Chapter 226 - Mysterious Expert

MGA: Chapter 226 - Mysterious Expert

“Strange. What kind of person would build a temple hall in this place?”

“This is a forbidden land, so would there really be a person who lives here for long periods of times? Or perhaps it is just a temporary place for resting?”

“But didn’t the elders from various schools not permit anyone from going too deep into the Valley of Hundred Bends? This is already quite deep, so normally, there shouldn’t be anyone here.” As he looked at the fine built temple hall on the far mountain peak, Chu Feng endlessly guessed.

Finally, to satisfy his curiosity in his heart, he concealed himself in the clouds and extended his Spirit power to the extreme as he carefully went forward and he wanted to investigate it to the end.

“This is...”

But before even going near the mountain peak, Chu Feng’s pupils largened and shock emerged onto his face of curiosity in an instant.

“What a powerful hidden Spirit Formation. The power of this Spirit Formation is far above my grey-coloured Spirit Formation.”

Chu Feng discovered a hidden Spirit Formation that was outside of the mountain peak. It was a Spirit Formation mechanism. After touching it, no harm would be done but it would attract the attention of the person who laid it.

That meant something. The master in this place was most likely a World Spiritist, and the most important part was that from the feeling from the Spirit Formation, the owner of that Spirit Formation was far above him in terms of power. Which meant the World Spiritist who laid that Spirit formation was very possibly not a simple Grey-cloak World Spiritist but a…

“It’s a blue-coloured Spirit Formation. The master here is undoubtedly a Blue-cloak World Spiritist.” Eggy spoke the answer for Chu Feng.

“Blue-cloak World Spiritist. Why is such a character here?” Chu Feng was endlessly shocked.

In the Azure Province, the strongest World Spiritists were Grey-cloak World Spiritists, and there were only two. So, why did a Blue-cloak World Spiritist appear in that place? That was too shocking. How strong were Blue-cloak World Spiritists? They were huge characters who were even rare within the World Spirit Guild.

“Chu Feng, quickly leave. You cannot offend the master here. Quick. Retreat.” Eggy’s voice became more tense.

Chu Feng did not hesitate after hearing that. He turned around and quickly left. After listening to Eggy’s explanation, only then did Chu Feng know why Eggy was so nervous. It was because the strength of a Blue-cloak World Spiritist completely exceeded his expectations.

A Blue-cloak World Spiritist. Putting their Spirit power aside first, the various Spirit Formation methods that they grasped completely surpassed Grey-cloak World Spiritists. In terms of martial cultivation, there were strict requirements as well. According to what Eggy said, the power of blue-coloured Spirit Formation required one to be at least in the Heaven realm in order to gain it.

Which also meant that not only did a Blue-cloak World Spiritist live in that temple hall, he was also simultaneously a Heaven realm expert. The Heaven realm. That was the highest realm in the continent of the Nine Provinces. Why did a character such as him appear in the Azure Province’s Valley of Hundred Bends?

Chu Feng could not understand. But he did know something. There was an expert in the Valley of Hundred Bends, and that expert was not someone Chu Feng could offend because he truly could not bear the consequences.

Even if he was invincible in front of people under the Heaven realm, as he was able to escape with the superb martial skill, the Imperial Sky Technique; in front of Heaven realm experts, he did not even have the chance to escape.

After distancing himself from the mountain peak, Chu Feng did not use the Imperial Sky Technique anymore. After all, there were limited clouds in the sky and he could not always rely on the clouds to conceal himself. If he was discovered by someone, a huge uproar would be unavoidable.

Besides, there were countless spiritual medicines and Origin medicines, and there were even Profound medicines. Although Chu Feng could not finish Gong Luyun off, since he came, he couldn’t leave empty-handedly right?

There was a deadline for the Heroic Hunt. Eighteen days. The eighteen days did not start when they entered deeper into the Valley of Hundred Bends. It started on the day that the Valley of Hundred Bends was opened, so to be more precise, they only had fifteen days.

Chu Feng was going to openly slaughter in the fifteen days. He also wanted to experience how ample the resources in the Valley of Hundred Bends were. Also, normally, there were many Monstrous Beasts within the Valley of Hundred Bends. So, Chu Feng did not mind exchanging some blows with the legendary Monstrous Beasts.

*swoosh swoosh swoosh*

In a deep valley within the Valley of Hundred Bends, there was an area that was covered by trees. However, the branches and leaves were quite lush and there were even vines everywhere. They covered the sky and covered the sun, and it was extremely hard to walk.

However, a person was not affected at all in such an area. Like an agile monkey, he used the tree branches and tree vines to jump here and there in the air. His speed was extremely quick and sometimes, one could only see his silhouette but not his appearance.

Naturally, that person was Chu Feng. Ten days had passed from the beginning of the Heroic Hunt, and with the methods of a Grey-cloak World Spiritist, Chu Feng was like a fish in water when he was in the Valley of Hundred Bends and his harvests were great.

In these days, if he was thirsty, he would drink spring water. If he was hungry, he would roast some meat and eat it. He did not care about spiritual medicines, and only Origin medicines would stop him. Within ten days, he even stamped over and killed dozens of Profound medicines which were like treasures.

Although they were only low-quality Profound medicine and medium-quality Profound medicine, normal people could still not pick them. After all, those Profound medicines already had spiritual nature and the difficulty in catching them was extremely high. Only Chu Feng, a Grey-cloak World Spiritist, could catch them so easily. As long as he found them, he would get them. There would be no fish that could escape his net.

“One high-quality Profound medicine, one Monstrous Beast at the 9th level of the Origin realm, and one human at the 1st level of the Profound realm. It seems like someone attacked first.”

As Chu Feng dashed through the forest, he muttered in a low voice. He was currently chasing after a high-quality Profound medicine. However, with his sharp Spirit power, Chu Feng could feel that there wasn’t only a high-quality Profound medicine. There was also a Monstrous Beast as well as a human.


After going past several trees, finally, Chu Feng landed on a thick and big dry tree. Chu Feng could see everything as he looked down from above.

Dozens of meters away from him, a frightening big battle was happening. Countless thick trees were cut into half and blood covered the entire area. Nothing seemed the same before the battle and it seemed like an area of a disaster.

The young male was powerful person at the 1st level of the Profound realm. As for the huge bear Monstrous Beast and the tree-vined monster, they were only at the 9th level of the Origin realm. However, as they worked together, the young male got forced more and more back and he was going to fall at any moment.

“That’s the original body of a high-quality Profound medicine. Quite strong. It’s cooperating with the Monstrous Beast to attack humans together, and the combined battle power of the two is comparable to the 1st level of the Profound realm. No wonder that pockmarked male is unable to beat them. ”

Fragments were like a rainstorm as they flew all around Chu Feng. However, they were unable to harm him in the slightest. He was observing everything and waiting for the pockmarked male to request for assistance because he had to take that high-quality Profound medicine.

Since that high-quality Profound medicine was first discovered by the pockmarked male and unless the male took the initiative to give it up, if Chu Feng helped him take care of the Monstrous Beast and the Profound medicine, the pockmarked male might not be willing to give the Profound medicine over to Chu Feng and obviously, some disputes would happen. After experiencing all sorts of events, Chu Feng started to restrain his temper. He did not want to easily create enemies. What he needed were: friends!