Chapter 225 - Temple Hall in the Clouds

MGA: Chapter 225 - Temple Hall in the Clouds

Within a certain forest in the Valley of Hundred Bends, a layer of ice condensed on the trees and grasses. Cold air lingered around and it filled the area.

Lin Ran was still standing in the middle of it while raising his head to look at the starry night. His chest rose up and down and his eyes were filled with astonishment. Only after a good while did he slowly calm down.

“He clearly isn’t in the Heaven realm yet he can resist the air and walk? Did he grasp the Imperial Sky Sage’s unique skill?”

Lin Ran tightly frowned but he did not continue chasing. He only turned around and went back. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to chase, since after seeing all of Chu Feng’s methods, he hated himself for not taking everything that Chu Feng had for himself; but sadly, he truly could not do anything about Chu Feng who could walk on air.

Lin Ran returned to where Gong Luyun was. He discovered that the paw marks as well as the huge claw holes were still there. However, compared to before when he left, change happened. Six small water pillars were currently spraying out from the claw holes.

“A single finger contained so much power! These tunnels link to the underground water streams!” Lin Ran tightly frowned and shock filled his gaze.

“Grandfather, did that person really use a legendary Secret Skill?” Seeing that, Gong Luyun went over to ask because he still remembered the terrifying might that Chu Feng displayed earlier.

“Although I haven’t personally seen it, I have researched Secret Skills. No matter if you look at it in terms of the might, or the power, what Mr. Grey-cloak used what undoubtedly a Secret Skill.”

“Also, not only did that person grasp a Secret skill, he also grasped a very powerful bodily martial skill.” Lin Ran’s face was full of admiration when he remembered the scene in which Chu Feng walked on air.

Originally, he thought that with his high cultivation, he could have completely suppressed Chu Feng, but it was in vain as the methods Chu Feng grasped were mysterious to the extreme. It truly made his heart itch and it was quite intolerable.

“He grasped other methods? What kind of methods?” Gong Luyun expressed curiosity.

“No need to ask about that. After all, those are the methods of other people. If, in the future, I can get a Secret Skill, I will certainly pass it down to you.”

“Luyun, although your talent is not bad, it isn’t the best in the continent of the Nine Provinces. When you do things, you must do them to a certain level. That Mr. Grey-cloak would not attack you for no cause or reason. He must have some sort of relationship with Chu Feng, so it’s better if you be more careful in the future.” Lin Ran reminded.

“That mysterious Mr. Grey-cloak is related to Chu Feng?” He felt that it was quite strange when he thought that Mr. Grey-cloak who grasped so many special methods was related to Chu Feng. Gong Luyun had no way of accepting it.

“Although it’s just a guess, it is extremely possible. Even I will find it hard to catch Mr. Grey-cloak if he snuck into this place, and even if I report back to the Prince’s Mansion, I’m sure that they can’t do anything about him.”

“According to the rules, with my status, although I can protect all of you as you come in, I cannot stay for a long time. To avoid anymore attacks on you, it’s best for you to abandon this hunt.” Lin Ran said.

“Grandfather, this...” After hearing those words, Gong Luyun’s face greatly changed.

“No this or that. Is you little life important, or is this tiny bit of Profound medicine important? Do you want to become the same as your dog-like friends and become a heap of broken flesh and pool of blood?”

Lin Ran sharply yelled, and then added, “With me here, are you afraid that you won’t have any cultivating resources? Don’t worry. I have already applied towards the Mansion’s lord to let you join my Qilin Prince’s Mansion. At that time, I can pass all my abilities down to you.”

“Thank you grandfather for your benevolence and kindness.” After hearing those words, Gong Luyun went from misery to happiness, and his happiness was quite unexpected. The Qilin Prince’s Mansion was the true overlord of the Azure Province!

“Go return, I’ll hiddenly protect you.” Lin Ran smiled and waved his hand. He was quite kind and his gaze was full of love.

Of course Gong Luyun did not dare to refute. With a happy mood, he went back onto the road that he came from. He who had Lin Ran hiddenly protecting him did not have a single trace of worry.

After Gong Luyun went far away, Lin Ran took out a letter from his chest pocket. After opening the letter, there were a few rows of graceful characters.

“Lord Lin Ran, do you remember a female who saved your life twenty years ago outside of the Black Tortoise City, and also lost her chastity to you?”

“Although I am currently the wife of the Black Tortoise City’s lord, Luyun is the child between you and me. He is not the son of Gong Changshan. He is your child.”

“Originally I didn’t want to mention this matter to you, because after all, to you, a female like me is not even worth mentioning. However, at the end, Luyun is your child.”

“Gong Changshan is too stubborn and he had to send Luyun to the second-rate school, the Azure Dragon School, to cultivate and he wasted Luyun’s good talent for nothing. I hope that you, lord, can see Luyun as your own flesh and blood to bring Luyun away from the Azure Dragon School and to give him a better future.”

After reading it, Lin Ran reluctantly folded the letter back. He did not put it in his Cosmos Sack, but back into his chest pocket and reminiscently said,

“I’ve searched for you for twenty years, but I never would have thought that you gave me such a surprise in addition to finding you. Don’t worry, I won’t let our son be someone who will not be known.”

As Lin Ran thought about his own lover, Chu Feng was still walking in the air. At that moment, he already arrived in the clouds and he was running within them. He was like a dragon, going up, going down, and endlessly turning over.

“Haha, this is the feeling of walking on the air! It’s too refreshing!”

Chu Feng was incomparably joyful. Although it wasn’t the first time that he flew into the air, when compared to sitting on the White-headed Eagle, clearly, it was quite a bit better when he himself went towards the horizon as he wished.

“Mm? What’s that?” Suddenly, borrowing the light from the moon, Chu Feng discovered a mountain peak, and that mountain peak did not enter the clouds.

Also, on the summit of the mountain peak, Chu Feng saw light. Vaguely, it seemed like a building, and after nearing, indeed, there was a temple hall. Someone lived there.

Chu Feng couldn’t avoid being shocked because he discovered that the mountain peak was abnormally steep. It simply rose up perfectly straight like a ladder to the heavens.

That shape. That height. Without a certain cultivation, it would be very difficult to climb to that place, let alone the temple hall built on the summit of the mountain peak.

After all, the Valley of Hundred Bends was a forbidden land. Every year, it would only be opened for a bit over a dozen days. After that, no one was allowed to enter, so who would build a temple hall in that place?