Chapter 243 - Mysterious Powers

MGA: Chapter 243 - Mysterious Powers

After that,, many second-rate school heads, manager elders, and strongest disciples continuously arrived. From more estimations, there were almost a hundred second-rate schools who went to watch the arranged battle. So many second-rate schools gathering together was already a hard to see occasion.

So, when all those esteemed big characters came there, naturally, a commotion would be risen in the Azure Dragon School and all of the disciples from the Azure Dragon School became excited.

Putting aside whether the arranged battle today was going to be entertaining or not, as so many strong school head level characters were only there to observe some fight between Azure Dragon School’s disciples, that already showed the Azure Dragon School’s influential power. Naturally, it made them, as the Azure Dragon School’s disciple, feel incomparably proud.

“Isn’t that the city lord of the Vermilion Bird City, Su Hen? Even he came?”

If it was said that the arrival of various schools was already quite unexpected, then the arrival of Su Hen along with a group of powerful people from the Vermilion Bird City was even more unexpected.

The Vermilion Bird City was quite well-known within first rate cities, and Su Hen was already a powerful person in the 6th level of the Profound realm. Within the city, there were also some people in the Profound realm. That strength really was quite superior to many schools who were on scene.

However, the most eye-grabbing appearance in the arranged battle was the army from the Black Tortoise City. Their arrival was completely expected. However, their formation was completely unexpected.

The city lord of the Black Tortoise City, Gong Luyun’s father, Gong Tianping, was a cultivator in the 7th level of the Profound realm. Within the many manager elders from the Black Tortoise City, there were thirty that entered the Profound realm. Even some first-rate schools were inferior to that. So, that was why the current Black Tortoise City was publicly recognized as the number one city within all the Azure Province’s first-rate cities.

This time, the Black Tortoise City pretty much sent out all their powerful people from their city. However, the most shocking thing was that other than the people from the Black Tortoise City, there were also some first-rate school heads behind them as well as some manager elders. They chatted with Gong Tianping, as they arrived to the Azure Dragon School.

One of the main characters of this arranged battle, Gong Luyun, also had some first-rate school disciples around him. Some chatted and some laughed as they appeared within people’s line of sight.

“The Gong family actually got close to some first-rate school heads! It seems that Chu Feng won’t have much luck this time.” After the Black Tortoise City people appeared, the various second-rate school heads started to gather together to have discussions.

Even they were stunned by the Black Tortoise City’s formation because no matter if it was the Black Tortoise City itself, or those first-rate school, neither one of them could be held back by the Azure Dragon School, let alone all those strong powers gathered together.

“Ahh, the distance is too big. Not to mention the powers behind senior Gong, just senior Gong himself is a rare genius. I heard a few days ago, even the number one disciple from the first-rate school, the Wind Listener School, was even defeated by him. Right now, senior Gong is already an expert of the 4th level of the Profound realm, and he is one of the leading characters of the Azure Province’s young generation.”

“Really? That is quite exceptional! One year ago, senior Gong just entered the Profound realm. With the time of one year, he actually made breakthroughs for three levels and entered the 4th level of the Profound realm! That rate of improvement is too terrifying.”

“As expected from senior Gong. His talent is indeed peerless. That poor brat Chu Feng wants to fight against senior Gong? He doesn’t know his limits.”

“It can’t be said that way. No matter how you say it, Chu Feng still has extremely good talent. He is a genius that has battle power which allows him to defeat those who are four levels above him. Don’t forget that he easily defeated Wu Jiu who was at the 5th level of the Origin realm with his cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm. Besides, it’s not like Chu Feng has no background. My Azure Dragon School’s Elder Zhuge is his master right?”

“Hmph. So what if Chu Feng has Elder Zhuge as his master? He thinks that he found someone to rely on just like that? He can do whatever he wish just like that? Know that senior Gong’s foster grandfather is the head manager of the Lin clan of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Lin Ran.”

“That’s right. Although Zhuge Liuyun is indeed quite a character in my Azure Dragon School, when compared to lord Lin Ran, he isn’t even fart. There is no doubt in today’s battle. Senior Gong can certainly kill Chu Feng with one slap.”

After Gong Luyun appeared, the arena was instantly turned into a mess. Everyone sighed in admiration towards Gong Luyun’s cultivation and background, and at that instant, some elders and disciples who had expectations towards Chu Feng also lost confidence in him.

“Aoooo~~~~~” Just at that time, a cry suddenly rang out from the sky. Following that, several ear-piercing cries endlessly came from the sky and it completely reverberated in that place.

Change like that made people stunned and everyone on scene couldn’t help but raise their head to look. They wanted to see what was happening, and even though they did not expect much, after looking, they were instantly dumbfounded and stupefied by the scene in the sky.

In the sunny and clear sky, several hundred silhouettes appeared. They were White-headed Eagles. White-headed Eagles that were extremely precious.

White-headed Eagles’ preciousness meant that even first-rate schools only had a dozen or so, and many second-rate schools didn’t even have any. Yet at that moment, several hundred appeared, and all of them were priceless, top-quality, White-headed Eagles. Naturally, that made people endlessly shocked.

“Heavens, who are they to show such a grand appearance?” Many people involuntarily yelled in surprise.

“Would it be the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion? After all, Lin Ran is Gong Luyun’s foster grandfather, and as his grandfather, naturally he would not ignore Gong Luyun’s life and death battle with someone.”

“It isn’t. Even if the Qilin Prince’s Mansion is wealthy, after all, Lin Ran is only the head manager of the Lin clan and even he cannot gather so many White-headed Eagles.”

“What kind of people are coming to the Azure Dragon School? From this grand scene, it would certainly be super huge characters from a super huge power. Is it possible that even the Lingyun School was moved?”

As they looked at the scene in the air, everyone kept on guessing yet they could find the answer. They could only keep on staring in the air while awaiting for the answer to reveal itself.

Under the gazes of near a million people, a single White-headed Eagle that was circling around in the air suddenly descended from the sky. Following that, every single other White-headed Eagle dropped down as well, and at the end, landed in the middle of the arena.

After those people landed, the originally endlessly shocked crowded even widened their mouths in shock. There were even many people who forgot to breathe. Some people even laid on the floor after be frightened and their bodies even started to twitch.

It was because the people on the several hundred White-headed Eagles all had long cloaks with symbols. From their appearances, it was clear that they were World Spiritists. There was a good several hundred World Spiritists, and grey-coloured long cloaks were even on the bodies of twenty of them. They were Grey-cloak World Spiritists.

How rare were World Spiritists? Yet several hundred them appeared there. How outstanding were Grey-cloak World Spiritists? At that moment, only three appeared in the Azure Province, but at that very instant, at that place, twenty of them appeared. When such people came to that place, undoubtedly, it shook everyone who was there.

No matter if they appeared in the second-rate school, the Azure Dragon School, or if they appeared in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion or the Lingyun School, the same commotion would still have happened.