Chapter 229 - Plundering Everything

MGA: Chapter 229 - Plundering Everything

A short while after Dugu Aoyun appeared, he organized the disciples and started to attack the Monstrous Beasts’ fortress.

This time, the Monstrous Beasts who were quite lively before clearly felt the pressure. As they faced the human army led by Dugu Aoyun, they already lost their absolute superiority.

Even the Monstrous Beast commander who held the huge hammer was held down by Dugu Aoyun. Although Monstrous Beasts had a natural advantage from their physical bodies and they were usually stronger than humans in the same realm in terms of battle power, when they faced a peak genius like Dugu Aoyun, their advantage already disappeared. In front of absolute aptitude, the advantage was taken away by the humans.

The Monstrous Beast commander who became half human tightly frowned and endlessly roared. He was being continuously forced back by the number one disciple in the Lingyun School, Dugu Aoyun, and he completely lost his precious grandeur of a king.

“Ahh, dammit. That damn woman...” Within a distant forest, the pockmarked male sat on a big tree as he looked at the direction of the fortress while smoke kept on rolling up and he unceasingly muttered.

“Brother Asura, with your strength, if you could have entered, you would have certainly gotten your share.” After sighing, he cast his gaze next to him, but he discovered that it was completely empty and Chu Feng’s traces were gone.

“Brother Asura, brother Asura?” That made the pockmarked male panic. Clearly, the person who was just there randomly disappeared. As he panicked, he started to look everywhere for Chu Feng’s traces.

However, no matter what, he never would have thought that the current Chu Feng already rose into the air. With the Imperial Sky Technique, Chu Feng looked down from above and the fortress was clearly observed by him. Although the defense around the fortress was very good, in order for the Profound medicines be bathed in sunlight for better growth, it was not completely sealed.

Using the smoke that rose from the great battle, Chu Feng could conceal himself as he descended from above. As the battle outside was a mess, he stepped into the fortress first and he wanted to grab all the Profound medicines that were there.

“Wow! This time, I will earn big.” After entering the fortress, Chu Feng’s excited heart was almost going to jump out.

Within the dense grasses, there were dense lights flickering non-stop. Low-quality Profound medicine, medium-quality Profound medicine, high-quality Profound medicine. In total, there were several thousand. There were even around a hundred of the priceless high-quality Profound medicine.

That amount was too shocking. No wonder the Monstrous Beasts outside would guard this place to their deaths. It was truly a treasure trove! It must have been the result of many years of accumulation.

*ji ji ji*

The instant that Chu Feng stepped onto that place, the several thousand Profound medicines suddenly changed. From little grasses that were buried in the flowers and grasses, they turned into terrifying monsters. They bared their teeth, and with open mouths and extended claws, they started their attack on Chu Feng.

“Heh, my lovely Profound medicines. All of you are truly giving me a hug!”

Chu Feng chuckled, extended his hand, and grabbed. Profound power formed into a huge palm and it slammed down. Even the ground trembled once, and that palm pressed several Profound medicines to death.

He waved his arm and his Profound power swept across. With that, dozens of Profound medicine were swept to death by Chu Feng and turned back into cute little grasses that didn’t have spiritual nature.

But even as he killed them so devastatingly, Chu Feng still felt that it was too slow. So, he just used his Spirit Formation power to surround the large area that contained the grasses, then sealed the Spirit Formation and crushed them alive. Only when they returned to their original forms did he stop the shrinking.

*ji ji ji~~~*

As Chu Feng swept across with his power, the preciously fierce Profound medicines started to escape everywhere and they powerfully hit the fortress’s walls. That was quite amusing because the Profound medicines were asking for help.

However, it was already a mess outside so how could anyone notice what was happening inside the fortress? Thus, the Profound medicines were helpless. They could only allow Chu Feng to finish them off with a sweep, and be killed bit by bit by him. At the end, they became Profound medicines without spiritual nature and they were all picked up by Chu Feng.

“Haha, refreshing. This is indeed refreshing!”

As Chu Feng madly laughed, he walked towards the remaining hundred or so Profound medicines hiding in the corner. The Profound medicines that usually had an abnormally fierce appearance were like frightened sheeps and they were trembling. Their gazes flickered and obviously, they felt boundless fear.

*boom* Suddenly, an explosion resounded out. Rock fragments filled their air and the fortress was opened by someone.

“Crap.” Chu Feng suddenly turned his head and he discovered that a group of people rushed in. It was the disciples from the Lingyun School, and the leader was number two of the Lingyun School, Fenghao, the powerful person at the 6th level of the Profound realm.

“Who are you?”

As Fenghao intruded into that place with a full heart of happiness, he discovered that the treasure trove was completely empty. After seeing the nearby standing person and a group of trembling Profound medicines, his face instantly changed greatly.

Fenghao immediately reacted and he knew what happened inside. That damn person went in first and completely plundered everything in the huge treasure trove!

“Hmph.” Chu Feng did not care about Fenghao. He only waved his big sleeve and condensed a Spirit Formation out. He wanted to take the last few Profound medicines in the corner for himself as well.

“You’re looking to die!!”

Seeing that not only did Chu Feng not stop and he was even continuing to plunder, it enraged Fenghao. He leaped and arrived in front of Chu Feng, then a fist was thrown towards Chu Feng’s back.

That fist was not a small thing. Although he did not use Profound power, a rank 6 martial skill was condensed within his fist. Its power was extremely frightening, and Fenghao wanted to use that punch to determine victory or death instantly, and also to kill Chu Feng.

At the same time, the crowd behind Fenghao attacked simultaneously as well. Every single person used extremely strong martial skills and they did not restrain themselves.

“Shoo!” In critical times like that, Chu Feng did not restrain himself as well. He flicked his fingers towards them and five white-coloured gases explosively shot out.

*roar* An angry roar shook the skies and the ground. Who could even hold the White Tiger back once it came out?

In front of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, even Fenghao’s face changed greatly. He originally wanted to escape, but he lost the chance. With a bang, the condensed huge paw by the White Tiger already slammed down. At the same time, not a single disciple behind him survived.


When the paw came down, instantly, a huge hole appeared. After the dust dispersed, other than Fenghao, the other people who were there become pools of blood. Even Fenghao was half-disabled.

The most important thing was that white-coloured gas already pierced through his chest and he was heavily injured. At that instant, blood was everywhere on his body. His aura was extremely weak and he was on the border of life and death.

*whoosh* After defeating Fenghao and the others with one strike, he waved his sleeve once again. The Profound medicines that were already bound down were called over and stuffed into his Cosmos Sack. He stepped up and he prepared to return where he came from to slip away after being extremely lucky.


But just at that time, boundless pressure descended from the skies and sealed Chu Feng’s path. He raised his head to look, and even Chu Feng couldn't help but change his expression greatly. A huge hand in the sky came down, and with devastating power, it slammed towards him.