Chapter 251 - The Outcome of the Battle is Already Determined

MGA: Chapter 251 - The Outcome of the Battle is Already Determined

“You used your full power now? It seems that you really want to finish this battle soon. But that’s fine, because I’ve played around with you enough as well. I’ll let you know the distance between you and me right now.”

As he swept his gaze towards the cold air fierce beasts around him, a cold smile was raised from the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth. He did not move, and he only slowly closed his eyes.

“Look, what is Chu Feng doing? Did he give up? As he faces the Cold Ice Atmosphere from Gong Luyun, he is powerless to reverse the situation, and he is preparing to die?”

Chu Feng’s actions were seen by some people, and they felt that Chu Feng wanted to give up. But at the next instant, they discovered that they could not be more wrong.


Suddenly, Chu Feng suddenly widened his eyes that were closed. At the same time, incomparably strong pressure spread out from within his body and it engulfed the entire fighting stage.

After that pressure descended onto the fighting stage, with the border of the stage as the end, the sky and ground within the zone started to tremble, and the Cold Ice Atmosphere immediately crumbled and disappeared in the air.

At the same time that the Cold Ice Atmosphere disappeared, Gong Luyun also knelt onto the ground with a poof. He who had a mad smile before had a face as white as paper. His eyes were filled with fear, and his entire body was trembling.

“Heavens! What happened? Why did the Cold Ice Atmosphere suddenly disappear? What is happening to the sky and ground over there? Why is the air trembling above the fighting stage?!”

Everyone was shocked by the sudden change. They couldn’t feel the pressure at that place, but they could still see the scene in which the air was trembling, as if some pressure forced the area over there to yield.

Even if they were beaten to death, they never would have thought that it was a martial skill that had been lost for many years. It was a rank 7 martial skill. The Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry that Chu Feng got from the Void School.

For the past half a year, Chu Feng did not always search for Profound medicines in the Valley of Hundred Bends. He fought Monstrous Beasts every day, and it caused his battle power to rise. He also found the time to cultivate the rank 7 martial skill, the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry.

As he cultivated, he unexpectedly discovered that the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry was truly a very mysterious martial skill. The cultivation difficulty was extremely high, but its power was extremely strong as well. If it was mastered, it wouldn’t be a rank 7 martial skill. It would be a rank 8 martial skill.

As the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry was quite difficult to cultivate, even Chu Feng only grasped the first step of it, Void. Although it was only the first step, it still had the power of a rank 7 martial skill.

What he was using at that moment was Void Pressure. With formless pressure, one could do whatever he wished in that area. It could shatter any formless attacks, or any formed attacks. Without even moving, it could force the enemy to yield and crush the enemy to death.

“This feeling..It is absolutely not simple pressure, nor would it be some sort of treasure. There is Origin power lingering around it, so it must be a martial skill! A very profound martial skill! It seems that this Chu Feng really grasps a rank 6 martial skill, and it’s even a rank 6 martial skill that’s more profound than the Cold Ice Atmosphere!”

Finally, people who had sharp eyes saw that the distorted space was caused by the martial skill Chu Feng was using. After that person spoke, an uproar was risen.

Although they could not feel the pressure in that area, just by looking at the distorted scene, they could imagine how strong the martial skill was. Even many big characters who were in the arena never heard or seen it before, let alone the disciples.

At that instant, everyone was already completely dumbfounded by the strength Chu Feng displayed. Even though they knew that Chu Feng was strong and that he was a genius, they never would have thought that Chu Feng’s strength would reach that state. Truly, with the cultivation of the 7th level of the Origin realm, he defeated Gong Luyun who was in the 4th level of the Profound realm. Chu Feng simply did an unprecedented action, and created an impossible miracle.

“Dammit! How did this happen? I, Gong Luyu, am defeated by this brat? How is this possible?”

Gong Luyun knelt on the floor, and even if he wanted to stand up while using the power from his entire body, it was impossible for him to fight against the formless pressure. That made him feel powerless, and even fear.

For the first time, he recognized Chu Feng’s powerful strength, and Chu Feng’s powerful strength was something that he did not want to see, especially at this time when it related to his own life.

Step by step, the current Chu Feng walked towards Gong Luyun. As he looked at Gong Luyun who knelt in front of him, he lightly smiled and said,

“Gong Luyun, one year ago, have you ever thought you would kneel in front of me today?”

“Ha! Chu Feng, if you want to kill or cut me, feel free. But I’m warning you. If you dare to even touch one of my fingers, I guarantee that you will not leave this place alive.”

“The million disciples from the Azure Dragon School will die! Even your World Spirit Guild dog legs will be affected be you and all die in this place!” Gong Luyun had no strength to stand up by the formless pressure. He could only kneel in front of Chu Feng. However, not only did he not give in, he even threatened with malicious words.

“Oh? Even right now, you dare to threaten me? Do you think you’re qualified? Knock your head to the ground and admit your wrongs!!”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression became incomparably sinister. The fury that he hiddenly endured in his heart was all instantly revealed. The humiliation that he suffered that year was not much, but the great hatred of his family’s extermination had to be avenged.

Chu Feng grabbed Gong Luyun’s hair, and powerfully pushed it down. With a bang, Gong Luyun’s brain fiercely slammed onto the incomparably hard ground. When his head was pulled back up by Chu Feng, blood flowed from his forehead.

“This is for my grandfather.”

“This is for my father.”

But that was not all, Chu Feng strongly grabbed Gong Luyun’s hair and kept on slamming it to the ground. For every hit, he would say the name of a Chu family member who died.

Knocks like that were done several hundred times. After all the names of the Chu family member who died were spoken, Chu F1eng still did not stop because it was not possible for that to drain away the hatred towards Gong Luyun.

After all that, nothing was the same on Gong Luyun’s face as blood and flesh were mixed all together. Even a deep hole was formed on the hard ground, and countless cracks spread from that hole.


People’s souls were shaken as they looked at that scene. From Chu Feng’s actions, they could tell that the two of them must have some hatred between them, or else Chu Feng would not have humiliated Gong Luyun like that.

However, at the same time, they had an answer in their hearts. It was that the outcome of today’s arranged battle was already determined, and the victor was Chu Feng, who no one had expectations from.

Although they felt disbelief, they did indeed personally witness everything. They saw Chu Feng suppress Gong Luyun step by step. They had no choice but to admit that when Gong Luyun was kneeling and when his head was endlessly slamming onto the ground.

Chu Feng was a true genius. A terrifying monster, to the point that it surpassed people’s imaginations. Certainly, in the future, such a person would not be confined to the little Azure Dragon School. The young man had the potential to move unobstructedly in the continent of the Nine Provinces in the future.

At that instant, the disciples started to cast gazes of worship towards Chu Feng. Even the peak disciples of other schools were no exception. They admired Chu Feng’s frightening battle power.

As for the school heads and elders from other schools, they endlessly admired the Azure Dragon School since such an outstanding disciple appeared. As long as Chu Feng was there, the future Azure Dragon School would absolutely not be as unknown and as silent as right now. Sooner or later, it would become a huge summit in the Azure Province, and perhaps with Chu Feng, it could even return to its flourishing past.