Chapter 240 - Forbidden Spirit Formation

MGA: Chapter 240 - Forbidden Spirit Formation

“Brother, it’s my fault. I’m useless. If I didn’t come late, you wouldn’t have...”

As he hugged Chu Guyu, he looked at his own elder brother’s broken legs and pierced dantian. From the corner of Chu Feng’s eyes, two streams of hot tears rolled down. He knew how important cultivation was to Chu Guyu, and he knew how painful he felt when his cultivation was destroyed.

“I’m fine, don’t worry. Only you...are my Chu family’s hope.” Chu Guyu’s face was deathly-white but a smile still hung on his face. After speaking those words, he closed his eyes, and fainted away.

“Brother, brother!” Chu Feng was very anxious. He kept on shaking Chu Guyu, and he was truly afraid that Chu Guyu would sleep like that and never wake again, and that his closest family member would leave him just like that.

“Chu Feng, don’t panic,. Don’t forget, you are a Grey-cloak World Spiritist.” Just at that time, Eggy’s voice rang out.

“Eggy, is there anyway to save my elder brother? I can’t let him become a cripple. Absolutely not.” Chu Feng nervously asked. Although he was a Grey-cloak World Spiritist, the methods he knew were limited. So, he put all his hope onto Eggy.

“They are only broken bones. With your current methods, it is very easy to fix them. On the other hand, there is quite some difficulty to recover one’s cultivation. However, it is not like there isn’t any method.”

“However, the chance of success for this is very small. But right now, you can only give it a try.” Eggy said.

“What method? Eggy, quickly say it.” Seeing that there was a way, Chu Feng was clearly a bit stirred up because no matter how distant the hope was, it was better than no hope at all.

“In the Asura World, there is a forbidden Spirit Formation. It can take away one’s cultivation and transfer it to another person. Because this Spirit Formation is too cruel and the success rate is extremely low, and if it fails, he might not even keep his life, it is forbidden in my Asura World. World Spirits are forbidden to pass this formation down to World Spiritists.”

“However, this forbidden Spirit Formation is the only method to help your elder brother recover his cultivation. Luckily, that guy over there hasn’t died yet so his cultivation can be taken. If it succeeds, your elder brother can become a person in the Origin realm. However, if it fails, your elder brother will...” Eggy explained.

“Eggy, can this forbidden formation be done after a day?” Chu Feng asked.

“It can, however, if it fails, your elder brother’s life would be lost. Are you prepared for that?” Eggy responded with a question.

“I understand my elder brother very well. To him, cultivation is extremely important. If he did not have any cultivation, if he was unable to cultivate, it would be more painful for him to live than to die.”

“I’ll make this decision for my elder brother. Since this has to be done, I might as well do it more thoroughly.” As Chu Feng looked at the goatee male, resolution emerged into his gaze.

At first, Eggy didn’t even understand Chu Feng’s meaning. However, after Chu Feng brought the goatee male’s objects back to the Lingyun School, and when an inner court elder hurriedly rushed towards the tavern, she understood Chu Feng’s intentions.

“Di'er, Di'er! Damn, who did this to you? Ahh~~~~~”

That old man was a Lingyun School’s inner court elder, but at the same time, he was the goatee male’s grandfather. He was the person who kicked Chu Guyu out of the Lingyun School.

At that moment, the goatee male did not die yet. However, he could not even speak. His body already became a skeleton but the internal organs were still undamaged. However, his appearance was abnormally terrifying.

Seeing that his grandson was tortured to that state, the old man was both sorrowful and furious. At the same time that he was devastatingly grieved, he angrily went insane. He swore that if the person who tormented his grandson dared to appear in front of his face, he was absolutely going to cut that person’s corpse into ten thousand pieces.

“Who? Who did it?! Get the hell out of here! I will skin you, pull your tendons, and cut your corpse into ten thousand pieces!” That old man furiously howled. He emanated the aura of the 1st level of the Profound realm and it shook the ground to the point where it trembled.

“How did you know that I will skin you, pull your tendons, and cut your corpse into ten thousand pieces?” Just at that moment, like a ghost, Chu Feng stood in front of the old man. At the same time, the strong pressure descended from the skies and forced the old man to kneel on the ground.

“You...You…Who are you? My Zhao family has no grievances nor hatred towards you, so why did you need to treat my grandson like that?”

The old man roughly gasped from Chu Feng’s pressure. On his face that was previously full of anger, instantly, it was replaced by fear and panic. He knew how strong the young man in front of him was, but he did not know when he made such a big enemy.

After hearing the old man’s question, Chu Feng only faintly smiled and said, “I’m Chu Guyu’s younger brother.”

“What? You...” At that instant, the old man suddenly understood and at the same time, he was endlessly shocked. He never would have thought that Chu Guyu who was so petty in the Lingyun School had such a strong younger brother. So strong that even he was powerless in front of him.

At that moment, the old man’s face was like ash. He already gave up on resistance because when he saw the miserable state that his grandson was in as well as the nearby bloodstains, he already knew that this time, he angered a killing star. Begging was useless. The only thing he could do was to wait for death.

Chu Feng slowly walked in front of the old man, then looked at the goatee male who was barely living and indifferently said, “Remember. In your next life, have better memory. You can touch some people, but those from my Chu family cannot be touched.” After speaking, with a thought, two rows of blood were released and it sprayed over that land.

Several days later, a group of people came into one of the cities in the Azure Province. They were a young group. There were males and females, and the oldest were only young adults. Many were still teenagers.

They bought a mansion in that place. That mansion was very luxurious, so luxurious that even the local rich families endlessly admired them because they who were viewed as wealthy didn’t even have enough money to buy a mansion like that.

Chu Guyu laid in a certain room in the mansion. Chu Yue, Chu Xue, Chu Cheng, Chu Zhen, Chu Wei, and all of the people from the Chu family’s young generation were next to his bed. Even Chu Xun and Chu Hongfei were there. Pretty much other than Chu Feng, all of the Chu family’s young generation who were still alive were there.

Currently, they were gathered within that room and they lingered in front of Chu Guyu’s bed. With faces full of worry, they stared at Chu Guyu and silently awaited his awakening.

“He’s awake! He’s awake!” Suddenly, Chu Xue loudly yelled, and at that instant, everyone was stirred up. Some people even jumped in excitement, and many people went up to call Chu Guyu’s name.

“Chu Wei, Chu Yue, Chu Xue, you..Why are you here? I...Where is this place?” As he looked at the familiar faces in front of him, Chu Guyu was a bit lost on what he should do.

Seeing that, Chu Yue explained everything to Chu Guyu. It turned out that Chu Feng was afraid that the young generation of the Chu family would be in more danger. So, he told all of them to leave their schools and gather here. He bought the mansion and told them to change their names to live in that place. At that moment, Chu Feng already arranged everything. So, the Chu family’s young generation also agreed with Chu Feng’s thoughts and agreed to leave their schools. They peacefully remained in that area and concealed their identities.