Chapter 263 - Avenged Hatred

MGA: Chapter 263 - Avenged Hatred

The school promotion assembly for the Azure Dragon School was held as scheduled. Other than the powerful people from various places that stayed behind, many nearby powers heard the news, and went over to congratulate.

However, when the people who went to congratulate saw that the people who welcomed them were guards from Qilin Prince’s Mansion who wore golden armor, all of them were quite frightened.

But when they found out that the guards from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion were ordered by Qi Fengyang to do such strange jobs because they offended Chu Feng, they were even more shocked.

Chu Feng became brothers with Lord Qi Fangyang. That news was too explosive and quite inconceivable to many people. In addition to the miracle in which Chu Feng, who was in the 7th level of the Origin realm, defeated Gong Luyun, who had the cultivation of the 4th level of the Profound realm, people felt that Chu Feng was quite brilliant and mysterious.

So, even more people wanted to see Chu Feng. They wanted to see the grandeur of the genius. But it was in vain, as on the important day of the school promotion assembly, Chu Feng did not show himself. No one knew where he went, but they only heard that he secluded himself for cultivation.

At the same time, Gong Tianping and the other people from the Black Tortoise City already returned to the Black Tortoise City. The current Gong Tianping was enduring the pain of losing his son, so he isolated himself and he was not willing to see anyone. However, when several big characters from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion led a huge army to visit, he had no choice but to come out to meet them.

“What? Lord Lin Ran hasn’t returned to the Prince’s Mansion yet? This isn’t right.. Looking at the distance, he should have already returned back.” Within a guest hall, Gong Tianping had a nervous face as he looked at the several old people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion’s Lin clan.

“Yeah, that’s why we’re worried. Perhaps some incident happened on the road. The other Lin clan members who went to the Azure Dragon School are being pressured by Qi Fengyang in the Azure Dragon School so we cannot understand the situation. That is why we came to you to find out about more things.”

The old people’s strength were not weak and they were all in the 7th level of the Profound realm. However, their auras were all stronger than Gong Tianping’s, and they were the backbones of the Lin lan in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

“Milords, on that day, Qi Fengyang injured Lord Lin Ran quite heavily, and he also has some special relationship with Chu Feng. Do you think that it’s possible Qi Fengyang intentionally allowed Lord Lin Ran to returned, then hiddenly imprisoned him again?” Gong Tianping guessed.

“He wouldn’t. Although Qi Fengyang does things quite madly, he does things quite openly and just. He is extremely loyal to the Prince’s Mansion, and even though he is on bad terms with my Lin clan, he would absolutely not kill people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. I feel that this matter wasn’t done by Qi Fengyang.” The several old people shook their heads.

“Let me in, let me in!!”

“Milady wait! Milady! Milady!!”

But just at that time, there was some clamoring outside the guest hall. Following that, the closed doors were suddenly kicked opened by someone. A woman with tears all over her pale-white face intruded under the accompany of several guards.

“What are you doing in here? Don’t you know that I’m receiving some guests? Quickly get out of here!!” After seeing that woman, Gong Tianping rose and angrily yelled. That woman was none other than Gong Tianping’s wife, and Gong Luyun’s mother.

If it was under normal circumstances, after being yelled at like that by Gong Tianping, she would have already been so terrified and she wouldn’t dare to speak anymore. However, she was like a completely different person today. Not only did she not leave, she even used her trembling hands to point at Gong Tianping, and she said while grinding her teeth,

“Gong Tianping! You are quite a heartless person! Even if Luyun wasn’t born from you and me, you didn’t need to kill him so coldheartedly! After all, he still called you ‘father’ for twenty years, and in his heart, you are truly his father!!”

“And also Lord Lin Ran. So what if he’s Luyun’s blood-related father? Luyun wasn’t born from secret affairs between me and him! We already knew each other before I even knew you!”

“But...But you killed him, and you even so insanely tortured him to such a wretched state! Are you even a person? Are you a demon?!” After speaking to that point, tears fell like rain, and her voice was already hoarse. Her trembling body trembled even more intensely.

“You...What nonsense are you speaking?!” At that instant, fog filled Gong Tianping’s head because of her. He walked up, he strongly slapped the woman’s face, and she was thrown dozens of meters away.

“Hit me. Hit me to death! Since Luyun is dead, I don’t want to live anymore. But before I die, I must tie an insane demon like you with the ropes of the law!”

“Milords, Lord Lin Ran has already been killed by this mad Gong Tianping. His body is in Gong Tianping’s room right now.” The woman cried her complaints out to the several old people, and at the same time, she climbed up from the ground and started to walk out while stumbling.

The other old people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion had tense expressions. They looked at one another, then quickly followed the woman.

“Milords, do not listen to her incoherent nonsense. Because my son died, she received mental blows so that is why she spoke such insane words. Normally, she isn’t like this.” Seeing that, Gong Tianping also quickly explained, but the several old people did not care about him.

Under the lead of the woman, the group of people quickly arrived to the room that Gong Tianping lived in. After opening the room, other than the woman, not a single person who looked wasn’t stunned.

Inside the room, a naked body was hung there. That body was incomplete. It did not have any hands nor feet, and it didn’t even have its “third leg”. However, the face of that corpse was still complete, and it was Lin Ran from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

However, both of Lin Ran’s eyes were scooped out. His tongue was cut, and there was a sign hung from his neck. On the sign, the big word “adulterer” was written on it.

“Gong Tianping, look! Look at what you have done! Even if Luyun was born from me and Lord Lin Ran, you did not need to torture him like this! You are truly too heartless!!” After seeing Lin Ran in such a wretched state, the woman miserably cried again.

“Heavens! This...this...” Gong Tianping even knelt to the ground with a poof, and he was completely stupefied by the scene in front of him.

“Gong Tianping! My Qilin Prince’s Mansion has developed your Gong family in such a way, yet you dare to harm Lord Lin Ran like this because of some personal grudges?!” One of the old people pointed at Gong Tianping and loudly reprimanded.

“Men, men! Take this Gong family down! Kill all these bastards that ought to die, and not a single chicken or dog will remain!!” Another old person directly ran out, and yelled at the Qilin army who set up camp outside the Black Tortoise City.

As for the third old man, he was even more straightforward. He just bluntly attacked Gong Tianping, and slammed his palm down on Gong Tianping’s brain. After all seven of his facial orifices bled, he still yelled, “If I don’t split your corpse into eight pieces, my hatred in my heart cannot be dispelled, and I would not be able face Lord Lin Ran’s soul in the heavens!”

After knowing about what happened, the Qilin army that set up camp outside had fury that rose to the skies. Mercilessly, they started a massacre in the Gong family, because without doing that, they could not soothe the flames of fury in their hearts.

Because of Lin Ran’s death, the Gong family sank into a desperate situation. Immediately, miserable cries kept on ringing out, and bit by bit, they were being annihilated by the Qilin army. They were being removed from the Azure Province.

As the Gong family were being annihilated, on the peak of a certain palace in the Black Tortoise City, a young man was standing there. It was Chu Feng.

As he looked at the Gong family who was being massacred, there was not a trace of pity on Chu Feng’s face. He only looked towards the sky, and sorrowfully said, “Father, the people who harmed you have already gotten a suitable punishment. You can close your eyes in peace!”