Chapter 254 - Arrival of the Great Army

MGA: Chapter 254 - Arrival of the Great Army

“The head of the Azure Dragon School is this strong?!”

At that instant, on the faces of the surrounding observers, other than shock, it was shock. Not to mention those from second-rate schools, even the first-rate school heads that came together with the Black Tortoise City could not remain calm, because the strength that Li Zhangqing displayed was completely superior to theirs.

“I never would have thought that the Azure Dragon School had such a top-level character hidden within it! With his cultivation, the Azure Dragon School could undoubtedly enter the ranks of first-rate schools.”

“Yeah, this Li Zhangqing is quite impressive. So it seems that he already discovered a good seedling like Chu Feng a year ago.”

“Right now, for Chu Feng’s sake, Li Zhangqing decided to fight the Gong family. Although it does not seem reasonable on the surface, in reality, it is an extremely powerful method. He is putting everything on Chu Feng. By helping Chu Feng like this, naturally, Chu Feng would feel endlessly touched, and as long as Chu Feng can develop well, the Azure Dragon School would naturally rise as well.”

“You are correct. So it turns out that within the Azure Dragon School, not only did a genius like Chu Feng appear, there was even an old monster like Li Zhangqing. It seems like the Azure Dragon School is fated to rise greatly, and another outstanding first-rate school will appear in the Azure Province.”

Li Zhangqing’s strength and methods were seen by everyone. So, everyone felt that since Chu Feng and Li Zhangqing, one young monster and one old monster, appeared in the Azure Dragon School, the school was certainly going to rise quickly in ranks.

The various powers had to reevaluate the Azure Dragon School in order to hiddenly calculate whether to befriend the Azure Dragon School or not. They had to decide if they should do that or not before it completely rose in power and before its potential was not discovered by many people.


But just at that moment, an abnormally loud and clear horn sound rang out from outside of the arena. That sound was extremely strong. It was like a scream, yet also like a dragon’s cry. The atmosphere it emitted had boundless awe, and even the sky trembled.

“This sound...It’s the Qilin Horn from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion!!” Suddenly, a first-rate school disciple yelled in surprise.

“What? You said the Qilin Horn from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion? Isn’t it the horn that only gets blown when the Qilin Prince’s Mansion has an emergency or when they attack? Has the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion come?”

After those words were spoken, instantly, the crowd went into chaos. What was the Qilin Prince’s Mansion? It was the true overlord of the Azure Province, and even the Lingyun School did not dare to offend them because there was the huge monster behind the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

Soon after the horn was rang, the entire mountain peak started to violently tremble. Large rocks started to roll down the slopes and at the foot of the mountain, a large group of people and horses were approaching.

“This old guy really did come.” At that instant, even Chu Feng lightly frowned. He did not do anything to Gong Luyun yet because he knew that the strongest guy behind Gong Luyun had arrived.

As for Gong Luyun, at that moment, he was heavily wounded and bruised. He could not even speak, but when he heard the horn, a peaceful smile brimmed on the corner of his mouth.

Indeed, rows of golden light started to encircle the rolling dust. As they blocked the dazzling golden light, people discovered that there were indeed people and horse.

There were several tens of thousands of people. All of them wore golden-coloured armor, and on the chest section of the armor, there was an aggressive Qilin. The horses that they were riding on also wore golden-coloured armor.

They were very well ordered as well. They advanced in a huge formation and they emitted a frightening atmosphere. That group of people and horses were indeed the true overlord of the Azure Province, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

“They’re from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion! Isn’t the person who is leading the head manager from the Lin clan in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Lord Lin Ran?”

“It is indeed him. I never would have thought that even someone like him would arrive to this arranged battle.”

“Of course he needs to come! Don’t you know how much Lin Ran dotes on Gong Luyun? A good show is coming up. I wonder what expression Lin Ran will have as he sees his precious foster grandson being abused to this state.”

The golden armor on Lin Ran’s body as well as the horse under him was not different when compared to the other people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. However, as he stood there, the atmosphere of his entire person was completely different. It wasn’t from his cultivation. It was the atmosphere that his own body emitted out.

Even if a person like him did not cultivate, within commoners, he could still become a leader. He had inborn, unordinary leading abilities, and an unordinary atmosphere.

At that instant, Lin Ran already saw Gong Luyun who was on the fighting stage. His snow-white sword-like eyebrows slightly rose and a roll of flame already appeared in his heart. It was not his foster grandson. It was his own son.

How could Lin Ran not be furious when he saw as his own son got beaten up so wretchedly? However, he endured. He did not immediately speak because he still saw a group of unknown World Spiritists in a certain area in the guest viewing seats.

Naturally, he, Lin Ran, recognized the people from the World Spirit Guild. In front of that group, he did not dare to act wildly because if he offended the World Spirit Guild, the entire Qilin Prince’s Mansion would be affected as well.

“My friend on the fighting stage. Are you Chu feng?” After organizing his emotions, Lin Ran spoke.

“I am!” Chu Feng replied.

“Friend, you are quite good to be able to force my grandson to his state.” Lin Ran smiled, then asked Lin Zhangqing, “Brother, are you the head of the Azure Dragon School, Li Zhangqing?”

“I am.” After the army of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion appeared, Ling Zhangqing stopped fighting with the people from the Black Tortoise City.

“School Head Li, truly, zhenren don’t show their appearances, and I never would have thought that you would be an expert of the 7th level of the Profound realm. With your cultivation, you can send an application so that the Azure Dragon School becomes a first-rate school. Tomorrow, you can send people to the Qilin Prince’s Mansion to apply. I will be responsible approving it, and I can add your Azure Dragon School into the list for first-rate schools.”

Lin Ran smiled, but his tone had a few implications of threat. He was hiddenly indicating Li Zhangqing. No matter how much stronger he got, he would still be far away from his Qilin Prince’s Mansion. Whether the Azure Dragon School could become a first-rate school or not would depend whether Lin Ran approved it or not.

“The Azure Dragon School isn’t concrete enough, so I don’t want to have the title of being a first-rate school. Therefore, no need to worry, milord.”

Li Zhangqing wasn’t a person who was afraid of matters as he indifferently smiled. But in reality, he was telling Lin Ran that he had no interest in the title of first-rate schools, so he should not even think of using that to threaten him.

“Haha, School Head Li, you are indeed an ambitious person. It seems like I, Lin Ran, has been nosy.” Lin Ran laughed, then he looked towards Chu Feng and said, “My friend Chu Feng, hatred will only stack up more and more.”

“You don’t really have any deep hatred with Luyun, and on that year, you only arranged this battle because of some little thing. There is no need to really fight until one lives and one dies.“

“Quite a lesson has already been given by you and it’s enough. How about you sell me some face and spare him?”

“Ho...” After hearing Lin Ran’s words, Chu Feng first mockingly chuckled, then fiercely glared at him and said, “Is the hatred of family extermination a little thing?”

“What? Family extermination?!” After Chu Feng spoke, it was like a huge rock thrown into a lake and the crowd went into an uproar.