Chapter 224 - Resisting the Air to Walk

MGA: Chapter 224 - Resisting the Air to Walk

“The might of Secret Skills are indeed peerless in the world. Mr. Grey-cloak, I wonder if you can tell me where you found this Secret Skill?”

This time, Lin Ran appeared behind Chu Feng and he waved his big sleeve. Another Qilin Shield was condensed out and with that terrifying might, it pressed towards Chu Feng from behind.

It had to be said that Lin Ran’s speed was too quick. The speed that he condensed a martial skill out surpassed his imagination, and even with Chu Feng’s current Spirit power, he couldn’t even match his pace.


As he faced such a strong Qilin Shield, Chu Feng could only fight against it with the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. However, when he wanted to link with the White Tiger in his body and when he wanted to use the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique again, he discovered that the White Tiger in his awareness disappeared.

“What is happening?” His strongest method, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, was currently unable to be used. That made Chu Feng panic as he quickly dodged.

However, just after Chu Feng dodged, the Qilin Shield also abruptly changed directions and pressed towards Chu Feng again. This time, its speed was even quicker.

*whoosh* Under that kind of situation, Chu Feng did not dare to have any bit of hesitation anymore. He used the Imperial Sky Technique to the extreme and rushed deeper into the Valley of Hundred Bends.

“Luyun, you wait here.” Seeing that, after telling Gong Luyun that, Lin Ran chased after Chu Feng and he loudly said, “Mr. Grey-cloak, where’s the need to leave so quickly? Why not tell me about that Secret Skill?”

“Dammit, what is happening? Why can’t I use my Secret Skill?”

Chu Feng was quite anxious. The only thing that Lin Ran was fearful towards was his White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. However, at that moment, he could not use it. That made Chu Feng lose the only thing that made him qualified to fight against Lin Ran.

“Idiot. Secret Skills are extremely special and they have life. They aren’t controllable by Profound power. Although your cultivation has been raised to the Profound realm after borrowing my power, in reality, you are still in the Origin realm.”

“So, it would not let you abuse its power. Right now, you can only use the Secret Skill to this degree and this is the limit. I’m afraid that for today, it will be impossible for you to use the Secret Skill again.” Eggy solemnly reminded.

“So there’s actually something like this? Dammit.” After knowing the truth, Chu Feng was both angered and annoyed. His hated enemy was so close, but not only did he have no way of killing him, he was even forced to escape. That truly forced him to hold his grievances back.

However, he could not do anything about it. Who told him to have insufficient strength? If he didn’t rely on Eggy’s power and only used with his own cultivation, not to mention fighting Lin Ran, even Gong Luyun could force him to his current state.

“Chu Feng, this isn’t going to work if this goes on. Let me control your body.”

Chu Feng used the Imperial Sky Technique to the extreme, but the difference in speed between him and Lin Ran was currently being pulled closer. Lin Ran was too strong. In front of such cultivation, Chu Feng was truly too weak, and in that situation, Eggy wanted to jump in.

“No! I won’t let you be injured again because of helping me.” When Eggy used the power of Asura, her spirit almost got extinguished so Chu Feng immediately refused.

“You idiot, I won’t work my life out as much as before. Quickly give me your body, or else you will die, and I won’t live as well.” Eggy refuted.

“No. From now on, it will be my turn to protect you. Even if I die, I will die in front of you.” Chu Feng was incomparably stubborn, and after speaking, the light under his feet became even more bright and his speed increased even more.

“Mr. Grey-cloak, it’s best if you tell me the origin of the Secret Skill before leaving.” Seeing that, Lin Ran was not hurried at all. He changed his technique and dissolved the powerful Qilin Shield.

He then turned his hand over and grabbed. Extremely cold gas appeared and the cold air quickly spread everywhere. All the flowers and grasses that it passed were all frozen solid. Even the tall and big trees had a layer of frost on it and it lost its life.

“This aura..It’s a rank 6 martial skill!” Chu Feng turned his head to look and he couldn’t help but be frightened.

Behind him, vast cold air engulfed everything. It was like an invisible monster and with bone-piercing cold air, it was heading towards Chu Feng to swallow him whole. From the pressure, Chu Feng could feel that it was undoubtedly a rank 6 martial skill or else even Lin Ran could not create an attack with such might.

At that instant, Chu Feng could only activate the golden-coloured lightning in his blood and he raised his cultivation to the 2nd level of the Profound realm from the 1st level of the Profound realm. Then, he put all his power into the Imperial Sky Technique to try to escape once again.

But it was in vain as the area of the cold air was extremely big and its speed was extremely fast. As Lin Ran neared, the cold gas also quickly neared Chu Feng. In that situation, Chu Feng was quickly going to be engulfed by it.

“Give up. It is impossible for you to escape from my Cold Ice Atmosphere.” Lin Ran revealed his teeth and showed a face that displayed that he was going to get what he wanted to get.

“Dammit! Will I, Chu Feng, be defeated here?”

“No. I will not be defeated. I still haven’t taken revenge. I still haven’t found my family. How can I possibly die here and be defeated by such a person? Wouldn’t I shame my family?”

Chu Feng yelled in his heart and at the same time, the Profound power in his body revolved and quickly went along special meridians. He was making a breakthrough. A type of breakthrough that he attempted many times, but never succeeded. It was the true obscurity of the Imperial Sky Technique.

“Let me see where you’re going to escape to!” Lin Ran neared once again and the cold air followed him. From behind, it surrounded Chu Feng and it also sealed his the path forward. Chu Feng was completely surrounded and he could go nowhere.

*bang* Just at that time, Chu Feng suddenly tapped the ground with his legs. Like an arrow leaving the bow, his entire body shot up into the sky.

“Hmph. You think that you can escape like that? Unless you can fly, you will be engulfed by my cold air.”

As he saw Chu Feng leap into the sky, Lin Ran only sneered and without hurry, he controlled the cold air to form a huge net underneath. He waited for Chu Feng to fall back down so he could catch Chu Feng completely.

*ta ta ta*

But then, the magical scene happened. When Chu Feng’s legs were in the air, he kept on walking. After every step, his entire body would rise a bit more.

After walking for a while, not only did he not fall back down, he even went higher and higher. The distance between him and the ground was already a hundred meters. How was that even a simple leap into the sky? He walked on air. He resisted the air and walked.

“Lin Ran, I will take your life when we meet next time!” Chu Feng turned his head around and left those words behind with an aged voice before walking on air and quickly heading towards the distant horizon.

The current Lin Ran was already at a loss on the ground. He blankly stared at the night sky which contained bright stars as well as the body that was going further and further away. On his aged face was shock, and only after a good while did he slowly come to his senses as he said quietly, “He..He really can fly!”