Chapter 245 - One Year Ago

MGA: Chapter 245 - One Year Ago

With a heart filled with regret, it made Su Hen cast his gaze toward the two daughters next to him. Only then did he discover that Su Rou and Su Mei filled their faces with joy, and their smiles they had were called happy. It could be seen that the two of them really had been moved by Chu Feng.

At that instant, Su Hen truly wanted to go over to his two daughters and say, “Chu Feng is a really rare genius, and he also has feelings towards you. He also said that he wanted to marry you two, so you should have more relations with Chu Feng. If he still wants to marry you two and become my Su family’s daughter’s husband, in the future, my Su family would certainly move up and my Su family wouldn’t be as simple as only being the ruler of the Vermilion Bird City.”

However, Su Hen could only think about that, because as long as he remembered when he told his two daughters to stay away and don’t interact with Chu Feng anymore at the time when Chu Feng’s family was exterminated a few months ago, as well as at the time that Chu Feng most needed help, even he could not do it.

At first, he felt that Chu feng was in danger. So, to avoid being dragged down by him, he let his own daughters stay away from Chu Feng. Yet now, he discovered that Chu Feng had quite a future. So, in order to let the Su family develop, he wanted his daughters to get closer to Chu Feng. Even he felt that those words were unspeakable.

Of course, the reason why did he did not say anything was not only completely because he didn’t feel good about it. He also suddenly remembered Mr. Grey-cloak who exterminated the Shangguan family, and remembered the letter that Mr. Grey-cloak gave him. As he thought of the cruel methods from Mr. Grey-cloak, he had no choice but to dispel the thoughts of letting his daughters marry Chu Feng.

Under the gazes of countless people, and after the big characters from the World Spirit Guild were welcomed to the guest viewing seats, only Chu Feng remained on the huge fighting stage in the middle of the arena.


Suddenly, Chu Feng took off his World Spirit White-cloak and revealed the clothing for the Azure Dragon School’s core disciple. At that instant, Chu Feng seemed abnormally domineering. As he stood on the stage, he was not afraid, and he was not panicking in from the gazes of the crowd. His eyes were like torches, and as he looked around, he loudly said,

“One year ago today, I, Chu Feng, stepped into the Azure Dragon School’s core zone for the first time and became a core disciple in the Azure Dragon School. That was a day that I, Chu Feng, felt honored and proud because I proved myself. I proved that I had the qualifications to become a core disciple in the Azure Dragon School.”

“However, also on that day, I was bullied by a disciple. He did whatever he wished without fear, and with the status of being the number one disciple in the Azure Dragon School, and with the cultivation of the 1st level of the Profound realm, he stamped on us new disciples’ dignity and forced us to break apart our alliance.”

“When pressured by him, many people chose to obey. However, I, Chu Feng, was not willing to. Creating alliances is an action allowed by the school. The school head did not restrict it. The elders did not restrict it. On what basis did he, a mere disciple, restrict it on?”

“However, my resistance attracted his retaliation. He ignored the school rules, he ignored the relationship of being from the same school, and he attacked me in front of the crowd of disciples.”

“He, who was 20 years old and had the cultivation of the Profound realm, attacked me, who was only 15 years old and had the cultivation of the Spirit realm. He forced me to kneel and to beg for forgiveness. He stepped on my dignity, and even wanted to take my life.”

“If it wasn’t for the assistance of the school’s Elder Li, I, Chu Feng, would have already died by his hands. I would have been miserably killed by this disciple who did not care about the laws of the school.”

“However, when he committed such a crime in front of the crowd, no one felt that he was wrong. Rather, they looked at me with gazes of mock. They felt that me, a petty little new disciple, should die as punishment after offending the number one disciple. They felt that being humiliated was also reasonable.”

“However, I, Chu Feng, was not willing to accept that. If he wasn’t older than me, if his time of cultivation wasn’t longer than me, my cultivation would not be weaker than him. My strength would not be weaker than him. Why did I need to be humiliated, to be killed, before I even had the time to grow? And everyone felt that I was inferior to him?”

“So, under the taunting gazes of everyone, I challenged the so-called number one disciple. I wanted him to fight me again one year later. At that time, I would cleanse myself of all the humiliations. I would let him know, that if I had a certain amount of time, I would certainly not be any weaker than him.”

“As for him, not only did he promise that, he even spoke arrogantly and said that as long as I could take three of his strikes, he would kill himself. He would take his own life.”

“Today, one year has passed, and it is time to fulfill the arrangement from one year ago. I, Chu Feng, am already standing here. The so-called number one disciple. Where are you?!”

Every single word from Chu Feng was loud and clear, and every single word was like thunder. He reiterated the causes of the battle today, and successfully pointed all the criticisms towards Gong Luyun.

After knowing the truth, many people admired Chu Feng’s courage quite a bit. As he faced the unreasonable strength, he did not lower his head and he even set an arranged battle to wash away shame. Not just any person dared to do that.

At the same time, a huge blow was dealt to Gong Luyun image. Although people respected this world’s powerful people, they would still dislike people who ignored rules and casually killed those from the same school.

“Hmph. Chu Feng, those are truly shameless words of boasting!!”

At the same time, an angry bellow also rang out from a certain place in the guest’s viewing seats. After that, a body explosively shot out and landed on the fighting stage like a meteorite. The person who stood in front of Chu feng was none other than Gong Luyun.

“Chu feng. I, Gong Luyun, will not be the same as you to attack with words. Today, I am only here to respect the arranged battle from one year ago, and to take care of something that should have been taken care one year ago. I’m here to take care of you.”

“But if you’re afraid, you can kneel and beg right now. For the sake of the faces of the many esteemed guests right now, I can spare your life.” Gong Luyun had a tall and straight body, with a handsome yet cold face. He did indeed have the airs of being the number one disciple, and it caused many females to hiddenly have feelings towards him.

“Gong Luyun, no need to waste any time on useless words. Go ahead and attack. It’s only three attacks, and see how I, Chu Feng, take them on.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and stuck his middle finger up to Gong Luyun.

“Since you want to die so fast, today, I’ll grant you that wish.”


Gong Luyun first yelled and invisible Profound power exploded from his body like a volcano. After that, he threw a fist at Chu Feng. The Profound power that came from his body became an invisible huge first, and with terrifying might, it flew towards Chu Feng.

“What a strong method. Such strong Profound power. Gong Luyun really entered the 4th level of the Profound realm!”

“He’s too strong. It seems like the rumour that Gong Luyun defeated the number one disciple from the Wind Listener School was true. If he entered the 4th level of the Profound realm at such an age already, how outstanding would he be in the future?”

Gong Luyun completely revealed the cultivation of the 4th level of the Profound realm. At the same time that he made many experts sigh in admiration, even more gazes were cast towards Chu Feng. They were all thinking, could such a weak Chu Feng truly block that punch?