Chapter 227 - Dangerous Land

MGA: Chapter 227 - Dangerous Land

“Senior, please help me out,” Indeed, after the pockmarked male discovered Chu Feng, he quickly asked for assistance.

In order to increase his efficiency, Chu Feng kept on borrowing Eggy’s power after entering the Valley of Hundred Bends. However, to avoid any unnecessary troubles, he still disguised himself.

He wore a cloth long robe and wore a conical hat that was made out of grass to conceal his own appearance. A disguise like that was not rare in the Valley of Hundred Bends, but because the pockmarked male could not see Chu Feng’s appearance nor could he determine Chu Feng’s age, yet he wanted Chu Feng to help him, he called Chu Feng a “senior”.

“What about the high-quality Profound medicine after I help you?” Chu Feng changed his voice into a young adult’s and directly spoke his goal.

“As long as you help me solve the danger in front of right now, the high-quality Profound medicine and the Monstrous Beast are yours!” The pockmarked male howled.

“Great.” Only after that did Chu Feng leap into the air, and like a sharp sword, he stabbed himself into the battle circle of the three.

“Ignorant humans, all of you will die.” At the same time that Chu Feng landed on the ground, the huge bear Monstrous Beast pounced towards Chu Feng.

Indeed, the Monstrous Beast had spiritual nature and he could speak the human language. However, its voice was still full of a wild beast’s aura. It was also as if he had boundless strength. When his claw came down, it brought the power of three hundred thousand catties along with it.


However, Chu Feng only coldly snorted at the Monstrous Beast’s sudden attack. Not only did he not dodge or avoid it, he even formed a fist with one hand and threw it towards the huge claw of the Monstrous Beast.

“This...” That scene completely terrified the pockmarked male. After all, Chu Feng’s aura showed that he was only at the 1st level of the Profound realm, being the same as him. In terms of body figure, he was even skinnier than himself.

So, Chu Feng’s current actions was like a mantis trying to block a chariot, and he was only searching for his own road of death. However, in the next instant, he was stupefied.


When Chu Feng’s fist and the huge paw of the Monstrous Beast collided, instantly, a huge boom sounded out. Although Chu Feng’s fist wasn’t big, the energy it contained was huge. A ripple of energy exploded out and the Monstrous Beast instantly wailed out then quickly retreated.

Its rough skin and thick flesh, which were like iron, were split open everywhere with blood flowing out and it revealed the eerie white bones.

“Heavens, this still the fist of a human?”

At that very instant, the pockmarked male was already dumbstruck and he stared blankly at Chu Feng’s fist with disbelief all over his face.

He did exchange some blows with the huge bear Monstrous Beast before so he deeply knew the strength of the huge bear Monstrous Beast’s physical body. However, with his own body, Chu Feng destroyed the paw of the Monstrous Beast so he found it quite hard to accept that.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

As the pockmarked male was distracted, the high-quality Profound medicine already leaped into the air. The vines all over it became sharp blade that filled the sky. With lightning fast speed, they shot towards the pockmarked male.


When the pockmarked male reacted to that, it was too late. The vines that filled the sky would stab into his body in the next instant. He could not avoid even if he wanted to, and he couldn’t escape from it even he wanted to. He lost his chance.


But just as the pockmarked male felt that he was going to undoubtedly die, like a ghost, Chu Feng appeared in front of him.

Chu Feng was holding a huge golden-coloured blade in both of his hands. As his arms waved in the air, the golden blade instantly became several glares of golden light. The half-moon golden light kept on appearing in front of his eyes, and when the golden light disappeared, the scary vines were cut into half. The most astonishing thing was that the head of the Profound medicine was also chopped off by Chu Feng at an unknown time.


The Profound medicine which was beheaded instantly miserably wailed. Its body was like it was shedding skin as it layers by layers fell. At the end, only a human-shaped plant that was the size of a palm appeared. That plant was a high-quality Profound medicine, the Human-shaped Grass.

*ta ta ta*

Just at that time, frantic stepping sounds resounded out, and the heavily injured huge bear Monstrous Beast escaped with its tail between its legs. Although it seemed quite heavy, its speed was not slow. Almost with a blink, it disappeared from Chu Feng’s and the other person’s line of sight.

At that instant, the pockmarked male even thought that the huge bear Monstrous Beast successfully escaped. As he prepared to shake his head and sigh, he saw Chu Feng throw his golden blade out.

At first, the pockmarked male did not understand why Chu Feng would do that, but when he heard the painful cry that came from the Monstrous Beast deep in the forest, he finally knew how strong Chu Feng really was.

Chu Feng picked up the Human-shaped Grass and threw it into his Cosmos Sack. Normally, he would not even store it and he would have just refined it directly, but since he was in front of someone else, he needed to hold himself back.

“Brother, you have quite good skill even though we are both at the 1st level of the Profound realm. I, Wu Yuanhua, truly admire you to the point that I would kowtow myself.” Just at that time, the pockmarked male walked over with a face full of deep respect and he couldn’t help but cup his hands towards Chu Feng in admiration.

“Ho...” Chu Feng already expected the male’s actions so he didn’t pay much attention to it. He only lightly smiled and prepared to continue on.

“Brother, I wonder what your great name is?” However, the pockmarked male went in front of Chu Feng to stop him and with a solemn face, he asked.

“I am Asura.” Chu Feng randomly said a name.

“Asura...what a strange name.” The pockmarked male seemed to contemplate and felt that the name was very special.

Chu Feng ignored the pockmarked male’s reactions, and went past him to continue foward. However, before even walking for a few steps, the pockmarked male caught up. He spread open his arms and stopped Chu Feng once again.

As he faced the pockmarked male’s persistency, Chu Feng tightly frowned and said a bit displeasedly, “Yes?”

“I...just want to invite brother Asura to go along with me.” The pockmarked male chuckled and said. His attitude was very sincere.

“Sorry, I’m busy.” Chu Feng coldy snorted. He did not want that trash as a burden.

“Ahh, brother Asura, we know a place that contains a large number of high-quality Profound medicine.” Seeing that, the pockmarked male quickly explained.

“Is that true?” After hearing that there was a large number of high-quality Profound medicines, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be interested.

“Not half a word of lie. But brother Asura, before going, I must let you know that the resources in the Valley of Hundred Bends exist together with danger.”

“The place that has a large number of Profound medicine also has a group of tyrannical Monstrous Beasts as guards. The disciples from the Lingyun school has already attacked many times, but they left in defeat and they had heavy losses.”

“However, I heard that the number one disciple in the Lingyun School, Dugu Aoyun, has already headed towards that place. All the powerful people in the Lingyun School all gathered at that place, and the Lingyun School also requested for help towards the other powers. They invited disciples from various other schools to work together to attack that Monstrous Beast castle.”

“And I...want to invite, you, brother Asura, to go together and share the profits. What you think about it?” The pockmarked male seriously said and within his gaze, there was even a bit of pleading.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart was already moved. If the disciples of the Lingyun School could not get any results after attacking it many times, it meant that the place was dangerous. But that also meant that there were huger resources. So, Chu Feng did not hesitate and he firmly said, “Lead the way!”