Chapter 250 - Broaden Your Horizons

MGA: Chapter 250 - Broaden Your Horizons

“What a strong martial skill! This might...It is a rank 6 martial skill?”

“No, it’s not a rank 6 martial skill. It’s the rank 5 martial skill from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, the extremely famous Ten Thousand Galloping Horses!!”

“It’s a martial skill from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion? The martial skills there are the best of the best, but they never pass it down to outsiders! Yet Gong Luyun learnt it?”

“Your news is truly not too efficient. Right now, Gong Luyun has an extremely outstanding foster grandfather. It’s Lord Lin Ran from the head manager of the Lin clan from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion! With him, which martial skill can Gong Luyun not learn?”

“So there’s actually something like that...So this means that Gong Luyun’s background is quite terrifyingly deep. But then, why does such a character need to stay in the Azure Dragon School?”

“The important part is not whether Gong Luyun is able to learn this Ten Thousand Galloping Horses or not. The important thing is that Gong Luyun can so perfectly grasp this martial skill. To know that even though this martial skill is strong, the cultivating difficulty is extremely high.”

“This martial skill is too impressive. Normal martial skills can simply not fight against it. How will Chu Feng respond this time?”

Gong Luyun’s Ten Thousand Galloping Horses made people endlessly sigh in admiration. At the same time, people also locked their gazes onto Chu Feng. They wanted to see how Chu Feng was going to fight against the martial skill that pressured with might.

“Such Ten Thousand Galloping Horses. Then I, Chu Feng, will use ‘Shooting Ten Thousand Horses with Arrows’!”

Chu Feng put one leg forward and slightly bent it up, then his other leg backwards and slightly bent it down. He formed a bow in his left hand, and formed an arrow in his right. Then, as his left hand swung, his right hand was like a blade. Countless golden-coloured arrows shot towards the galloping horses like a rainstorm.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh*

*neigh neigh neigh neigh*

Truly, not a single arrow that Chu Feng shot was useless. In the instant that the golden-coloured arrows shot into the horses, the horses with strong might all fell one after the other and miserable cries rang out. After that, they formed into layers of Profound power and disappeared in the sky. The so-called strongest rank 5 martial skill from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion was so easily defeated by Chu Feng’s Bow of Hundred Transformations.

“Tsk tsk tsk, the so-called Ten Thousand Galloping Horses is only that? You don’t learn the martial skills from your own school, and you had to learn someone else’s martial skills. It seems like you truly shame my Azure Dragon School’s ancestor!” Chu Feng mockingly smiled and said.

“So that means that what Chu Feng just used was a martial skill from the Azure Dragon School? Strong. Truly strong! Although the might of that martial skill did not seem to be strong, in Chu Feng’s hands, it showed exceeding power and it easily killed off Gong Luyun’s Ten Thousand Galloping Horses!”

“So like the legends said, no matter how much stronger martial skills are, they must be used by the appropriate person. Even garbage martial skills can be used to display extremely strong power in the hands of experts?”

Chu Feng’s words made everyone think again. Everyone kept on praising Chu Feng. If Chu Feng’s battle power was raised by relying on some special method, then the use and comprehension towards martial skills were undoubtedly his own talent and ability.

“Quite a bit of useless words. People like you can only stay within the Azure Dragon School for your entire life. You will never know what martial skills are truly strong.”

“Today, I will let you broaden your horizons. I will let you experience a martial skill that you have never experienced before. A legendary rank 6 martial skill!”

Gong Luyun was really forced into anxiety by Chu Feng. He waved his big sleeve, and the air around him quickly flowed and interweaved with the Profound power in his body. At that instant, icy-cold, bone-piercing gas started to speedily spread. Even the people who were watching the arena felt a bit of the coldness.

The cold air lingering on the fighting stage was even more terrifying. Frost had already been condensed out on the stage and it was currently surrounding and getting closer to Chu Feng. At that instant, the fighting stage was like a land of ice and snow.

“This bone-piercing coldness. This terrifying might. Is this one of the fortification martial skills in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, the rank 6 martial skill, Cold Ice Atmosphere?”

[TN: Again, “fortification” {something} means that it is used to “fortify” their position. In this case, the martial skill only belongs to the Prince’s Mansion and it is something that no one else has.]

“Rank 6 martial skill! It’s a real rank 6 martial skill! This is undoubtedly the might of a true rank 6 martial skill! Truly impressive. Gong Luyun actually grasped such a strong martial skill!”

The might of a rank 5 martial skill and the might of a rank 6 martial skill was completely different. When he used the Cold Ice Atmosphere, everyone in the arena felt a type of pressure. The experts on scene were quite fine, but many of the Azure Dragon School’s inner and outer court disciples could not resist that coldness. They had no choice but to quickly leave. Many people even fainted.

“Your foster grandfather treats you quite well. He even passed the thing that he usually hides to you” As he felt the engulfing Cold Ice Atmosphere, Chu Feng couldn’t help but think of the scene in which Lin Ran also used the Cold Ice Atmosphere to attempt to kill him in the Valley of Hundred Bends on that day.

Lin Ran’s Cold Ice Atmosphere was indeed strong, and even if Chu Feng fought against it again right now, he did not dare to fight it directly. However, Gong Luyun’s Cold Ice Atmosphere lacked a bit of maturity. At least, to Chu Feng, it was not enough to make him afraid of it.

“Hmph. You do know quite a bit, but from what I see, it seems like your life is over. No matter how much stronger your body is, it will not be able to endure the bone-piercing cold air from my Cold Ice Atmosphere. Everything is finished. Die!”

Gong Luyun coldly snorted. He had enough of that battle. Even if he could win today’s fight, he would have no face when the news of him being forced to that state by someone in the 7th level of the Origin realm got spread out. So, he really wanted to quickly finish Chu Feng off, and the Cold Ice Atmosphere was his strongest trump card.


The Cold Ice Atmosphere unexpectedly solidified and formed into several cold air fierce beasts. They bared their teeth, and from all directions, they surrounded Chu Feng and attacked. The bone-piercing cold air even condensed frost in the air and cracks even appeared.

“This is too scary. When the might of a rank 6 martial skill is in Gong Luyun’s hands, it displays extreme power. Even we cannot resist against a martial skill like that. This time, it seems like Chu Feng won’t have much luck.”

“Indeed. Although Chu Feng’s talent is quite terrifying and abnormal, and although Chu Feng’s battle power is extraordinary, as he faces this rank 6 martial skill, he cannot only rely on battle power and talent to make up for that. Unless Chu Feng also grasps a rank 6 martial skill, he will have no way of holding this Cold Ice Atmosphere back!”

As the Cold Ice Atmosphere was being moved by Gong Luyun’s full force, even many school heads on scene felt the power and pressure. They looked forward whether Chu Feng also grasped a rank 6 martial skill as well to fight against Gong Luyun’s Cold Ice Atmosphere.

Especially as Chu Feng created miracles again and again, and as he stunned their souls again and again, many people did not doubt that Chu Feng grasped a rank 6 martial skill.

But what they could confirm was that if Chu Feng did not grasp a rank 6 martial skill, today’s arranged battle would truly end and it would be finished.