Chapter 248 - Battle Power That Destroys Common Sense

MGA: Chapter 248 - Battle Power That Destroys Common Sense

“You...You...You faked death!!”

The current Gong Luyun was so angry that his heart could explode. He finally knew why the atmosphere was so strange. It turned out that Chu Feng did not die, and he actually took the three fists.

He clearly lost the battle, however, he did not discover that. He even made vows and said bold words in front of almost a million people as he announced his victory.

At that very instant, he could really find an ant’s hole and drill into there because he was fooled around with. He was fooled by Chu Feng, and he was completely fooled.

He slapped himself in front of his father; in front of his family; in front of his friends; in front of the near a million people, and he even slapped himself so loudly and so clearly. He lost all face, and his wiseness was destroyed.

All of that was bestowed by Chu Feng. So, in Gong Luyun’s current heart, his fury truly rose to the heavens, and he hated himself to be unable to rip Chu Feng’s corpse into ten thousand pieces.

As he looked at Gong Luyun who had a green face, who as gnashing his teeth from anger, who had smoke coming out of his seven facial orifices, Chu Feng chuckled and indifferently said,

“Gong Luyun, according to the agreement from one year ago, I have already took three of your strikes. It’s not that I, Chu Feng, have no sympathy, but the words that you said that year were said by youself. Kill yourself!!”

After Chu Feng spoke, almost everyone’s heart violently jumped two times. They were thinking: “Is Gong Luyun really going to suicide? Today, will such an exceptional genius going to suicide in this place?!”

But at the next instant, they discovered that they were wrong. They overrated Gong Luyun. He did not immediately fulfill the bold words he said that year. He only pointed at Chu Feng and fiercely said,

“Chu feng, don’t worry. I, Gong Luyun, will pay the price for my own words. However, even if I, Gong Luyun, will die, I will die after you!!”

*whoosh* Just as he finished speaking, Gong Luyun leaped forward like an arrow leaving a bow, and with lightning speed, he arrived in front of Chu Feng and threw a punch out.

Not only did he not fulfill the promise he made that year, he even attacked Chu Feng again and started to fatally strike.

As they looked at Gong Luyun’s fatal attacks that were aggressive and full of killing intent, everyone’s face greatly changed. However, it was not because of Gong Luyun’s breaking his promise.

It was because as Chu Feng faced such a fierce attack, he did not make any move to dodge it. He only blankly stayed there, as though he was silently waiting for Gong Luyun’s attack.

As he looked at that situation, some people even started to suspect whether Chu Feng was completely frightened by Gong Luyun’s strong attack. However, after another second, the people who had suspicions were completely dumbfounded.

As Gong Luyun’s fist that was several times fiercer than before was going to land on Chu Feng’s face, Chu Feng attacked with lightning speed. He also threw out a fist, and he aimed it towards the one Gong Luyun was sending towards Chu feng.

That punch was like a mantis’s arm trying to stop a chariot. That punch was simply suicidal. From the perspectives of the outsides, Chu Feng could only be completely insane for him to throw such a punch out.

However, when the two fists collided, and after a boom exploded out, the most unexpected scene happened. From the strong force, Gong Luyun flew out. On the other hand, Chu Feng did not shift for an inch.

Chu Feng who was only at the 7th level of the Origin realm pushed Gong Luyun who was at the 4th level of the Profound realm away. The fist that seemed to be suicidal and like a mantis’s arm blocking a chariot won. How could the people who saw that scene accept it?!

At that very instant, at that very place, the shock in people’s hearts was indescribable with words because deep within their hearts, a sentence echoed in their brains, “Has Chu Feng’s battle power really defied all common sense?”

However, the current Chu Feng ignored all the stunned gazes. He clenched his fists as he wished to continue, turned his neck around, and moved his body around.

Then, after crackling explosive noises rang out from his body, Chu Feng said a sentence that made everyone on scene stupefied. Words that almost scared people to death.

“I already knew that you were a person who went back on his words. So, I really shouldn’t have let you attack me three times. Whatever, it’s better if I attack myself. I will personally kill you!”

After speaking those words, Chu Feng already strided forward with huge steps. Under the gazes of innumerable people, he gradually walked towards Gong Luyun.

At that moment, people were already so shocked that they could not care for themselves. They thought in their hearts, “What? I haven’t heard wrong right? Chu Feng wants to kill Gong Luyun? With his cultivation of the 7th level of the Origin realm?”

After listening to Chu Feng’s words, at the same time that they were shocked, they were also filled with doubt. If it was said that Chu Feng was a genius, almost everyone would believe that. They would even believe that Chu Feng was a genius who only appeared once every thousand years, because Chu Feng’s performances were right in front of their eyes.

However, if it was said that Chu Feng wanted to use the cultivation of the 7th level of the Origin realm to defeat Gong Luyun who was at the 4th level of the Profound realm, that was simply unbelievable. The Profound realm was incomparable to the Spirit realm or the Origin realm. The distance between every single level in the Profound realm was huge.

So, people felt that if Chu Feng’s limit was using the cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm to kill people in the 5th level of the Origin realm, then in the future, when he arrived at the 1st level of the Profound realm, he would certainly have no way of killing those in the 5th level of the Profound realm. So, almost everyone felt that Chu Feng was a madman speaking his dreams. Many people felt that Chu Feng went insane.

“You want to kill me? You?”

Gong Luyun who already hated Chu Feng straight to the bones was so furious that his blood and Qi boiled when he heard that Chu Feng was going to personally kill him. So, he operated the Mysterious Technique and charged towards Chu Feng again.

This time, he brought the strong might of the 4th level of the profound realm along with him. Even the ground trembled and rumbled, and even the air howled as it was being compressed. He truly, unrestrainedly, showed his might.

“Hmph. Good time to come.”

However, Chu Feng only loudly yelled as he faced Gong Luyun’s counterattack. He also stepped forward and quickly rushed towards Gong Luyun.

*boom boom boom*

The two of them battled, and fists and kicks turned into afterimages. Punching with fists, and whipping with legs. Attacks flew everywhere, and Origin power and Profound power were mixed together. Oppressive ripples kept on going wild like fireworks, and the two of them truly fought into a lump.