Chapter 237 - Chu Guyu Meets Trouble

MGA: Chapter 237 - Chu Guyu Meets Trouble

After Chu Feng left the Valley of Hundred Bends, the first place he headed towards was the number one school in the Azure Province, the Lingyun School.

His goal was to find his elder brother, Chu Guyu. After the Chu family gathering a year ago, Chu Feng hadn’t seen his elder brother even once.

However, his elder brother, undoubtedly, was the person Chu Feng cared about the most in the Chu family. If Chu Feng had to say who was the most important person in the Chu family, other than his father Chu Yuan, it would be Chu Guyu. They were the two persons that Chu Feng felt any family feelings from.

Currently, as the battle between Chu Feng and Gong Luyun was nearing, there would certainly be troubles in the future. Although Chu Guyu was a disciple from the Lingyun School, after all, he had a petty status and with his strength, he had no way of protecting himself.

It was too easily for the Gong family to harm him if they wished to. So, Chu Feng wanted to bring Chu Guyu away to a more safer place.

“You said that Chu Guyu isn’t in the Lingyun School? Where did he go?” As he was in front of the Lingyun School’s entrance, Chu Feng looked at the Lingyun School’s outer court disciple with a bit of shock.

“How should I know? You’re his relative, so if you don’t know, how should I know?”

The disciples from the Lingyun School were very prideful. Even the outer court disciples were like that. He could not see what cultivation Chu Feng had, so he even thought that Chu Feng was a commoner. Therefore, the gaze he looked at Chu Feng was filled with disdain, and the big word “annoyance” was written all over his face.

After knowing that Chu Guyu left the Lingyun School, Chu Feng’s heart was like tangled hemp and he didn’t even bother with that disciple. However, after some more careful thinking, where would Chu Guyu possibly go after leaving the Lingyun School? After all, at that moment, the Chu family did not exist anymore, and Chu Guyu would not leave the Lingyun School, which was a huge shelter, for no cause or reason.

“Brother, what kind of relationship do you have with senior Chu?” However, as Chu Feng prepared to leave the Lingyun School, a male walked over.

He was also a disciple from the Lingyun School, but he was just an outer court disciple. His age was similar to Chu Guyu’s, and at that instant, he appeared in front of Chu Feng. Not only did he not have the arrogance like the other Lingyun School disciples, rather, his face was full of smiles.

“I am Chu Guyu’s younger brother, and I’m called Chu Feng. Senior, do you know where my elder brother went?” Chu Feng felt that the male would not randomly come over to talk to him, so he must know some hidden things.

“Brother Chu Feng, come over here to speak.” After the male looked around him, he pulled Chu Feng to a corner where there was no one. Only then did he speak, “I entered the Lingyun School at the same time with your elder brother. When we were in the outer court, we were good brothers.”

“He had better talent than me and became an inner court disciple before me. However, that still did not affect the relationship between us two.”

“Your elder brother did have quite good talent, and if he continued to cultivate, even if he could not become a core disciple, he would have become an elder in the Lingyun School.”

“However, half a year ago, something happened in your family right?” The male suddenly asked.

“Mm. There was an incident in the family, and our father passed away.” Chu Feng did not say the truth, because a family being exterminated was never good when said.

“Ahh, no wonder. After getting hold of that news, he instantly became another person. He contacted me even less and his temper was abnormally violent. Exactly because of that, him, who usually followed the rules, offended the grandson of an inner court elder.”

“Not only was your elder brother heavily injured, he was even kicked out of the Lingyun School.” The disciple sighed and said.

“My elder brother got kicked out of the Lingyun School? Who was it? Who harmed my elder brother?” After hearing those words, Chu Feng was endlessly furious, and he was even a bit mad.

“Whatever, it wouldn’t be useful even if I told you. However, I can tell you where your elder brother is right now.” The male spoke.

Five hundred miles away from the Lingyun School, there was a small tavern. There were no waiters in the tavern and there was only one boss. That boss was none other than Chu Feng’s elder brother, Chu Guyu.

The current Chu Guyu was exactly eighteen years old and it was the great age of being at one’s prime. However, the heroic spirit from the past could not be seen anymore.

The current him was wearing a roughly made cloth-clothing, and huge changes happened on his gloomy and dispirited face. As he walked, he was also limping. He became a cripple.

“Oi oi oi, Chu Guyu, god damn! Can’t you be a bit faster? Don’t you know I’m hungry?”

“Where’s the beer? Where’s the beer? Quickly bring the beer! Damn, if you don’t be faster, I’ll smash your broken tavern up.”

Within the tavern, three tables were filled with guests. There were roughly six people per table, and all of them were inner court disciples from the Lingyun School. As they drank beer, they pointed at Chu Guyu and loudly cursed at him.

Chu Guyu already got used to that scene. He could not offend the group of people, because he didn’t dare to offend the group of people. However, it wasn’t for himself. He thought about his younger brother.

“Senior Zhao, this Chu Guyu can endure quite a bit. Every month, we come here to break his tavern, yet he still remains here and doesn’t leave.” A disciple spoke to a male who had a white face as well as a goatee.

“He doesn’t dare. Although his Chu family was exterminated, Chu Guyu still has a younger brother called Chu Feng. Right now, that Chu Feng is in the Azure Dragon School cultivating. If he dares to leave this place, I will make his younger brother even more miserable than him.” The goatee male sneered and said.

“It seems that Chu Guyu has quite deep feelings towards his younger brother. He can do such sacrifices for the safety of his younger brother. However, senior Zhao, from what I see, you should just kill him. Since he dares to offend you, he should not be living in his world.” Another disciple agreed and said.

“Heh..It’s extremely simple to kill him, but that would be too good for him. I want him to continue living so pettily. More poor than any person, and more miserable than any person. Today, I will destroy his cultivation, and he will thoroughly become a cripple.”

The goatee male drank a mouthful of beer and coldness appeared in his eyes. After that, with some shattering noises, the cup was thrown onto the floor.

*clatter clatter* Seeing that, the disciples from the other two tables also suddenly flipped the tables over. Then, they cast their gazes of ill intent towards Chu Guyu who walked out from the kitchen.

At that moment, there was a dish of food on one of Chu Guyu’s hands, and beer in the other. He already expected the scene in front of his eyes. He helplessly looked at the goatee male, and indifferently said,

“Zhao Di, isn’t it enough? I am no longer a Lingyun School disciple and I also did not leave your line of sight. No matter how you say it, I am still a cultivator. Even if I don’t have the halo of being a disciple from the Lingyun School, I still have my achievements.”

“I know that you don’t want me to be well, so I pettily opened this tavern here. But even so, you are still not willing to let me go? What do you want me to do?”

“Hmph. Let you go? If I let you go, I wouldn’t be Zhao Di. What I want you to do? I want you to be even more miserable. It seems that you aren’t clear where you belong. A cultivator? Today, you will not longer be a cultivator. You will not even be a commoner.”

As he spoke, the goatee male suddenly stood up. He took out a dagger that flashed with coldness from his sleeve, and aggressively walked towards Chu Guyu.