Chapter 252 - Breaking the Rules

MGA: Chapter 252 - Breaking the Rules

“Gong Luyun, I cannot disperse the hatred towards you even if I killed you ten thousand times because of the evils that you committed by killing my Chu family. You alone cannot eradicate my hatred towards you. I will send everyone related to you, down with you.”

Chu Feng said as he tightly grabbed Gong Luyun’s hair and saw his bloody and disfigured face. Even though the current Gong Luyun seemed abnormally frightening, it was not comparable to the fierceness on Chu Feng’s face.

The anger that he suppressed in his heart for a long time all emerged today. It was truly not removable by a few simple words or killing a few people. A debt of blood must be paid in blood. Naturally, the debt of blood of the Chu family’s extermination was going to be paid back several times. The price would be all of Gong Luyun’s relatives, and Chu Feng wanted all of them to die with him.

“Ho.. Chu Feng, you truly think too highly of yourself. Do you really think you can kill me? If you feel you can, go ahead and try!” Gong Luyun actually smiled, and his smile was full of confidence.

“You feel that I can’t? That’s fine. I’ll let you see whether I can or not!”

Chu Feng flung his leg up and it kicked Gong Luyun’s jaws. Strong power threw Gong Luyun into the air, and after a few flips, he fell back down.

“Ahh!” After landing back down, Gong Luyun miserably cried out. Chu Feng’s kick caused his jaw to shatter and the pain was unendurable.

*hmm* At the same time, Chu Feng raised his foot and stamped on Gong Luyun’s arm. He clenched his right hand, and a golden-coloured big chopper blade condensed in his hand. His face was sinister, and the corner of his mouth formed an evil cold smile. He looked at Gong Luyun and indifferently said,

“You said that if I dare to touch one of your fingers, there would be a calamity? That’s fine, I’ll touch five of your fingers.”

*whoosh* After speaking, the big blade in Chu Feng’s hand formed into a golden blur, and it landed on Gong Luyun’s hand, forcibly cutting off five of his fingers.


The pain of a finger being cut off made Gong Luyun who just calmed down to wretchedly scream again. As the proverbs said, “The ten fingers connect to the heart”. That pain was certainly not imaginable by normal people.

The most important thing was the importance of fingers to a person like Gong Luyun. He could simply not endure as he had his five fingers cut off. To him, most likely the pain in his heart was greater than the pain from his body.

The current Gong Luyun could not speak anymore. He could only unceasingly howl in pain, but within his eyes, killing intent overflowed everywhere and cold glares surged. He fiercely glared at Chu Feng, as if saying, “You’re dead. You’re dead! You dare to do this to me? You are absolutely dead!!”

“What? You like it very much? Okay, I’ll help you out. I’ll let you become a person with no fingers.” However, would Chu Feng be afraid of him? The big blade in his hand sliced down again, and the other five fingers from Gong Luyun’s other hand were chopped off again.

“Heavens! This this this...”

The scene on the stage caused everyone’s soul to be frightened. Although they knew who won and who lost and the result had already been set, they never would have thought that Chu Feng did not quickly kill Gong Luyun. Instead, bit by bit, he destroyed Gong Luyun’s body in front of the crowd.

To Gong Luyun, not only was it physical torture. It was also mental torture. Although he, Gong Luyun, was quite a character in the Azure Province, Chu Feng was only famous in the Azure Dragon School. In reality, in the Azure Province, he was an unknown little character.

However, at that moment, a big character like him, who he recognized himself as unordinary, was being ruined by a small character like Chu Feng. To him, that was undoubtedly the biggest humiliation possible.

“Chu Feng’s methods are really ruthless. If today’s matter gets spread out, it would not be possible for Gong Luyun to raise his head up again in the Azure Province.”

“If I had to say something, it would be that this Chu Feng is too insane. Has he forgotten about Gong Tianping? Has he forgotten about Lin Ran? Will those people allow Chu Feng to torment Gong Luyun like that, and will they just ignore it?”

“Today, Lin Ran isn’t even here. Although Gong Tianping is indeed strong, have you not seen the big characters from the World Spirit Guild? If Gong Tianping dares to break the rules and interfere, I think that he will need to check what he has, and whether he is able to offend the people from the World Spirit Guild or not.”

At that very instant, the observing people went into a mess. When the battle arrived at that state, people yearned to see how it would end, and whether the two huge powers behind the two geniuses would have any actions or not.

Many people looked forward to a good show, and they looked forward to the protection from the powers behind the two geniuses.

However, some people felt that it was impossible as well. Although the two powers were extremely strong, exactly because their status was high, they could not ignore and break the rules of the life and death battle. Only Chu Feng and Gong Luyun were the main characters in today’s arranged battle. Everyone else were only observers on the side.

But some people also felt that for the sake of family affection, anything was possible. Gong Tianping would absolutely not only stare as his own son was dying and not save him. As long as Chu Feng really intended to kill, even if Gong Tianping gave up his life, he would have actions.

As for Lin Ran, he doted on Gong Luyun so much that he even passed all of the unique martial skills from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion down to Gong Luyun. How could he only look and do nothing as his foster grandson was being tormented and killed like that?


Finally, an angry bellow exploded out from a certain area in the guest’s viewing seats. Following that, a large number of people stood up from those seats and charged towards the fighting stage. Those people were exactly the people from the Black Tortoise City, and the person who yelled out was Gong Luyun’s father, the city lord of the Black Tortoise City, Gong Tianping.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

At the same time that the people from the Black Tortoise City moved, Zhuge Liuyun and the Six Protectors also suddenly rushed down from the viewing seats and stopped in front of the Black Tortoise City’s army.

“Gong Tianping, this is a life and death stage. In this place, life and death will depend on themselves and no one can interfere. From your current actions, do you plan to break the rules?” Zhuge Liuyun loudly questioned.

“Screw your damn rules! Today, I will take my son away. I kill anyone who blocks me, and I won’t even give face to god!”

However, Gong Tianping was as though he lost all rationality. He waved his big sleeve, and strong gale flew Zhuge Liuyun and the Six Protectors away. He was truly determined to take Gong Luyun away no matter what.

But quickly after, soft wind descended from the sky and slowly allowed Zhuge Liuyun and the others who were in the air to land, and they were not harmed in any way.

“Look, what’s happening?”

Everyone was shocked at that sudden scene. Even Gong Tianping wouldn’t help but be taken aback, because clearly, there was an expert who saved Zhuge Liuyun and the others.

At that instant, everyone cast their gazes towards the people from the World Spirit Guild, but they discovered that the group of people were still sitting where they were and they didn’t even move. Looking at how they were, it seemed that they did not plan to interfere with the matter in front of them.

As everyone was guessing who helped Zhuge Liuyun and the others, an aged voice rang out in that area.

“Gong Tianping, if you want to ignore my Azure Dragon School’s rules, it will need to depend whether you are capable or not.”