Chapter 228 - Dugu Aoyun

MGA: Chapter 228 - Dugu Aoyun

The Valley of Hundred Bends was a magical land. Mountains, creeks, rivers, valleys, plains, everything that should be there was there.

The beautiful scenery was like a saint’s realm. That area could simply be said to be a separate world. There were spiritual medicines, Origin medicines, Profound medicines, wild beasts, Fierce Beasts, and Monstrous Beasts.

Being at the top of the food chain, Monstrous Beasts were the kings in that area. They ruled that place, and even Monstrous Beasts needed to cultivation. So, they also needed Origin medicines and Profound medicines.

In order for Origin medicines and Profound medicines to display the effects that they should have, after the Monstrous Beasts found the medicines, they would not immediately hunt them. They would force it to a special place, seal them, and wait for them to grow before using them.

However, every year, there would be a period of time where humans intruded that land. The intrusion of the humans destroyed everything there. They broke the rules there, so to Monstrous Beasts, humans were the invaders and they were the guardians.

At that moment, in a certain location in the Valley of Hundred Bends, there was a fortress just like that. Profound medicine filled the fortress and those outside could feel the strong Profound power as well as the fragrance of the medicines. It was undoubtedly a huge treasure trove.

However, the treasures were not able to be taken so easily because several hundred Monstrous Beasts were densely gathered outside. Every single one of them was in the Profound realm and their cultivations were high. There were some at the 1st level of the Profound realm as well as some at the 6th level of the Profound realm.

One human-shaped Monstrous Beast which was three meters tall even had the cultivation of the 7th level of the Profound realm. The muscles all over its body were like armor. It had a big sharp hammer in his hand and it was currently sitting on a chair made out of human bones as it yawned.

Around that Monstrous Beast were Monstrous Beasts who were still in their Monstrous Beast shape and they were quite lively, as if celebrating, as they defeated the humans again and again.

“Dammit. I really want to immediately go slaughter that group of beasts.”

“Wait. Senior Dugu and senior Fenghao will quickly come. After they come, we can exterminate these Monstrous Beasts that ought to die all at once. We will avenge the seniors and juniors who died.”

Several thousand meters away from the fortress, within a lush forest, several hundred disciples were gathered there. Most of them were disciples from the Lingyun School, but there were also many disciples from other schools and they were preparing for the final attack on the fortress.

“Look, senior Fenghao has arrived.” Suddenly, a group of people appeared. They were from the Lingyun School, and the one who led was a white-faced, prideful male.

After that male appeared, instantly, a huge disturbance was aroused. Not to mention the disciples from the Lingyun School, even the disciples from other schools concentrated their gazes on that male’s body. Some female disciples even revealed expressions of adoration.

That male was called Fenghao and he was the number two disciple in the Lingyun School. Although he was only second, his talent and cultivation was far from being comparable by disciples from other schools. He was an expert in the 6th level of the Profound realm, and it could be said that he was one of the best within the young generation in the Azure Province.

“Young lady, I wonder if we can join you guys to work together to defeat those group of Monstrous Beasts?”

At that instant, Chu Feng and the pockmarked male already arrived. However, it wasn’t simple to be able to join the group of people who were going to fight against the Monstrous Beasts.

In fact, currently, the strength of Chu Feng and the pockmarked male was being assessed by the female disciple from the Lingyun School. She was seeing if they had the qualifications to share the Profound medicine in the fortress.

But it was useless as after Fenghao appeared, the gaze of that female disciple from the Lingyun School was attracted towards Fenghao and she did not pay attention to Chu Feng and the pockmarked male anymore.

However, that could not be blamed on that female disciple because when compared to Fenghao’s girl-like face, the pockmarked male’s face was too ugly. No females would be willing to look at him.

“Look over there, senior Dugu has come!”

“Dugu Aoyun? The number one disciple from the Lingyun School, Dugu Aoyun?!”

Just at that time, another person yelled in surprise, and the words Dugu Aoyun caused everyone’s gaze on scene to be shifted from Fenghao to the other side.

On that side, another group of disciples from the Lingyun School appeared. The quality of those disciples were much stronger than Fenghao’s group.

Especially the one who led. With a pair of dense eyebrows which were like sharp swords and a resolute face like a blade, that male was a lot more handsome and martial-like. When compared to Fenghao’s female-like prettiness, that male was filled with manly charm.

He was the number one disciple in the Lingyun School, Dugu Aoyun, and he was an expert at the 8th level of the Profound realm. Not only was he the number one disciple in the Lingyun School, he was even named as the number one person in the Azure Province’s young generation.

Closely following Dugu Aoyun was his young brother, Dugu Xiangyu. Dugu Xiangyu’s cultivation was not weak as well as he had the cultivation of the 5th level of the Profound realm. He had quite the handsome appearance as well, but as his elder brother was under a halo, obviously, he was not that eye-grabbing.

“Waa, the number one disciple from my Lingyun School is too charming. That’s a real man!”

The female disciple from the Lingyun School who had incomparable adoration towards Fenghao earlier only had Dugu Aoyun’s figure within her eyes.

“Oi, lady. I want to join you guys to fight together against the Monstrous Beasts. Look at us. Can we?” Just at that time, the pockmarked male untactfully patted the female disciple’s shoulder.

“Shoo! Don’t pass! Both of you don’t pass! Leave right now!!” The pockmarked male who disturbed the female’s heart of appreciation got a burst of angry cursing from her.

“Junior, what’s wrong?” Her yell naturally attracted the attention of the Lingyun School disciples. In an instant, the large group of Lingyun School disciples aggressively surrounded and concentrated their fierce gazes onto the bodies of the pockmarked male as well as Chu Feng.

“I...We...” As he faced that scene, the pockmarked male was terrified. He could not even speak because he did not even know how to explain.

“They wanted to join us to fight against the Monstrous Beasts, but because their strength was too low, I wanted them to leave. However, they kept on nagging me.” The female disciple said with grievance.

“What? Something like that happened?” After hearing those words, the normally domineering Lingyun School disciples were instantly enraged and their gazes could eat Chu Feng and the pockmarked male.

“Whatever, fighting against the Monstrous Beasts is more important right now. Let them go.” One disciple went out to advise.

“Hmph. You two are lucky. Shoo!” Seeing that, the disciple from the Lingyun School started drive them away.

As he faced that situation, both of Chu Feng’s fists tightly clenched and the flames of fury burned in his heart, but he endured because he felt a pair of sharp eyes staring at him, and the owner of those eyes was extremely strong.

So, Chu Feng could only gloomily leave along with the pockmarked male as they were mocked by the crowd.

“Brother, what are you looking at?” Dugu Xiangyu curiously asked.

“Nothing.” Dugu Aoyun faintly smiled and retracted the gaze that was aimed towards Chu Feng.