Chapter 256 - Corrupt Methods

MGA: Chapter 256 - Corrupt Methods

“They’re the twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists from the World Spirit Guild! What are they doing? Do they not want their lives?” Cries of surprise kept on ringing out from the arena, and some sharp-eyed people already recognized the origin of the twenty figures.

The twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists stood across like a one (一). In front of the army of tens of thousands, they clearly seemed to be so weak that even the wind could blow them away, yet they did not move an inch from there. They allowed their grey-coloured World Spirit Cloak to flutter left and right, and they did not plan to back away in the slightest.

That terrified everyone, and they were thinking what the group of World Spiritists were planning to do. Were they looking to die? Although people knew that World Spiritists were strong and Grey-cloak World Spiritists were even stronger, however, in front of them was an army of tens of thousands! It was even the army from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion! The army from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion was famous for extremely strong battle power, and they people in the army were absolutely not comparable by disciples and elders from various other schools. They were the true masters of kings.

Besides, the commander of the Qilin army was Lin Ran. The old man who was in the 8th level of the Profound realm. One of the famous big characters in the entire Azure Province, and his battle power was so strong that was terrifying!

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Suddenly, both of the hands of the twenty World Spiritists quickly changed unpredictably. Layers of grey-coloured gas started to circle around their bodies, and it formed a surging shield. Also, the gas got more and more dense, and at the end, it almost completely surrounded them.

“Hundred Dragon Heaven Sealing Formation!”

Finally, the twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists attacked at the same time. The grey-coloured gas that encircled them became grey-coloured huge dragons.

The grey-coloured huge dragons roared in the air. If one counted them, there would be a hundred of them. Every single one was several hundred meters long, and they were truly, undoubted, huge dragons.

The hundred huge dragons rushed towards the army from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion at the same time. They widened their fierce mouths, as if within their eyes, the Qilin army wasn’t a terrifying army but a delicious dinner.

No matter how much more training the Qilin army got, they were still scared by the hundred huge dragons. Immediately, they stopped going forward and fear was revealed on their faces because they could feel the threat from the huge dragons.

“Empty might!”

At that time, Lin Ran stood out. He stood on the golden horse and he threw several palms towards the air. Every single palm contained golden-coloured light, and like shooting meteorites, they flew towards the hundred huge dragons in the air.

*boom boom boom boom*

As they howled through the air, the golden-coloured light palms shattered the hundred huge dragons and completely destroyed them. The originally huge dragon body became grey-coloured gas that went everywhere. The gas floated in the air and it did not go away.

“Ohh~~~~~~” At that instant, the Qilin army couldn’t help but cheer as they celebrated their victory.

“This Lin Ran is too strong. With the cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm and the comprehension and use of martial skills, he is close to breaking logic, and no matter how much stronger the World Spiritist methods get, they would have no way of blocking him off. This is the strength of cultivators. As long as one had absolute battle power, no matter what corrupt methods someone else used, they would still have no ways of resisting.”

When the twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists attacked, and especially after the appearance of the hundred huge dragons, many people were as if they saw hope. But when that hope was shattered, what they faced was even deeper disappointment.

However, they did not discover that after the hundred grey-coloured huge dragons were shattered, not only did the twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists not have a single trace of worry, rather, within their aged eyes, faint joy appeared.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Suddenly, all of them extended their arms, intersected them, and did a strange hand seal. After that, all of them yelled at the same time, “Seal!!”

*hu hu hu*

After they spoke, the sky and the earth trembled, and the grey-coloured gases that were originally floating in the air were as though they heard a summon and they became hurricanes as they charged towards the Qilin army once again.

“Hmph. No matter how many times you come, I will be able to shatter you.”

Seeing that, Lin Ran was not afraid as well. He threw out several golden palms again towards the air, but this time, the golden palms were unable to break the grey-coloured gas. Instead, they went straight through them.


Quickly after that, the boundless grey-coloured gas entered the Qilin army. Like a rainy cloud, they tightly enveloped them and they quickly started to surge. Strong force blew them to the point that both human and horses were rolling, and in an instant, the master of kings were already completely defeated.

“What a strong method! It is truly too terrifying. They are only twenty people, yet they could so easily cause the army of several tens of thousands to collapse. Is this the methods of Grey-cloak World Spiritists?”

As they looked at the grey-coloured gas that were like black clouds engulfing the Qilin army of several tens of thousands, everyone was dumbfounded. Their gazes were filled with astonishment. That grey-coloured gas was too strange. No matter what attack was thrown out, it would be unable to damage the gas and it would only go straight through and at the end, harm their own people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

However, they were also real substances and they could affect the Qilin army. They blew them to the point in which they were rolling and climbing on the ground, and the army lost all battle power. The people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion could not even walk out of the grey-coloured gas and they were completely sealed within it. Perhaps it sounded quite bad, but they could really only wait to die.

“Quickly dissolve this dirty and corrupt formation or else I will not care whether you come from the World Spirit Guild or not. I will certainly not allow you to return.”

Suddenly, a figure leaped out from the grey-coloured gas. It was Lin Ran. At that instant, Lin Ran’s hair was in complete chaos and he was like a mad demon. Even his clothes were incomplete. Clearly, he suffered quite a bit of damage when he was in the grey-coloured gas.

However, his current aura was abnormally strong as well. Without restraint, he emanated the pressure of the 8th level of the Profound realm and attacked the twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists.

*rumble rumble rumble*

His strike was condensed by Profound power. Although it was only simple Profound power, it was abnormally strong. The Profound power first rushed into the sky, then descended back down. It enveloped the twenty World Spiritists and at the same time, locked their escape. He wanted to defeat all of them with one strike.

“Heavens! How much power do you need for such limitless Profound power? Is this Lin Ran’s true strength? Although it isn’t a martial skill, it has surpassed martial skills. This is truly too terrifying.”

As they looked at the limitless Profound power, everyone couldn’t help but inhale a break of cool air and they were deeply stunned by the terrifying might. At the same time, they also deeply wiped away some sweat for the World Spiritists.

Although they had no relation at all with the World Spiritists, at that moment, Lin Ran wanted to take everyone’s lives so the World Spiritists were their only hope. Naturally, they did not want anything happening to the World Spiritists.

“You are only the 8th level of the Profound realm, yet you dare speak such wild words and want to take our lives? Truly shameless big words!”

However, as the Profound power was going to land, at the same time, boundless Profound power exploded from the bodies of the twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists. Their Profound power rushed straight up into the air and interweaved with Lin Ran’s attack. Instantly, it dissipated Lin Ran’s Profound power.

At that instant, almost everyone could feel the aura of the twenty World Spiritists. All of them couldn’t help but widen their mouths and even their bodies were excitedly trembling as they yelled out in surprise, “They...are all experts in the 8th level of the Profound realm!!”