Chapter 257 - Black-Coloured Forbidden Medicine

MGA: Chapter 257 - Black-Coloured Forbidden Medicine

The twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists were martial cultivation experts in the 8th level of the Profound realm. As they emanated their auras, instantly, they suppressed Lin Ran’s because every single one of their auras were no weaker than Lin Ran’s, let alone the twenty of them together.

“So these are the people from the World Spirit Guild? Strong. If people in the 8th level of the Profound realm are already peak-level big characters in the Azure Province, these twenty experts in the 8th level of the Profound realm are quite a bit scary.”

“It’s said that in the Spirit Province, experts are like the clouds, and it seems like that is indeed true. I don’t believe that these twenty people are the peak-level people in the World Spirit Guild, but when they are in the Azure Province, they are indeed peak-level. It could be seen how big of a difference there is between the Azure Province’s cultivators and the cultivators from other provinces.”

The cultivation of the twenty World Spiritists frightened everyone. Even Lin Ran tightly frowned and his face became strangely ugly.

“Leave. Seeing that all of you came from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, today, we will spare you.”

“But remember, don’t think about harming Chu Feng. He is a part of my World Spirit Guild, and if you dare to touch him, my World Spirit Guild will not ignore it.” One of the Grey-cloak World Spiritists waved his hand at Lin Ran, indicating them to quickly leave.

“Heh...hehe...hehahahaha...” However, at that moment, Lin Ran suddenly loudly laughed.

His laughter was extremely strange. Although, from his voice, he was indeed laughing, his expression was abnormally sinister and terrifying.

Suddenly, he stopped laughing. He cast his abnormally evil gaze towards the twenty World Spiritists from the World Spirit Guild and fiercely said, “Today, I must kill Chu Feng. No matter who it is, those who block me will die!!”

After speaking, the Cosmos Sack on his waist lit up, and a purplish-black pill appeared in his hand. Then, he swallowed it.

After the pill entered his body, change instantly happened to Lin Ran. Both of his eyes turned black, and his mouth also turned black. Black-coloured gas kept on flowing out from his body. At that instant, his aura was rising. With a blink, he arrived in the 9th level of the Profound realm, and he was still climbing.

“Crap, he used a Forbidden Medicine!” Seeing that, the people from the World Spirit Guild also instantly became tense.

“That’s a Forbidden Medicine? Quite scary! I heard that Forbidden Medicine allowed a cultivator’s cultivation to rise, but after the power disappears, they will get the rebounds.”

“I heard that according to the medical powers, the colours of the Forbidden Medicines are different as well. The black colour is one of the strongest ones! Look, Lin Ran’s aura already reached the peak of the 9th level of the Profound realm, but it is still increasing! If this goes on, he wouldn’t make a breakthrough into the Heaven realm right?”

“How is it possible? No matter how much more powerful Forbidden Medicines are, it would be impossible for him to go from the 8th level of the Profound realm to the Heaven realm. If there is truly a Forbidden Medicine like that, after the powers disappear, the user would certainly die from the rebound.”

“It stopped, it stopped. However, he has already infinitely neared the Heaven realm. He is no longer in the simple Profound realm. He is truly at the peak of the Profound realm. The Profound realm that endlessly nears the Heaven realm.”

“Has Lin Ran gone insane? So in order to kill Chu Feng, he took such a powerful Forbidden Medicine? Although the Forbidden Medicine wouldn’t be enough to take his life, but he would still receive extremely powerful rebound right?”

As they looked at Lin Ran who had black gas lingering around him, everyone was endlessly terrified. They knew how scary the current Lin Ran was. Even the twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritist in the 8th level of the Profound realm could not stop him.

“Today, I must take Chu Feng’s head! If there is anyone who dares to stop me, I will start an annihilation!”

Lin Ran angrily yelled as he walked towards Chu Feng step by step. The ground would tremble after every step. A deep footprint would be left behind as countless cracks spread out from them.

“If you want to kill Chu Feng, you must pass through us first.”

However, just at that time, the twenty World Spiritists from the World Spirit Guild rushed forward again and arrived in front of Lin Ran.

Simultaneously, they spread their arms open and layers of strong grey-coloured Spirit Formation power surged out and became incomparably thick huge Spirit Formation Walls and they surrounded Lin Ran within them.

“Hmph. You still dare to use such crooked methods against me? All of you truly are looking to die!”

Lin Ran coldly snorted, then waved his big sleeve. The black-coloured gas swirled like a hurricane and it completely shattered the huge Spirit Formations and instantly, all of them crumbled.

After the Spirit Formation Wall was destroyed, the black-coloured gas pounched towards the twenty World Spiritists. At that instant, the World Spiritists also used everything they had to lay Spirit Formations in order to hold the gas back.

One layer. Two layers. Ten layers. A hundred layers. As they proficiently controlled the Spirit Formations, hundreds of Spirit Formation walls kept on condensing in front him them and the numbers were still rising.

However, in front of the black-coloured gas, they were useless. The Spirit Formations that were originally incomparably firm, the Spirit Formations that were titled as the strongest defense methods, were like tofu as they could not even take a single strike. They already crumbled because of the black-coloured gas.


The twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists flew several hundred meters back before falling back down after they were struck by the black-coloured gas. After landing, their auras became extremely feeble, and even the grey-coloured gas that enveloped the Qilin army quickly dissipated. It could be seen that they were quite heavily injured.

“Elders!” As they saw that, the several hundred White-cloak World Spiritists on the guest view stage quickly rushed down and they wanted to support the twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists.


However, Lin Ran saved his big sleeve, and the several hundred White-cloak World Spiritists were like scarecrows as they flew up high, then they quickly fell back down and ferociously landed on the floor.

At that instant, the World Spiritists that came from the World Spirit Guild were laying on the ground as they painfully howled. They did not even have any strength to stand back up.

“Chu Feng, run!!” Just at that time, another figure rushed out. It was Chu Feng’s master, Zhuge Liuyun

“Die!” Lin Ran’s gaze turned cold as he raised his palm. Strong Profound power flew towards Zhuge Liuyun. The huge power was enough to destroy Zhuge Liuyun into pieces.

*whoosh* But when that Profound power was going to hit Zhuge Liuyun, Li Zhangqing stood in front of him, and he used his entire body’s Profound power to lay a defense in order to block Lin Ran’s attack.

However, it was useless. With a huge boom, violent energy ripples engulfed them. The two of them flew back, and when they fell back on the floor, blood filled their mouths and they were seriously internally wounded.

At that instant, no one was able to defeat Lin Ran. He who used Forbidden Medicine was near invincible and not a single person could take any one of his strikes. His cultivation already reached the 9th level of the Profound realm, and he was infinitely near the Heaven realm. The most important part though, was his horrifying bloodlust. He was unable to dispel it if he did not quickly kill.