Chapter 246 - The Might of Three Fists

MGA: Chapter 246 - The Might of Three Fists

Profound power lingered, and like a dragon’s roar and a tiger’s howl, the fist came flying over along with strong wind.

As he faced such a powerful fist from Gong Luyun, even Chu Feng tightly frowned and he couldn’t help but back one step away. He did not dare to underestimated that attack, and he quickly displayed the unique methods for World Spiritists by condensing a translucent Spirit Formation in front of him.


However, when the Profound power fist came flying over, the Spirit Formation wall that was just condensed out shattered and it had no way of blocking Gong Luyun’s fist.

“Crap, Chu Feng can’t block the fist!”

At that instant, those who had relationships with Chu Feng and hoped that he would win were incomparably frightened and they deeply broke into cold sweat for Chu Feng, because Gong Luyun’s fist was truly strong. After breaking the Spirit Formation, not only did its power not diminish, it even arrived in front of Chu Feng.


At that instant, the experts who saw the situation clearly couldn’t avoid but feel some regret. Gong Luyun was truly too strong, and he should not be staying in the Azure Dragon School. Even the number one disciple in the first-rate school, the Wind Listener School, was defeated by him. Some school heads even sighed and felt that they were inferior when they saw that strength.

As for Chu Feng? He was in the Spirit realm one year ago, and even if he had Spirit power, even if he was a World Spiritist, even if his talent broke all common sense, what stage could he develop into with only the time of one year? How could he block the attack of a powerful person at the 4th level of the Profound realm? So, many people felt that Chu Feng could not stop that attack.


However, when a large portion of the people felt that Chu Feng was undoubtedly dead and felt pity for the rare genius, Chu Feng operated the Mysterious Technique in his body. Lightning rose from his feet, and as he body floated, he slid to the side like light and dodged Gong Luyun’s attack.

“Look! He dodged it! Chu Feng dodged it! He actually dodged Gong Luyun’s attack?”

“Heavens! How is that possible? He is clearly only in the 7th level of the Origin realm, so how is it possible that he dodged the attack from a person in the 4th level of the Profound realm? Does Chu Feng really defy common sense?”

“Wait, wait! Wasn’t Chu feng only in the Spirit realm a year ago? How is he in the 7th level of the Origin realm today? Did he make several breakthroughs in one year?” After seeing that Chu Feng successfully dodged it, many people widened their eyes, opened their mouths, and couldn’t help but yell in surprise.

“Hmph. All of you really find it strange since you find it rare. You only know that Gong Luyun is a genius, but you don’t know that Chu Feng is a monster. Remember. Exactly one year ago, Chu Feng was in the 7th level of the Spirit realm. So, Chu Feng didn’t make several breakthroughs through levels. with one year, he jumped over an entire realm.”

“Also, don’t feel surprised since he was able to dodge Gong Luyun attack of the 4th level of the Profound realm with the cultivation of the 7th level of the Origin realm. His battle power is indeed this shocking.”

“Half a year ago, Chu Feng beheaded a person in the 5th level of the Origin realm with the cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm, and he even did it so casually. So, this boy’s high battle power does completely defy common sense, and it exceeds your imaginations.”

At the same time, some people who understood the situation better started to proudly announce Chu Feng’s overpowering past achievements.

After knowing everything, some people even doubted whether it was true or false. However, those who had no suspicions dropped their jaws straight to the ground, and with a face full of shock, they said five words, “Is he even a person?”

However, Chu Feng didn’t even have time to listen to the various cries of surprise from the crowd. At that instant, sweat was everywhere on his forehead because the fist just now really did not allow for any underestimation. When compared to others, Gong Luyun did indeed have some ability.

However, even though the fist just now was quite dangerous, Chu Feng who successfully dodged it still smugly smiled, and said to Gong Luyun, “There are two more strikes! If you can’t kill me, your life will have to be thrown away!”

“Hmph. I only used a tenth of my power for the first attack and I just wanted to test your capabilities. I won’t be merciful for the second fist!”

As he was being taunted by Chu Feng, Gong Luyun’s face slightly changed and he felt that he had no more face. So, he operated the Mysterious Technique and threw another fist at Chu Feng.


That fist was even quicker than before, and stronger than before. No matter if he truly only used a tenth of his power for his previous strike or not, it had to be admitted that Gong Luyun’s second fist was indeed a lot fiercer that the first one.

However, after experiencing the power of the first fist, Chu Feng became a lot more careful and he didn’t waste any time to truly block it. At the instant that the second fist came out, he used his Spirit power to confirm the direction of the attack. Immediately, he used his bodily martial skill and dodged the attack just as it arrived in front of him.

“He dodged it...He dodged it again.”

“This is too impressive. He really dodged it! If the first time was luck, then the second time was certainly skill.”

Chu Feng dodged Gong Luyun’s attack again and everyone made ear-piercing yells of surprise again. It was a lot more exciting than before, because people truly felt speechless towards Chu Feng’s talent and strength, They were shocked by his battle power, but compared to the observers who were entertained, the people who were close to Gong Luyun tightly frowned and started to get nervous.

The arranged battle of one year. Gong Luyun had to kill Chu Feng within three strikes, or else he would suicide on scene. Those were the bold words said by himself, so naturally, he could not take them back.

Yet right now, after two strikes, not only was Chu Feng not dead, he was not even harmed in the slightest. If Chu feng could not be killed after the third strike by Gong Luyun, the person who had to die was himself.

In reality, even Gong Luyun himself tightly frowned. Droplets of sweat as big as beads appeared on his forehead. Actually, he was hesitating. Hesitating how much power he should use to take care of Chu Feng. After all, there was such a difference in cultivation between him and Chu Feng, and he was indeed one of the top-level characters in the young generation in the Azure Province.

If he had to use his full strength in order to take care of Chu Feng who was only in the Origin realm, even if he won, he would be degraded into a laughing stock. So, he did not use his full power before. But now he knew that he could not leave anything with the last fist. He had to use his full power, or else he would truly become a laughing stock.

“Gong Luyun, it’s the last strike! Have you prepared to suicide?” As Chu Feng looked at the nearby hole in the fighting stage made by Gong Luyu, he first wiped the cold sweat on his forehead first, then he formed his hand into a hook and provoked Gong Luyun.

“Chu Feng, don’t be too full of yourself. I’ll let you experience my true strength. Die!!”


Gong Luyun angrily yelled but he did not immediately attack. He stepped forward, and his entire body disappeared. When he reappeared, he was behind Chu Feng.

He tightly clenched his right fist and on it, radiance appeared. Dense Profound power was quickly surging, and terrifying Profound power gathered on his fist. At that instant, he already threw it towards Chu Feng. The most important thing was that the pressure of the 4th level of the Profound realm already locked Chu Feng and sealed his escape. With such a distance, Chu Feng could no longer escape.