn’t really fit.]

“Eggy, don’t speak anymore. I have already decided. You can blame me, because I am indeed, a useless master.” Chu Feng bitterly chuckled, then the golden-coloured dagger in his hand formed a golden-coloured blur, and it headed towards his groin.


At that instant, everyone who worried about Chu Feng widened their mouths and yelled out, as if their hearts were torn and their lungs were split. Even those who were not related to Chu Feng couldn’t help but close their eyes and they couldn’t bear continue looking. Chu Feng’s actions could be said to be a sacrifice for everyone there.


However, just as the golden blur was going to land, an aged hand suddenly appeared and tightly grabbed Chu Feng’s wrist. It stopped Chu Feng’s movements, and at the same time, an old laughing voice also rang out,

“Ho… You are quite heartless to even yourself. You don’t even want your jewels? You don’t want to do it with woman, and you don’t want to carry any sons?”

After hearing that voice, Chu Feng’s expression couldn’t help but greatly change. After he clearly saw the old man, he even instantly rejoiced.

The old man wore golden-coloured armor and he had a kind smile on his face. Everything seemed quite familiar, because he was the mysterious senior Chu Feng saw that day in the Valley of Hundred Bends.

“Who is this?”

At the same time, everyone in the arena were shocked. The old man appeared way too fast and no one could even tell when he came. He appeared just like a ghost.

The reason why they were shocked was not only because of the unfathomable high cultivation. It was also because he wore armor that belonged to the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, yet he saved Chu Feng.

“Qi...Qi Fengyang!!” Finally, someone yelled in surprise and that person recognized that old man. The person who yelled out was none other than the person who wanted to kill Chu Feng. Lin Ran.

“What? Qi Fengyang?! He’s the chief of the Qi clan in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion?”

After hearing the name Qi Fengyang, almost everyone on scene couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cool air. Who was Qi Fengyang? He was one of the true peak characters of the Azure Province.

In the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, there were two clans. The Qi clan and the Lin clan. the one who ruled the two clans was the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. So, in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, the lord of the mansion had the highest position.

Other than the mansion lord, the ones with the highest strength and position in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion was the chief of the Qi clan and the chief of the Lin clan. Lin Ran was only a head manager in the Lin clan, and he was one step lower than being chief. However, Qi Fengyang was the chief of the Qi clan, so his position was one step higher than Lin Ran.

The most important thing was that Qi Fengyang already entered the 9th level of the Profound realm many years ago. He was truly in the peak of the Profound realm. No matter if it was status, position, or strength in terms of cultivation, he was a character who was stronger than Lin Ran. Why did such a character appear at that place?

If it was said that Lin Ran’s appearance was to help his foster grandson, Gong Luyun, then why did Qi Fengyang appear in that place for? Why did he save Chu Feng? Did he come to help Chu Feng?

At that instant, various guesses kept on echoing in people’s brains, but not one of them could think of the answer. On the other hand, Qi Fengyang indifferently smiled, then swept his gaze over to Lin Ran and calmly said, “Lin Ran. You’ve got quite big nerves! You dare to ignore the mansion rules and kill the innocent?!”

“Qi Fengyang. This Chu Feng killed my foster grandson. Why is it not right for me to take his life?” Clearly, Lin Ran was slightly afraid of Qi Fengyang, and as he spoke, he wasn’t as forceful as before.

“Oh? A foster grandson is only a foster grandson. Is it worth it for you to have such big movements? If a mere foster grandson caused you to start a massacre, then I will need to take care of today’s matter even more, because Chu Feng is my close friend!” Qi Fengyang pulled Chu Feng closer and as he stuck his chest out and raised his head as he patted Chu Feng’s shoulder.

“What? I didn’t hear wrong did I? Senior Qi Fengyang is Chu Feng’s close friend? This...”

After Qi Fengyang spoke, another ruckus was brought up by the crowd. Even Li Zhangqing, Zhuge Liuyun and the others were so shocked that their jaws fell to the ground.

A young person like Chu Feng was a close friend with Qi Fengyang, who was such a huge character? That news was truly too explosive!

However, there was no one who had an even more wonderful expression than Su Hen. Qi Fengyang was a huge character that even he did not get a chance to interact with. He was an old senior who he wished to have connections to, but could not.

However, that old senior was Chu Feng’s close friend. Yet before, he even told his daughters to stay away from Chu Feng. Right now, he could really fiercely slap himself two times because god damn, he did not have eyes.

“Qi Fengyang. Today, I must kill Chu Feng. Don’t think that I wouldn’t dare to attack you just because you’re the chief of the Qi clan.”

Seeing that Qi Fengyang was determined to protect Chu Feng, Lin Ran did not speak anymore rubbish. Again, he emanated his boundless aura and the black gas rose into the air once again.

“Oh oh oh? You think you’re so good now? After taking that pill, you feel like you can do it?”

“Come come come! You can come and try. I would quite like to see how capable you are after taking the Forbidden Medicine!” Qi Fengyang was not a person who was fun to anger. After pulling his sleeve and revealing his arm, he quickly ran towards Lin Ran.

“Qi Fengyang, you forced me!”

Suddenly, Lin Ran angrily roared as he became black light and leaped. Instantly, he arrived in front of Qi Fengyang, and the fist that was covered by black gas and had devastating power kept on increasing in size in front of Qi Fengyang’s eyes.

“Damn you. Get down.”

However, Qi Fengyang did not dodge or avoid it. Rather, he stuck one hand out, and formed it into a claw. He grabbed the fist that Lin Ran threw towards him, and with the wave of his arm, he spun Lin Ran who was in the air.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Lin Ran was like a circular sandbag, and after being spun ten whole circles in the air by Qi Fengyang, he was pulled down from the air, and with a bang, he fell onto the ground. Strong power caused rocks to fly in all directions, and a huge hole was formed by that.

But that was not the end. Qi Fengyang raised his right leg, and he kicked Lin Ran who was in the hole at random places. As he kicked, he even cursed,

“God damn. You dare to be so cocky with me after you ate some broken pill? You want to be so full of yourself? I’ll let you be so full of yourself!!”