Chapter 249 - Absolute Control

MGA: Chapter 249 - Absolute Control

“Heavens! Chu Feng can really use the cultivation of the 7th level of the Origin realm to match Gong Luyun? My eyes are fine right?”

At that instant, many people did not dare to believe the scene in front of their eyes. If it was said that Chu Feng being able to block Gong Luyun’s attack before meant that his battle power was extraordinary, then currently, the battle between him and Gong Luyun was simply defying logic.

So, many people were not willing to believe that. They had no way of believing that, and with the difference in quality that was like the difference between the sky and the earth, how could the Origin power that could not even be compared to Profound power be able to resist against Profound and not even be disadvantaged? It did not make sense at all!

Some people even suspected that their eyes were a bit broken and they kept on rubbing them. When those people opened their eyes once again and looked at the fighting stage, they were instantly dumbfounded.

They discovered with astonishment that as Chu Feng and Gong Luyun were on the fighting stage, Origin power suppressed Profound power. And as their fists and kicks intersected, Gong Luyun was currently retreating while Chu Feng was advancing well. Chu Feng had the advantage!

“The 4th level of the Profound realm is only so-so. It seems that this title of the number one disciple is a bit empty eh?”

Chu Feng used Origin power to pressure Profound power. He used the Origin realm to pressure the Profound realm. As he forced Gong Luyun to that state, he did not forget to taunt his opponent.

“What did you take to gain such strange battle power?”

Gong Luyun was also abnormally dispirited by Chu Feng. He did not believe it. He did not believe that it was Chu Feng’s own strength. He suspected that Chu Feng used some special medicine, or some Forbidden Methods.

“That’s right! What Gong Luyun is saying isn’t unreasonable. The battle power that Chu Feng has right now does indeed surpass normality. It’s very possible that he used some Forbidden Medicines, or some Forbidden Methods.”

After Gong Luyun spoke, many people started to agree with him. They always felt that Chu Feng’s battle power was abnormal, and it just so happened that Gong Luyun gave them a reasonable explanation.

“Speak! Did you use Forbidden Medicine or Forbidden Methods unique to World Spiritists? In order to defeat me, you dare to use such lowly methods? You are truly despicable and extremely shameless!”

Seeing that his own guesses gained the agreement from everyone, the shameless Gong Luyun went along with it and loudly yelled. He redirected all the despicableness and shamelessness from him, to Chu Feng.

“Hmph. You really think that everyone in this world is as shameless as you? Time will prove if I, Chu Feng, used any Forbidden Medicines or Forbidden Methods.”

“However, your shameless actions of not suiciding after losing has already been witnessed by everyone here.” Chu Feng coldly snorted, and formlessly, he explained himself.

“Chu Feng is correct. No matter if he took Forbidden Medicines or used Forbidden Methods, although his cultivation could greatly increase in a short amount of time, there is a time limit.”

“After that time passes, not only will the gained power be all lost, there will also extremely serious rebounds. Light injuries would be heavy injuries, and heavy injuries would be being crippled and all cultivation lost.”

“If Chu Feng truly used Forbidden Medicine, or Forbidden Methods, sooner or later, he would return to his original form and everything would be revealed. He would not be able last for a long time. But looking at his confident appearance, did he truly not use any Forbidden Medicine, and what he relied on was truly his own strength?” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, everyone felt that it was reasonable as well and they couldn’t help but nod their heads.

“Hmph, you shameless person who used Forbidden Medicine, so what? I, Gong Luyun, can still use my own true cultivation to defeat you. Die!!”

In response, Gong Luyun was a bit uneasy and he suddenly felt that Chu Feng did not use any Forbidden Medicine after all. So, he changed his style and he no longer fought with his own body’s battle power. He displayed a very strong martial skill.

After the martial skill was used, the power of Profound power was truly displayed, and Chu Feng’s physical body had no way of fighting against that. However, Chu Feng was not afraid. He revolved the Origin power in his body and many illusionary palms appeared. Many people’s eyes were truly dazzled by that and they could not figure out which ones were real, and which ones were false. Again, he suppressed Gong Luyun.

“This Chu Feng is really quite strong. It is the first time that I’ve seen someone use my Azure Dragon School’s Illusionary Palm to this state.”

As they saw the Illusion Palms being displayed by Chu Feng, the elders in the Azure Dragon School endlessly praised him. Chu Feng’s Illusionary Palm was extremely profound and he had already thoroughly comprehended the essence of the martial skill. Even they had no hopes of reaching his state and they sighed to themselves, showing that they were inferior.

“It is only a mere rank 3 martial skill. You dare to play around with this in front of me? I’ll let you experience the strongest martial skill in my Azure Dragon School!”

Seeing that he could not match Chu Feng in terms of rank 3 martial skills, Gong Luyun changed his style and used a rank 5 martial skill. He wanted to rely on the strength of the martial skill itself to defeat Chu Feng.

“It is only a rank 5 martial skill. You think that only you have it?”

But could Chu Feng possibly be afraid of him? The third style of the Three Thunder Styles. Lightning surged out and it could become anything. Although it was a rank 4 martial skill, no matter if it was form or might, the third style was comparable to rank 5 martial skills.

The most important thing was that the so-called strongest martial skill in the Azure Dragon School was forcibly suppressed by Chu Feng’s third style of the Three Thunder Styles again. Once more, Gong Luyun was extremely dispirited.

“Chu Feng, you rely on those evil methods to fight against me? Sooner or later, you will bear the consequences. However, you won’t need to feel the pain of the rebound. I will finish your life before that happens.”

For three continuous times, Gong Luyun was suppressed by Chu Feng. It made him, who was in the 4th level of the Profound realm; him, who defeated the number one disciple in the first-rate school, the Wind Listener School, have no more face. As anger and fury combined together, he wanted to quickly finish Chu Feng off more and more.

So, he displayed a bodily martial skill and leaped several thousand meters back. At the same time, his body changed as well and a burst of extremely strong Profound power was changing his in body.

“Chu Feng, I will let you experience a strong martial skill that you have not seen before! The top-quality martial skill within rank 5 martial skills, Ten Thousand Galloping Horses!”


Suddenly, within Gong Luyun’s body, extremely strong Profound power exploded out. There was so much Profound power that it almost rose into the air, but then quickly dropped back down. It formed formless waves and they surged. At the end, from formless, it formed. It formed into a muscular fine horse.

That horse was vivid and lifelike, but both of its eyes were blood-red. There was a pointy and sharp horn on its forehead, and it was emanating strong might. That might did not belong to ordinary horses. Even normal Monstrous Beasts did not have it.

The most important thing was that there were several thousand of such terrifying horses. That might truly caused the ground to sway and violently tremble. If the fighting stage wasn’t created with special materials, as the horses passed, the ground would have certainly shattered and countless cracks would have appeared. In that instant, even a city could instantly be stamped into nothing by the group of horses.