Chapter 238 - The Burning Flames of Fury

MGA: Chapter 238 - The Burning Flames of Fury

As the goatee male held the dagger, he went closer to Chu Guyu with a fierce face. He already emanated the pressure of the 1st level of the Origin realm.

“Kneel.” The goatee male explosively yelled, and the pressure formed by Origin realm surged towards Chu Guyu like the tide.

At that instant, Chu Guyu wanted to resist, but how could he, who only had the cultivation of the 7th level of the Spirit realm, resist the pressure of a person in the Origin realm? With a poof, he knelt down.

*bang bang* After he arrived in front of Chu Guyu, the goatee male spread open his arms and gave Chu Guyu two loud and clear slaps. The strong power forcibly threw Chu Guyu to the ground and blood sprayed out from his mouth. Two big lumps swelled up from the sides of his face.

“Heh...” Chu Guyu only chuckled at the goatee male’s slap. He already gotten used to it. He already gotten used to the various types of humiliation from them. However, he never fought back.

It wasn’t that he didn’t dare to fight back, it was that he didn’t want to fight back. He knew that he had an outstanding younger brother. As long as he gave his young brother a certain amount of time, he could certainly grow up well. At that time, all the humiliation that he suffered could all be given back, and the great hatred of the extermination of his Chu family could also be avenged.

“Ha? You laugh? God damn, you can still laugh?”

“I’ll let you laugh. I’ll let you laugh! Let me see if you can still laugh.”

The goatee male was enraged by Chu Guyu’s laugher. He raised his leg, and stepped onto Chu Guyu’s other feet. With a cracking sound, Chu Guyu’s other perfect leg was snapped by the goatee male.

The pain of his leg breaking engulfed him, but Chu Guyu tightly bit his teeth together and didn’t make a sound. At the same time, he did not beg for forgiveness either, because he knew that begging was useless towards these kinds of people.

“Laugh! If you laugh again, you’ll never be able to laugh again in your life.” The goatee male kept on sneering, and he raised the dagger in his hand. Insanely, he stabbed towards Chu Guyu’s dantian, and he was truly prepared to destroy Chu Guyu’s cultivation.

“No!!!” At that instant, even Chu Guyu’s expression greatly changed. He couldn’t help but yell out loud. No matter how the goatee male treated him, he could endure it. However, he could not tolerate his own cultivation being destroyed. That was his life! How could he let the power exchanged from eight years of martial cultivation be taken away by someone just like that?

However, not only did his yell not reduce the speed of the dagger’s descent, it even increased the goatee male’s determination in destroying Chu Guyu’s cultivation.

The cold glare flashed past, and blood sputtered from Chu Guyu’s body. The dagger deeply stabbed into Chu Guyu’s dantian.

At that instant, Chu Guyu’s face was deathly-white like paper. The piercing pain in his dantian caused his entire body to tremble, but he did not wail. His eyes were just widened into a circle as he stared at his own dantian without looking away. He personally saw the spiritual energy that he accumulated for eight years quickly flow away, until all of it left his body.


“I’ll kill you!”

Suddenly, Chu Guyu loudly yelled, and like a fierce tiger that exploded, he stood up with endless fury and leaped towards the goatee male.

*bang* However, how could he, who lost his cultivation, defeat the goatee male? With a casual raise of his foot, he kicked Chu Guyu away like a sandbag and he ferociously collided at the tavern’s wall.


When he landed, Chu Guyu sprayed out a mouthful of blood. Innumerable bones were broken from that, but even so, Chu Guyu still climbed up with everything he had and fiercely stared at the nearby goatee male. But it did nothing, as he did not have any strength. He didn’t even have any strength to stand back up. Pretty much his entire body was shattered and crippled.

“From now on, you will be a diseased dog and you can only forever climb in front of me. Hahaha…...” The goatee male looked at Chu Guyu madly with laughter, and his laughter was abnormally happy.

As they faced that scene, the group of dog legs behind him also laughed, but their hearts couldn’t help but tremble because the goatee male’s methods were too cruel. Truly, those who offended him were better off dead than alive.

[TN: Dog legs -> “People who help their master do evil things”]

At the same time that the goatee male was abusing Chu Guyu, a White-headed Eagle descended from the sky and neared the small tavern. The person who sat on the White-headed Eagle was none other than Chu Feng.

The current Chu Feng already extended his Spirit power to the maximum and that made his hearing power very sensitive as well. So, when he heard a miserable cry, his face couldn’t help but greatly change.

He jumped off from the White-headed Eagle, and with the Imperial Sky Technique, he quickly rushed into the little tavern because he heard the miserable cry. He could tell that the cry was his elder brother’s, Chu Guyu’s, voice.


Chu Feng rushed into the tavern like lightning, and when he entered, he also brought along strong wind. When the wind rushed in, instantly, the tavern was stirred into a mess. Even the Lingyun School disciples in the tavern rolled around on the floor by the wind.


After entering the tavern, Chu Feng’s gaze was immediately locked onto Chu Guyu’s body. As he looked at him who laid on the floor with injuries everywhere on his body, Chu Feng’s heart almost jumped out and he quickly went forward to prop him up.

“Brother, brother!” Chu Guyu lost his cultivation so he was in extreme pain, but Chu Feng’s voice woke him up. When he raised his head and discovered that Chu Feng was right in front of him, he was even more shocked.

However, when he swept with his gaze towards the goatee male and the others who climbed back up behind Chu Feng, he pushed Chu Feng away and loudly said, “Run! Brother, run!!”

“Brother? This person wouldn’t be your trash younger brother who cultivates in the second-rate school, Chu Feng, right?”

The corner of the goatee male’s mouth brimmed into a strange and evil smile. At the same time, the dog legs behind him also understood the goatee male’s meanings. They already blocked the entrance of the tavern to prevent Chu Feng from escaping.

“Zhao Di, the person who offended you was me. If you have anything, do it towards me. I beg you, I beg you, please let my younger brother go!”

When he saw that the goatee male cast his fierce gaze towards Chu Feng, Chu Guyu knew that everything was not going well. He who was supported up by Chu Feng wanted to kneel back down to plead towards the goatee male.

*bang* However, before even letting Chu Guyu kneel down, a powerful big hand pulled him back up. It was Chu Feng.

As Chu Feng supported his elder brother up, his pair of eyes were glaring at the goatee male who was sneering. He coldly asked, “Was it you who did this to my brother?”

“That’s right. I did it. What do you want to do? You, a mere second-rate school trash, can do what to me?” The goatee male mocked and laughed, but his laughter was unusually sinister.

As the goatee male admit it, both of Chu feng’s eyes turned into a blood-red colour and the ice cold bloodlust that lingered all around his body instantly filled the entire tavern. He fiercely stared at the goatee male, and while gnashing his teeth, he said eight words, “I will make you wish you were dead.”