Chapter 239 - Blood Splattered All Over the Floor

MGA: Chapter 239 - Blood Splattered All Over the Floor

Chu Feng’s bloodlust was as bone-piercing as chilly air and it could take away one’s soul. Everyone who was on scene, from outside to inside, were frozen straight to the heart. They quivered from fear and they kept on backing away. Some people’s legs even softened and knelt on the ground by that bloodlust.

“What is happening? This aura, scary...”

“Is this boy even a person?”

Some people trembled as they said those words, and those words were echoed by everyone who were there. They were terrified by that killing intent. They were truly fearful. The fear came from their own hearts.

“What is there to be afraid of? He is but a trash from a second-rate school. Any one of us can pinch him to death with one finger.” Just at that time, the goatee male angrily bellowed.

His words did indeed increase quite a bit of confidence towards the dog legs behind him because they were not aware what lingered around Chu Feng was bloodlust.

They only knew that it wasn’t pressure, so they could not determine Chu Feng’s cultivation. However, subconsciously, they felt that Chu Feng’s cultivation would not be too high. At least, he should not have entered the Origin realm.

So, the group of people stablized their hearts and endured the fear in the hearts. Not only did they no longer back away, they even walked towards Chu Feng with malicious intents. They wanted to finish Chu Feng who made them uneasy.

“Brother, I know you can escape. Run! Leave me and run! As long as you live, my Chu family will have hope. You cannot die!” Seeing that, Chu Guyu beared the pain in his body and roared at Chu Feng.

The reason why he endured the abuse for half a year was because he didn’t want his younger brother, Chu Feng, to have anything happen to him. However, at that moment, Chu Feng sent himself here. That made him unceasingly panic because to him, he could be humiliated, his cultivation could be destroyed, but what he could not accept was anything happening to his younger brother.

“Run? He no longer has that chance!” But just at that time, the goatee male suddenly attacked. A strong and powerful fist, with layers of Origin power, was thrown towards Chu Feng.

When that fist came, ten thousand of Chu Guyu’s hopes turned into dust. He felt that his own younger brother was undoubtedly dead. He felt that his Chu family was completely finished. However, in the next second, he was thoroughly shocked.

Chu Feng only barely raised his palm, and with a clear bang, he held the goatee male’s fist into his hand. After that, his fist was completely crushed into pieces. Following that, Chu Feng waved his arm, and with a tearing sound, the goatee male’s entire arm was pulled off.

“Ahh~~~~~~~~” Blood and flesh flew everywhere and it sprayed into the air. The bloody scene made people frightened and horrified, however the one who was most scared was none other than the goatee male. He was in incomparable pain. His miserable cries were like wolves, ghosts, and a pig being slaughtered.


At that instant, the expressions of everyone who was there greatly changed and they were stunned. Although the goatee male wasn’t that strong, at least he was in the Origin realm. How could his arm forcefully be ripped off by a second-rate school’s disciple?

But in the next instant, they finally saw Chu Feng’s methods. It wasn’t Chu Feng’s powerful strength. It was the torturing methods that completely surpassed the goatee male’s. They saw what true cruelty was.

Chu Feng picked up the dagger that the goatee male dropped on the ground and started to cut the flesh away from his body, bit by bit. He was not even finished when eerie bones appeared after he cut his entire body to the point where no flesh was complete.

At that moment, the heart-tearing lung-splitting miserable cries rose up and down in the tavern. The goatee male painfully wailed as Chu Feng’s methods were too much. It was too terrifying. The most terrifying methods were not be killed by people. It was the pain that one felt when they were still awake. Right in front of their eyes, Chu Feng was doing that.

As they looked at the goatee male, who was completely bloody everywhere on his body, and other than the head, almost every single part of his body was forcibly cut into a skeleton, the faces of the Lingyun School disciples who looked already greened because they saw what a true demon was.


There was already someone who was unable to bear all that and they turned around to run. However, they were not able to run out of the tavern. Rather, those who dared to go near the entrance of the tavern were instantly turned into a pool of blood as they sprayed all over the entrance. At that instant, blood formed rivers in the entrance of the tavern.


“Plea...plea...please spare us. We were forced! Please spare our lives!”

At that instant, the people who were still in the tavern did not dare to advance nor did they dare to retreat. All of them knelt on the ground and they were almost going to collapse. However, Chu Feng paid no attention to them and he continued exerting his violence towards the goatee male.

At the same time, as he looked at the enemy who he was incomparably fearful towards before being made into such an unrecognizable state by his younger brother, and as he looked at the people who bullied him many times before kneeling in front of his younger brother while endlessly begging, Chu Guyu’s face was already filled with shock.

He finally understood why his younger brother did not have any intentions to retreat earlier. It was because his younger brother already grew up. He was able to easily kill those at the Origin realm, and he was so strong that he could protect him, his elder brother.

At that instant, tears filled Chu Guyu’s face. He cried from being moved. He was not crying because of his pain, nor crying because of his grievances. He was crying because he was emotional. His Chu family finally saw the hope. The hope that he was always waiting for.

“Brother, it’s enough. Let them go.”

Suddenly, Chu Guyu spoke. When he looked at his brother who made his great enemy into that state, his fury already disappeared and the hatred in his heart already faded away.

The kind him could not bear seeing the goatee male tormented like that. Even if he injuried him to that state, he also felt that the current actions by his younger brother already gave the goatee male a multiplied punishment.

“Brother.” After hearing Chu Guyu’s call, Chu Feng’s blood-red eyes suddenly glittered. He who was filled by fury before finally came back to this senses.

When he looked at his elder brother who was still bleeding and still enduring pain, Chu feng didn’t bother with the goatee male. He quickly went in front of his elder brother, took out a medicinal pill, and stuffed it into Chu Guyu’s mouth.

“Tha...Thank you brother Guyu. Thank you brother Guyu.”

Seeing that, the ones who were most happy were none other than the people who were still kneeling in the tavern. They first kowtowed at Chu Guyu, then as they stumbled, they started to run out the tavern.

To them at that very instant, the little tavern, the tavern that they knocked their heads on the ground for many times was just like an arena of carnage. It was so terrifying as it almost killed them.

So, when they ran outside, it was as though they returned to the human world. How blessed was that feeling. How peaceful.

*bang bang bang bang bang* However, just as they thought that they escaped a calamity, with a thought from Chu Feng, they exploded and died like blood-coloured fireworks one after the other and became many pools of blood.