Chapter 244 - It's Actually Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 244 - It's Actually Chu Feng

“Who are they? They are all World Spiritists! There are even people wearing grey-coloured cloaks, so are they the legendary Grey-cloak World Spiritists? Why are there twenty? There are twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists!!”

A disciple who was slightly knowledgeable yelled out in surprise, and after that, more yells came out. Everyone who was on scene were stunned by the World Spiritists who had unknown origins.

The Six Protectors of the Azure Dragon School had black lines all over their foreheads and their hearts were filled with uneasiness. They were extremely afraid that the group of World Spiritists came there with malicious intents.

If it was said that a single second-rate school could be used by a White-cloak World Spiritist, then several first-rate schools could be used by a single Grey-cloak World Spiritist.

What did the current several hundred White-cloak World Spiritists and twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists represent? Although they were only several hundred people, if they wanted to, they could use the entire Azure Province’s schools and they would be able to move an army of several tens of millions, or even several hundred millions. That rallying power was unimaginable. How could the little Azure Dragon School offend such a group of great characters?

Not only were the people from the Azure Dragon School uneasily. Almost everyone was very uneasy. Even the city lord of the Black Tortoise City, Gong Tianping, and the other first-rate school heads were no exception. All of them were guessing where such a group of big characters came from. Everyone was also guessing why the group of big characters came.

“Look! The symbol on their chests! They’re people from the World Spirit Guild!” Suddenly, a first-rate school head cried in surprise.

“World Spirit Guild? The organization that gathers the most outstanding World Spiritist in the Nine Provinces and is the main power in the Spirit Province? Are they really people from the World Spirit Guild?”

After hearing those words, the people in the guest viewing seats couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cool air. On their originally uneasy faces, shock emerged again.

What was the World Spirit Guild? Perhaps normal people did not know, but the school heads of the various powers naturally knew. Not only was the World Spirit Guild the overlord power in the Spirit Province, they were also one of the several strongest powers in the entire Nine Provinces.

Since the strongest World Spiritists in the Nine Provinces gathered in the World Spirit Guild, strong powers from many places tried their best to befriend the World Spirit Guild. Even the overlord of the Nine Provinces, the Jiang Dynasty, secretly had dealings with the World Spirit Guild.

If it was said that the Lingyun School was the number one school in the Azure Province, when compared to the World Spirit Guild, they weren’t even fart. The World Spirit Guild was truly a huge monster, and it was one of the biggest powers in the continent.

The most shocking thing was why did such a group of powerful characters come to the Azure Province? Why did they come to the Azure Dragon School? Didn’t they look down on the Azure Province and felt disdain towards the Azure Province?

As countless people yelled in surprise, and as they were stared by nearly a million gazes, the crowd from the World Spirit Guild stood just like that on the huge stage. Every single person was tightly covered by their World Spirit Cloak and no one could see their appearances clearly.

Suddenly, a White-cloak World Spiritist went a few steps forward and walked in front of all the World Spiritists. In front of the crowd, he slowly raised his hand and took off the hood that covered his face.

At that instant, everyone’s gazes were tightly staring at him and even their heartbeats rose up and down according to his movements. They truly wanted to know what kind of face would be under that hood, and what appearance did the character from the World Spirit Guild have.

“This… It’s him?” After the hood was taken off, everyone from the Azure Dragon School couldn’t help but yell in surprise because they saw a very familiar face.

But compared to the shock and confusion of the disciples and elders, Gong Luyun’s expression was quite a bit more wonderful. His eyebrows were tightly frowning, his gaze was tightly locked, his fists were tightly clenched, and his body was trembling. A single word was revealed all over his body. Unacceptable.

“This..Who is this young man?” Under the yells of disbelieving surprise from innumerable people, and under the incomparably shocked gazes of innumerable people, some people who were unclear curiously asked.

“He...He...He’s the young man who challenged Gong Luyun one year ago! A core disciple of the Azure Dragon School, one of the main characters in today’s arranged battle, Chu Feng!!”

“What? He’s Chu Feng? He became a World Spiritist at such an age? Has he even joined the World Spirit Guild at such an age?”

“Is this true or false? You aren’t lying to me right? Wasn’t it said that Chu Feng was garbage? How can he have such status? How can he have such background?”

“It won’t be wrong. He is the disciple of my Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng, without a doubt!”

When the name Chu Feng was spread out, the people who never even seen Chu Feng before sank into shock. When another White-cloak World Spiritist walked out, took off his hood, and spoke the following sentences, everyone on scene were shocked once again.

“Six Protectors, what are you thinking about? Why aren’t you quickly welcoming my Azure Dragon School’s esteemed guests, friends from the World Spirit Guild?!” It was Zhuge Liuyun. The current him also had the symbol for the World Spirit Guild and very highly, he pointed at the Six Protectors and roared.

At that instant, the Six Protectors were already bewildered. Even though they controlled the Azure Dragon School, when have they ever seen such a grand formation? They were blankly standing there and they didn’t know what to do.

“Six old things, why aren’t you quickly welcoming the guests?!” Seeing that, Zhuge Liuyun roared again.

“Yes sir!” This time, the Six Protectors finally reacted and they did not dare to hesitate anymore. As they ran while stumbling, they grovelingly ran over and respectfully led the World Spirit Guild crowd as well as Zhuge Liuyun to the most optimal guest viewing seats.

Even though the faces of the various powerful people from the World Spirit Guild were covered and people could not see their appearances, from them nodding to the Six Protectors, it could be seen they did not look down on the Six Protectors, and they didn’t look down on the Azure Dragon School. Rather, they were quite polite and they truly came to the Azure Dragon School as a guest.

“Heavens, they are really the Azure Dragon School’s guests! But how could the Azure Dragon School invite such characters over? Did they come for the arranged battle? They came for Chu Feng?”

“Impressive. This is too impressive. Many people said that Chu Feng was trash, yet he already became a World Spiritist and even joined into one of the strongest powers in the continent, the World Spirit Guild.”

“Many people said that Chu Feng had no background, but now he moved the overlord power of the Spirit Province over. In front of the World Spirit Guild, not to mention the Black Tortoise City, even the various first-rate schools, including the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, and the Lingyun School would not dare to be too wild. Is this called no background? Is this called no strength?”

At that instant, people kept on sighing and kept on surprisingly yelling. Many people even started praising without restraint. The people who belittled Chu Feng and felt that he could not win lowered their heads and did not speak.

Especially on the face of the Vermilion Bird City’s lord, Su Hen, there was regret. He hiddenly sighed in his heart, “I never would have thought that Chu Feng would be so outstanding. Not only did he become a World Spiritist, he even got into a relationship with the overlord of the Spirit Province, the World Spirit Guild. If I knew that his talent would be so heaven-defying, I really shouldn’t have kept little Rou and little Mei away from him.”