Chapter 247 - Kill Yourself

MGA: Chapter 247 - Kill Yourself

At that instant, everyone broke into cold sweat for Chu Feng because under unavoidable situations, no one felt that Chu Feng was able to hold Gong Luyun’s fist back.

In reality, even Gong Luyun himself felt that. He felt that the reason why Chu Feng was able to dodge his attacks were because his attacks were too simple. If Chu Feng grasped even stronger bodily martial skills, he could indeed dodge that attack. After all, one year ago, Chu Feng used the same bodily martial skill to dodge his attack.

However, he did not doubt his attacking power at all. So, he dared to be sure that as long as Chu Feng was unable to dodge that attack, with his current power, he was absolutely able to take Chu Feng’s little life away. So, he did not use any martial skills, and for the last strike, he also only punched out.

As he saw his fist near Chu Feng more and more, and bit by bit, an expression of fear became even clearer on Chu Feng’s face.

Gong Luyun’s smug smile became wider and wider. However, he did not notice that as his fist was going to land on him, a smirk which showed that his scheme was going to be successful brimmed from the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth.


Without any more accidents, that strike hit. A boom like thunder exploded, and the oppressive Profound power swept everywhere. As Chu Feng was surrounded by Profound power, he flew out in a straight line, yet he slowly stopped near the border of the fighting stage.

“It hit! It really hit! Is Chu Feng dead?”

At that instant, almost everyone who was there couldn’t help but stand up and cast their glittering gazes towards Chu Feng who was enveloped by the white-coloured fog which interweaved with Profound power.

Although a large portion of people felt that Chu Feng already died, they still wanted to see how Chu Feng died and what kind of destruction was dealt to Chu Feng’s body under the might of Gong Luyun’s fist.

Finally, all the gases dispersed and Chu Feng’s body reappeared within people’s line of sight. However, the current Chu Feng did not turn into a pile of meat paste as expected. His body was still completely fine and undamaged.

But even so, the current Chu Feng laid on the floor like a dead dog and did not move at all. On any part of his body, he did not emanate any aura at all.

“Defeated. At the end, Chu Feng was still defeated. Although he was quite strong and he was a rare genius, after all, he has not developed well yet. To be able to tangle around with the current Gong Luyun with his cultivation of the 7th level of the Origin realm showed that he was already quite exceptional.”

“But sadly, will such a genius die just like that? The people from the World Spirit Guild doesn’t seem to have any movements. Will they truly just allow a World Spiritist from their own power be killed by someone just like that?”

As they saw that, almost everyone felt that Chu Feng already died. They felt that the outcome of the arranged battle was already determined, and even Su Hen who had hopes towards Chu Feng sighed with pity.

Su Mei even hugged her own elder sister and she was endlessly painful. Every single person who heard the painful weeping ached in their hearts. If Su Rou wasn’t there to stop her, she would have already ran and rushed out immediately to hug Chu Feng who was on the fighting stage. After all, in her heart, Chu Feng was the one who she loved.

On the other hand, Su Rou who understood Chu Feng’s abilities lightly frowned as she looked at Chu Feng on the stage and hiddenly cursed in her heart, “Damn Chu Feng, what are you doing? If you don’t hurry and get back up, little Mei will die from crying for you!!”

However, other than Su Rou, within the million people who were on scene, how many completely understood Chu Feng? How many knew his abilities? In reality, the simple exchange between him and Gong Luyun before already made them unceasingly shocked, and they already felt that Chu Feng was an outstanding genius.

So, almost everyone felt that Chu Feng was dead. Even Gong Luyun who stood on the fighting stage looked at Chu Feng for a few times, and he also confirmed that Chu Feng breathed no more.

So, he happily laughed loudly, He spun around and looked around. He clasped his hands towards the people everywhere who formed mountains and oceans, and he said with a loud and clear voice,

“Everyone, thank you for coming to this place to witness the battle between me and Chu Feng. However, the result of today’s battle exceeded my expectations a bit, yet it was also regretful and dull.”

“At first, for the sake of being from the same school, I, Gong Luyun, did not use my full power. I was intentionally restraining myself for the first two fists. I wanted to warn Chu Feng with the pressure of those fists, and I wanted him to back away from the danger and give up the life and death arranged battle with me. Actually, if he was willing to concede, I would have certainly gave him the chance to continue living.”

“However, I could not do anything about Chu Feng as he was stubborn. Not only did he not give up, he even kept on provoking me, and because of the rules set on that day, I had no choice but to finish him off on the third strike.”

“I had no choice but to do it, and they were not actions that I wanted to do. However, I want to tell everyone that I, Gong Luyun, won today’s arranged battle. I, Gong Luyun, won!!”

At that instant, the smile on Gong Luyun’s face rose to the extreme, so he roared the last two sentences abnormally loudly, as if he was displaying the airs of a king.

However, after his voice finished resonating, there were no cheers or yells that he expected. Rather, the entire arena was deathly gloomy. That strange atmosphere made him not know what to do and he was quite puzzled.

However, after another voice rang out, instantly, his heartbeat quickened and his face changed greatly. His felt like someone pounded his brain with a huge hammer that weighed ten thousand catties. It truly buzzed and it was truly like a thunder in a clear sky.

“Gong Luyun! Three strikes has been finished. Kill yourself!” A loud and clear voice rang out behind Gong Luyun, and it was like a formless sharp blade that pierced Gong Luyun’s heart.

With an uneasy mind, Gong Luyun slowly turned his head around. Only then did he discover with astonishment that Chu Feng, who originally did not breath anymore, was standing on the fighting stage. Not only was he not dead, he was even smiling while looking at him.