Chapter 242 - The Day of the Arranged Battle

MGA: Chapter 242 - The Day of the Arranged Battle

Today was a grand day for the Azure Province’s second-rate school, the Azure Dragon School.

Almost all of the outer court disciples, inner court disciples, and even core disciples all stopped their cultivation outside and returned to the Azure Dragon School.

Because on the same day one year ago, a nameless young male who just entered the core zone challenged the number one disciple in the Azure Dragon School, Gong Luyun, and also arranged for a life and death battle that was going to happen today.

Normally, such a nameless young man would not be seen as important by Gong Luyun, nor valued by the elders and disciples from the Azure Dragon School.

However, that young man couldn’t avoid but be seen as important because he became the direct disciple of the only World Spiritist in the Azure Dragon School, Zhuge Liuyun.

Also, over half a year ago, that young man was able to use the cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm to easily kill off an expert of the 5th level of the Origin realm, and his name was, Chu Feng.

If it was said that Chu Feng that year was unknown and was the laughing stock in countless number of people’s eyes, then the current Chu Feng already became the genius that no one did not know within several miles of the Azure Dragon School. Almost no one dared to be disrespectful towards him anymore.

At that moment, half a year had passed and no one knew what stage Chu Feng had developed into. However, the one thing that could be confirmed was that the young man who was lowly thought of before was valued by many people now. Some people even felt that the outcome of today’s battle was unanticipatable.

After all, Gong Luyun said the grand words of, as long as Chu Feng was able to block three of his strikes, Chu Feng would be the one who won. Although Gong Luyun was indeed very strong as the number one disciple in the Azure Dragon School and he was quite famous within many number one disciples in various second-rate schools, Chu Feng’s methods were very special as well and his battle powers completely exceeded people’s imagination. So, many people felt that if he only needed to block three of Gong Luyun’s strikes, perhaps Chu Feng really could do it if he gave it his all.

All in all, that battle raised the interest of everyone in the Azure Dragon School, and in order to let many more people see that fight, the higher-ups of the Azure Dragon School specially built a huge arena on one of the Azure Dragon School’s mountain peaks.

The construction of the arena started half a year ago. It was large enough to contain a million people, and it was separated into viewing seats for elders, viewing seats for core disciples, viewing seats for inner court disciples, and even viewing seats for outer court disciples. In short, everyone in the Azure Dragon School could comfortably watch the arranged battle.

“I never would have thought that the arranged battle that seemed insignificant would cause such a sensation.“

“Ho...Looking at my Azure Dragon School’s disciple’s excited faces, perhaps this arranged battle is a good thing.”

“I do hope so. However, it would not be good if either Gong Luyun or Chu Feng dies.”

“In the critical moments, I believe that lord school head will appear. After all, he has hid himself for so many years, and it’s time for him to show himself. Also, with the scene today, if things really gets out of control, only he would be able to stabilize it.”

The Azure Dragon School’s Six Protectors sat within the viewing seats for elders. As they looked at the disciples who formed mountains and oceans in the arena while being in high spirits, they were both moved, yet worried.

The head of the Azure Dragon School was a mysterious character. Other than them and Zhuge Liuyun, almost no one else knew who the head of the Azure Dragon School was. The authority over the Azure Dragon School was always in their hands. So today, the pressure they received increased by several times as well.

“Milords, this isn’t good.”

Just at that time, the door to the viewing seats for the elders was suddenly opened by someone. A core disciple hurriedly ran in and panic was all over his face.

“Don’t panic, what happened? Speak slowly.” The Six Protectors were the current people who led the Azure Dragon School. So, they were quite calm and experienced in a situation like this, so with a simple sentence, the disciple’s anxious emotions were calmed.

“Milords, school heads and manager elders from many other schools are currently coming towards the Azure Dragon School.” That core disciple nervously said.

“How many people?” After hearing those words, the Six Protectors also tightly frowned and they felt that the matter was a bit strange.

“There are a lot of people. The nearby second-rate schools are coming, and from early estimations, there are at least people from over twenty schools.” That disciple replied.

“There’s something like that? Quickly, go.” At that instant, the Six Protectors also could no longer remain calm. With the wave of their big sleeves, they quickly hurried towards the entrance of the Azure Dragon School to investigate what was happening.

When the Six Protectors arrived at the Azure Dragon School’s entrance, they shocking discovered that there was indeed a huge group of people grandly heading towards the Azure Dragon School.

That group of people were absolutely not to be underestimated. They were formed by the heads of over twenty nearby schools, as well as the manager elders and the strongest disciples. There were already dozens of Profound realm experts within them.

As they saw that formation, even the Six Protectors were frightened. After all, the average strength of the six of them was only the 3rd level of the Profound realm. If that group of people really had ill intents towards the Azure Dragon School, clearly, they would be defeated.

But luckily, after the school heads saw the Six Protectors, they brought smiles onto their faces. That couldn’t help but make the Six Protectors calm down, because as they looked at their attitudes, obviously, they were not there to attack the Azure Dragon School. Rather, there seemed to be a good occasion.

Later on, the Six Protectors found out that they came for the arranged battle between Gong Luyun and Chu Feng. As for how they got hold of that news, it was because several days ago, all of them received an invitation, and that invitation was sent out by the guest elder of the Azure Dragon School, Zhuge Liuyun.

Although it was said like that, the Six Protectors were completely unprepared. However, they could naturally not lock the grand characters outside, so they quickly changed the viewing seats for elders in the arena into viewing seats for guests to welcome them.

“What is Zhuge Liuyun doing? Without even notifying us, he sent out such invitation with the name of the Azure Dragon School.” After arranging the group of people, the old lady within the Six Protectors was a bit angry.

“Perhaps he was afraid that Gong Luyun would go back on the rules of the arranged battle made back then so he wanted to invite the people from these schools to witness this battle. After all, no matter how much stronger Zhuge Liuyun gets, he can’t get any stronger than the entire Black Tortoise City. After all, behind the Black Tortoise City, there is even a Lin Ran. He’s the head manager of the Lin clan in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion!” Another elder smiled and said.

“I’ve already heard of this before. If the selfish old Zhuge Liuyun can do all this for Chu Feng, it could be seen that he treats Chu Feng quite well.”

“However, if a character like Lin Ran protects Gong Luyun no matter what, it would most likely be useless even if Zhuge Liuyun invited some great character from first-rate schools. In the Azure Province, who would dare to offend Lin Ran?”

“Ahh, that’s true. However, this counts as Zhuge Liuyun giving Chu Feng, his only disciple, a bit of help right?” After guessing Zhuge Liuyun’s intentions, the Six Protectors sighed for Zhuge Liuyun’s painstaking efforts.