Chapter 231 - Number One Beauty in the Azure Province

MGA: Chapter 231 - Number One Beauty in the Azure Province

After Chu Feng left the fortress, he found a more desolate location and started to refine the Profound medicines. This time, Chu Feng’s harvest was certainly extremely refreshing. It was several times more than all the Profound medicines that he got from all the past days.

But it was in vain as Chu Feng refined one medicine after the other, the Divine Lightning consumed it mouthful by mouthful. After refining the Profound medicine, Chu Feng discovered that it wasn’t that there was no change in his dantian, but the change was too minuscule.

Enduring any actions of cursing, Chu Feng continued refining. Finally, after refining everything that he plundered this time, great change happened to his dantian, but the change only happened for an instant.

That was right. Chu Feng finally successfully arrived into the 5th level of the Origin realm. However, the price of having a breakthrough to that point was a bit heavy. Pretty much, Chu Feng used all the Profound medicines that he had like it was nothing.

*rustle rustle* Suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyes flashed and he cautiously cast his gaze towards the east because there were several people there quickly running.

That change attracted Chu Feng’s attention. He quickly concentrated his Spirit power over to hear the following words.

“Quick quick quick! I heard that the third lady of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Lin Yueyue, is as beautiful as a flower. She is the number one beauty in the Azure Province and it is a must to have a look!”

“Are you sure that Miss Lin Yueyue has set up camp in front?”

“Of course! I personally saw it, so how can it be wrong?”

“This is great! If I can see such beauty with my own eyes in my life, it would be worth it even if I die. But...will the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion allow us to go near?”

“Don’t worry. The Qilin Prince’s Mansion isn’t as unreasonable as the Lingyun School.”

So it turned out that the several males who were madly running with happiness and excitement were only going to look at the beautiful appearance of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion’s third lady.

“Ahh, these people are truly too bored.” As he looked at the actions of those people, Chu Feng helplessly shook his head.

But then, he raise his head to look up. After seeing the colour of the sky, he found out that it was getting quite late and soon, the sky was going to get dark. Since being idle was boring, Chu Feng also followed the steps of the group of people and chased after them…

In a empty space within a forest, a group of young adults with golden-coloured armor were standing around with order. Some males were even setting up a camp and pitching a super luxurious tent.

Other than the group of golden-armored males, there was also group of beautiful females with many styles of grace who were starting up fires and cooking on the side. They were preparing all types of delicious foods.

The group of people was a branch from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. No matter if it were the guards or the servants, all of them were experts in the Profound realm and their strength could not be underestimated.

Some people sighed in admiration as they faced the strength of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. However, the most eye-grabbing thing that was the sedan chair that was in the middle of the empty space. That sedan chair was very beautiful and it was created by carving special types of jades. It was extremely pretty.

Two servants stood near the entrance of the sedan chair and those two servants had quite attractive appearances. With white skin and a tall figure, it made the group of disciples outside of the empty land gulp a few times.

“Tsk. A bunch of bumpkins that haven’t seen beauties before.” As he looked at the lewd expressions on the group of people, Chu Feng couldn’t help but disdainfully shoot them a few glances.

Although those servants’ appearances were not bad, it could only be said that they were not bad. It was ordinary to the extreme when they were compared to Eggy who was in Chu Feng’s body.

“Look, she’s coming out! She’s coming out! The number one beauty in the Azure Province is coming!”

Suddenly, someone yelled in surprise. Following that, all the males and females outside of the empty space couldn’t help but stand on their tiptoes. Their eyes that were almost going to bulge out all gathered on the entrance of that sedan chair. Their moods also became excited.

At that instant, Chu Feng could clearly see a pair of beautiful white-snow legs that came out after the doors were opened. Those legs were truly pretty. They were long, thin, and straight, and one could simply not find any flaws. They were even comparable to Su Rou’s beautiful legs.

Even Chu Feng’s heart jumped when he saw those beautiful legs. However, the lustful people behind him all surged in front of Chu Feng and they completely blocked Chu Feng’s gaze.

“Damn! Have you guys not seen beauties before?”

As he saw the densely packed backs of the males in front of him, Chu Feng’s current emotions were called angry. With a grab, he forcibly pulled several males in front of him to the back.

At that moment, finally, Chu Feng’s line of sight could be cast onto Lin Yueyue's body. But this time, Chu Feng’s face greatly changed. Instantly, from a wonderful expression, it turned into a green-coloured face as if he ate bitter melons.

There was truly nothing one could criticize about the figure of Lin Yueyue. Sticking out both in front and behind, snow-white skin; but after seeing her face, it could scare a person to death.

She had a shoehorn-like face, pockmarks everywhere, red phoenix eyes, shrimp-like nose, a big mouth that was like a toad, and her pinkie was even deeply inserted into a nostril. She was “naturally and elegantly” picking her nose.

[TN: Red phoenix eyes (from baidu): Very slender eyes, as they curl downwards slightly towards the nose, and curl upwards slightly towards the ears.]

The most important part was her gaze. As she looked at the crowd, it was filled with disdain and pride, as if she truly felt that she was really the number one beauty in the Azure Province and that all males could not enter her divine eyes.

She even thought that the stunned expressions of the crowd were from being stunned by her beauty. But she did not know that the stunned expressions were the results of being terrified by her.


Just at that time, Chu Feng couldn’t bear it anymore, and after opening his mouth, he threw up. He truly threw up, and he threw up in front of everyone’s faces.

Although Chu Feng wasn’t that old, he still had pleased countless females. He had seen quite a few beauties, and he had also seen quite a few uglies. However, he had never seen a person as ugly as that. Lin Yueyue's rare appearance truly surpassed Chu Feng’s bottomline.

“Insolence! You dare to throw up in my lady’s resting area? Do you not want to live anymore?!” After Chu Feng vomited, it instantly caused the guards from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion to be displeased as they pointed at Chu Feng and loudly rebuked,

Chu Feng stood up straight again, and after wiping his mouth, he said some words that were filled with contempt, “Your lady’s appearance is so disgusting, so can you not let her come to scare people? Even I threw up because of her! How are you going compensate for this?”

After Chu Feng spoke, it was like a explosion of thunder and it shocked everyone greatly. However, within the hearts of the surrounding disciples, all of them raised their thumbs at Chu Feng and hiddenly said, “Brother, you are too correct!” At the same time, they admired Chu Feng quite a bit to be able to dare to speak those words.

“You...Who did you say was disgusting?” Similarly, after Chu Feng spoke, it made Lin Yueyue enraged. Even her fingers were trembling as she pointed at Chu Feng.

“I say. Lady, other than you, who else can I talk about? Please, return to the sedan chair and don’t come out to scare people okay?” Chu Feng waved his hands at her, but he did not dare to look at Lin Yueyue again and he only stared at the servants who were next to her.