Chapter 230 - I Am Called Asura

MGA: Chapter 230 - I Am Called Asura

That palm was extremely big and it could be said to cover the skies and the sun. It was condensed by golden-coloured radiance, yet it showed real palm patterns. It was not extended by an arm, and only a palm appeared in the sky.

But it had to be said that the power the golden-coloured huge palm contained was indeed, extremely frightening. As for how strong, it was even more terrifying that Lin Ran’s Cold Ice Atmosphere.

“Look, it’s senior Dugu’s unique skill! Rank 6 martial skill, Heaven Descending Divine Palm!!”

At that instant, someone yelled in surprise and it allowed Chu Feng to know the origin of the palm, as well as the user. He also finally knew why the golden-coloured palm came towards him with such huge pressure.

But under situations like that, Chu Feng never thought too much about it. With a thought, he linked with the White Tiger. Following that, he opened his five fingers and explosively palmed towards the sky.


When the palm was thrown out, instantly, the white-coloured gas surged out from his palm. After that, the white-coloured gas became a white-coloured tiger’s paw in the air.

It was a real tiger’s paw. Although it was only condensed by white-coloured gas, one could still see the faint black-coloured stripes. It was vivid and lifelike, and there was even fur. The most important thing was that the state of the tiger’s paw was completely different than what Chu Feng displayed earlier.

Before, the tiger’s paw was only in a illusionary state, but this tiger’s paw was more near an actual substance. As for why such change happened, that was because Chu Feng just recently gained new power. He improved once again in terms of appearance for the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

When the White Tiger came out, who could even fight against it? The might of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique completely surpassed the Heaven Descending Divine Palm, and when the two intersected, it made everyone know what was a true peerless and invincible attack in the world.

*rumble rumble rumble*

As the two collided, even the sky trembled and black-coloured cracks extended in the air as though the sky was going to fall. However, after the huge boom, the white-coloured tiger’s paw rushed into the air and straight through the clouds. Even a hole of a tiger’s paw was formed in the clouds in the sky, and only the heavens would know how far the paw went for.

Looking back at the golden-coloured huge palm, it already became golden-coloured ripples. It spread in the air, and in front of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, the so-called Heaven Descending Divine Palm could not even take a single strike.

“What martial skill is that? It has such power!”

As they looked at the clouds and saw the tiger’s paw mark left there, everyone who witnessed that scene were dumbfounded and their eyes were full of shock.

Even Dugu Aoyun tightly frowned and his gaze glittered with seriousness. As he looked at Chu Feng who wore a conical hat, he did not dare to have a single strand of carelessness anymore. He solemnly asked, “Brother, I wonder what your great name is?”

“Asura.” Chu Feng’s voice was extremely loud and clear.

After dissolving the scary attack, Chu Feng could finally observe the situation at that moment. Only then did he discover that the Monstrous Beasts were all finished off. All of the disciples surged into the fortress, and the one who led them was exactly Dugu Aoyun.

The current him was already surrounded, but it wasn’t that he had no more escaping roads to walk on. Since he was already discovered, Chu Feng did not hurry to escape. He took his time to leave his great name. Of course, it wasn’t his true name.

“Asura? What a good Asura. We painfully and bitterly fought outside, yet you snuck in here and plundered all the Profound medicines. Not only that, you even killed people from my Lingyun School. Your actions are a bit too dishonest, are they not?”

“If you’re still a man, reveal your true appearance. Let us see what kind of person would do such improper things.” Dugu Aoyun loudly interrogated. Obviously, he guessed that Asura wasn’t Chu Feng’s real name.

“Senior Dugu is right. We’ve fought for our lives outside, yet you stole away everything here. Hand the Profound medicines out and we’ll leave you with a complete corpse.”

At that instant, the other disciples also put out demands towards Chu Feng. After all, they just had a great battle against Monstrous Beasts and some were injured while some died. However, if all of that was for nothing, no matter who it was, they would not be willing to accept that.

“Truly a joke. The Profound medicines here belong to those who are able to get it. I never told you to fight for your lives outside, and even without any of you, I can still loot everything here.”

“Leave me with a complete corpse? Within all of you, who can kill me?” Chu Feng sneered and revealed his gaze of killing intent towards his surroundings.

Even though that it didn’t seem important, almost everyone who was on scene, other than Dugu Aoyun, couldn’t help but back away one step and they broke out in a cold sweat from fear. From Chu Feng’s gaze, they felt icy cold killing intent.

Especially after they saw Chu Feng’s terrifying palm, no one knew the depth of Chu Feng’s abilities. However, they could be sure that Chu Feng was indeed a dangerous person.

“Dugu Aoyun, you dare? Do you want to come over and give it a go?” Chu Feng threatened.

“You think I don’t dare?” Dugu Aoyun coldly said.

“Haha, if you dare, come up and try!”

Chu Feng loudly laughed and leaped up into the sky. When he was in mid-air, he stopped and did not move. He was stepping on air as he hung up in the sky.

“Heavens! He..he...he...he is standing on air!”

“How is that possible. He is a person in the Heaven realm?”

At that instant, as they looked at Chu Feng who stood on air with both of his hands behind his back, no one could remain calm anymore. Even though Chu Feng’s aura only belonged to the 1st level of the Profound realm, only Heaven realm experts had the special ability to step on the air and walk.

Heaven realm. That was a character that did not even exist in the entire Azure Province. Was the person in front of them truly a Heaven realm expert? Didn’t that mean that they angered a super huge character that they should not have angered?

“Where have you come from?” Dugu Aoyun loudly questioned, and even he was shocked by Chu Feng’s methods.

“Remember. I am Asura. This name will resonate in the entire Nine Provinces and no one will not know this name!”

After speaking those words, Chu Feng laughed, stepped in the air, and gradually went away. He left the dumbfounded crowds behind who had shocked minds that could not be calmed down for a long time.