Chapter 253 - Arrival of the School Head

MGA: Chapter 253 - Arrival of the School Head

Such a powerful voice successfully became the focus of everyone. After they cast their gazes towards that person, everyone who was on scene couldn’t help but be stunned. Especially the core disciples and the core elders from the Azure Dragon School. Their faces were full of shock, and their expressions were as wonderful as they could get.

From the corner, a familiar figure was slowly walking about. An old man who barely had any hair and had a camel back. His clothing was very sloppy and his appearance was quite unsightly as well.

However, at that instant, his body emanated the aura of the 7th level of the Profound realm. He was the person who saved Chu Feng from Gong Luyun that day. Elder Li.

“Elder Li, how can it be him? He’s an expert of the 7th level of the Profound realm?”

At that instant, not to mention others, even Chu Feng who was saved by Elder Li before was greatly surprised because no one could have thought that an elder who guarded the entrance in the Azure Dragon School had that kind of strength. Some first-rate school heads did not even have cultivation at that level.

“Who are you?” Naturally, Gong Tianping did not recognize Elder Li, but the aura that was emanating from Elder Li’s body forced him to seriously treat it.

Although they were both in the 7th level of the Profound realm, the aura on Elder Li’s body was thicker. It could be seen that the old man stepped into that realm for a long period of time already.

“I am Li Zhangqing.” Elder Li lightly smiled and said.

“What? Li Zhangqing? Isn’t that the name of the head of the Azure Dragon School?”

“Does this mean that this Elder Li is my Azure Dragon School’s head? But as a school head, why did he become an elder who guarded entrances?”

After Elder Li spoke, not to mention the people from the Azure Dragon School, even outsiders were endlessly shocked. The head of the Azure Dragon School was a very mysterious person. Very few people saw his real appearance, and he also very rarely showed himself. However, people knew that he had a name, and it was Li Zhangqing.

“He is indeed the school head of our Azure Dragon School. In order to dig up some more exceptional disciples, he did not always sit on the high position of the school head. Rather, he concealed his identity and took the position of being an elder guard for the entrance to the Azure Dragon School’s core zone.”

“On that day, Gong Luyun wanted to kill Chu Feng. So, he personally stopped it. The arranged battle between the two could also be said to be witness by him one year ago as well.”

Just at that time, the old lady from the Six Protectors spoke. The other five people did not have any expressions of surprise, and Zhuge Liuyun was also faintly smiling. It could be seen that the several people already knew Elder Li’s true identity.

As they saw that scene, everyone also believed the identity of Elder Li. However, even more people were shocked as the head of the Azure Dragon School was an expert in the 7th level of the Profound realm. With that strength, it could certainly lead the Azure Dragon School to become a first-rate school. So, it turned out that the Azure Dragon School was not a second-rate school from the start!

“Haha, on this topic, I was also dragged into the arranged battle from a year ago. On that day, I wagered that Chu Feng would win. So, Gong Luyun said that as long as he won, Chu Feng and I would need to kneel down in front of him and admit that we were wrong.”

“Even I worried about that. After all, I am still the head of this school. If I really needed to kneel and admit my wrongs in front of a disciple from my own school, I would truly lose face.”

“But luckily, Chu feng did not disappoint me!” Seeing that his own identity was revealed, Elder Li did not bother hiding anything. With a light smile and as he stroked several of his dried out strands of beard on his chin, he made a joke about the beginning of the arranged battle.

“Li Zhangqing, as the head of a school, you handle things in such an unfair way. You lean towards Chu Feng like this and work together to suppress my son. Do you think you are even qualified to be the head of a school?” Seeing that Li Zhangqing talk about his own son in such a way, Gong Tianping pointed at Li Zhangqing’s nose and angrily rebuked.

“I’m unfair? On that day, if I did not come out, your son would have killed a genius from my Azure Dragon School. None of the guests today would be able to see this genius’s grandeur.”

“Gong Tianping. I have seen every single thing that your son has done. I named him as the number one disciple because of his talent. However, his character truly makes my heart cold.”

“Although in this world, one’s cultivation is extremely important, their character is even more important. Or else, no matter how much stronger your cultivation gets, it would only be harmful for the world. Gong Tianping. As Gong Luyun’s father, don’t you feel that you’ve taught your son to be unfair, and don’t you feel that your son has committed grave sins?” Li Zhangping counter-asked.

“Hmph. This is your territory, so whatever you say will be justified. I won’t bother wasting my words on you. Quickly let my son go, or else my Black Tortoise City will not be finished with your Azure Dragon School.” Gong Tianping angrily yelled.

“Don’t even think about it. This life and death battle was personally witnessed by me. The one who loses will be the one who dies. Chu Feng, Gong Luyun is not righteous, so you don’t need to be benevolent. Go ahead!” Li Zhangqing did not even put Gong Tianping in his eyes. He waved his hands at Chu Feng and indicated him to kill Gong Luyun.

“Yes sir!” Chu Feng did not hesitate. He raised the golden-coloured blade in his hand and he made motions to chop Gong Luyun’s neck.

“If you dare to touch my son, I will kill you first!” Seeing that, Gong Tianping’s expression changed greatly and he exploded his cultivation of the 7th level of the Profound realm out. Layers of Profound power kept on spreading out and it attacked Chu Feng who was on the fighting stage.

*boom* However, just as the Profound power that was like tide surged out, it was completely engulfed by another wave of Profound power and it was held back.

“If you dare to touch my school’s disciple, don’t blame me for anything that happens!”

It turned out that Li Zhangqing did it. Not only did he stop Gong Tianping’s attack, he even pushed the boundless Profound power from his body towards Gong Tianping and the many Black Tortoise City experts and attacked all of them at the same time.

“You old bastard! If anything happens to my son, I will demolish your Azure Dragon School!” Gong Tianping was also completely furious. As he gnashed his teeth, he pounced towards Li Zhangqing, and at the same time, the Black Tortoise City army behind him simultaneously attacked as well.

At that instant, Zhuge Liuyun and the Six Protectors originally wanted to help out, but their thoughts were in vain as Li Zhangqing waved his hand at them and said, “No need to help. I myself am enough against a mere Black Tortoise City!”

After Li Zhangqing spoke, instantly, a commotion was raised. Many people even suspected that he was boasting. After all, he was also only in the 7th level of the Profound realm, and in terms of cultivation, he was fairly equal to Gong Tianping. A single Gong Tianping could fight against him, so on what basis was he going to fight against the entire Black Tortoise City?

However, later on, the people who had doubts discovered that they were wrong. Elder Li did not have overly beautiful martial skills, but every single strike and style were quite bold. He emanated strong power, and as his Profound power was being controlled by him, occasionally it would form a screen to block attacks, and occasionally it would form sharp blades to harm an enemy.

The old man who gave off a feeling that he could not even fight against the wind truly relied on his own power to hold the many experts from the Black Tortoise City away, and looking at his appearance, he even seemed so casual and he did not even seem to be using any strength.