Chapter 223 - The Might of Secret Skills

MGA: Chapter 223 - The Might of Secret Skills

“I am head manager Lin Ran from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.”

“Although I don’t know how Luyun and the others offended you, Mr. Grey-cloak, I do hope that you, a person of high status, can forgive the offenses by this person of low status and spare him once.”

The old man who named himself as Lin Ran kindly smiled at Chu Feng. As he spoke, he was not humble nor arrogant and he already recognized that the person in front of him was Mr. Grey-cloak who slaughtered the Shangguan family.

When that old man appeared, Chu Feng couldn’t help but tightly frown because even he had heard of the name of Lin Ran. He was one of the most powerful people in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, being an expert at the peak of the Profound realm and he was one of the most famous great characters in the entire Azure Province.

Chu Feng did not know why such a character recognized Gong Luyun as his foster grandson and loved and protected him so much, but he knew if Lin Ran was truly going to protect Gong Luyun, this time, it would be difficult for him to even touch Gong Luyun anymore.

However, when he saw the hated enemy who exterminated his family, Chu Feng’s fury already won over his reasoning so how could he think about it so much? He did not care about Lin Ran and he raised his palm. Strong Profound power became an invisible huge wave as it slammed towards Lin Ran and Gong Luyun.

The boundless Profound power caused devastation in the air. The strong might shook the nearby trees as if a peak of a mountain was descending from the skies and forcing itself over.

“It seems like Mr. Grey-cloak is unwilling to give me, Lin Ran, face.”

But as he faced Chu Feng’s palm, Lin Ran only disappointedly shook his head. Following that, a cold glare flashed into his gaze and with a simple flick from his big sleeve, Profound power that was several times stronger than Chu Feng’s emanated out and it easily dissolved Chu Feng’s palm attack.

After dissolving Chu Feng’s strike, Lin Ran did not stop. He lightly pointed at Chu Feng and the Profound power in front of him quickly condensed. They formed into thousands and thousands of arrows that were like rain and explosively shot towards Chu Feng.

It was not a martial skill. When one had complete control over their Profound power, they could freely use Profound power to condense it into actual substances. Originally, it was something that only those at the Heaven realm could do, but some people could also do it if they were at the peak of the Profound realm.

“8th level of the Profound realm.”

At that instant, Chu Feng was shocked. Although the 8th level of the Profound realm wasn’t truly the peak of the Profound realm, with Chu Feng’s current cultivation of the 1st level of the Profound realm, he could really not fight against that person.

*hmm* However, he had no way out. So, with a thought, he condensed several grey-coloured Spirit Formations in front of him to block Lin Ran’s attacks.

*boom boom boom boom* But Chu Feng’s indestructible Spirit Formation instantly collapsed under Lin Ran’s casual attacks. It was as weak as tofu, and it could simply not even take a single strike.

“Chu Feng, quickly escape! The distance in strength is too big and you cannot defeat him!” Eggy’s voice rang out in Chu Feng’s brain.

However, how could Chu Feng who was filled with bloodlust back away? With a flash under his feet, he was able to use the Imperial Sky Technique however he wished to, and he dodged Lin Ran’s attacks with light-like speed.

*waaa* Closely following that, Chu Feng flicked his finger at Lin Ran. The roar of a fierce tiger also came along with it.

The White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. The Secret Skill had already been used by Chu Feng. Although it was only a faint, white-coloured gas, the might it gave out was enough to shake the world at that place.

“This might..It’s a Secret Skill?!”

As he faced Chu Feng’s White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, Lin Ran’s expression changed greatly, but he was not afraid. He was excited. When he faced the Secret Skill which was hard to find in the world, he was endlessly excited.


Seeming to know the strength of the Secret Skill, or possibly feeling the power of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, Lin Ran who was at the 8th level of the Profound realm did not forcefully take Chu Feng’s attack head-on. With his big hand, he grabbed Gong Luyun’s shoulder and as his body floated, he disappeared and he dodged it.

*rumble rumble* Almost at the same time that Lin Ran and Gong Luyun dodged, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique landed on the place where Lin Ran was previously.

Although it seemed to be insignificant gas, when it collided with the ground, it instantly became a domineering stream of gas. It destroyed the land and made it into a mess as a finger-wide deep hole extended down. No one knew how many meters it continued for.

“Haha, what a great Secret Skill! Truly, ‘it cannot be found after searching the entire world, but getting it did not require any work’.” Just at that time, Lin Ran and Gong Luyun appeared nearby. As he looked at the might caused by the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, Lin Ran insanely laughed.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh* Almost at the same time that the two of them appeared, Chu Feng’s Spirit power already locked onto their position. He flicked his fingers at the same time and five white-coloured gases were madly shooting through the air. As it went over from multiple locations, he attacked again.

*roar* If it was said that a single row of gas was like a single claw from a white tiger, the five gases would be like a white tiger’s paw.

As the sharp claws slammed out, not only were the five white-coloured gases there; hiddenly, one could even see a huge paw of a fierce tiger appearing in the air as it flew towards the two people.

That might was several times stronger than before. Even the ground started to violently tremble and countless cracks appeared. The nearby trees also started to violently sway and some even snapped into two as the fragments they flew away.

“Such strong might! Haha, I like it!”

That might already stupefied Gong Luyun from fear, but Lin Ran got even more and more insane. This time, he did not immediately dodge. He only waved his big sleeve, and kept on swirling it. He wanted to try and block it.

“I’ll let you experience my Qilin Prince’s Mansion’s Qilin Shield!”

As his big sleeve waved around, layers of Profound power also appeared and it became a huge shield in front of him.

That shield was circle-shaped and it had the diameter of ten meters. It seemed to be made out of steel, but it was formed by Profound power. Around the shield were sharp teeth, and in the middle of the shield was a head of a Qilin which had its teeth showing.

After the shield appeared, it started to continue swirling and as it swirled, it caused some hurricanes. Not only was it an indestructible shield, it was also an invincible sharp weapon.

It was a rank 6 defense martial skill. When it was in Lin Ran’s hands, it displayed the might that it should have and it was currently forcing the claws of the white tiger back. At that moment, they were going to collide.

In that instant, no matter if it was Chu Feng or Lin Ran, both of their gazes were tightly locked on the Qilin Shield as well as the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. No matter if it was Chu Feng or Lin Ran, they wanted to experiment which one was stronger and which one was weaker between the Secret Skill and the martial skill.

*boom* Finally, the two of them collided together; however, the result was both expected, yet also unexpected. In front of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, the strong Qilin Shield did not even remain there for half a second. Instantly, it shattered and the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was not damaged at all as it continued attacking Lin Ran and Gong Luyun.

*whoosh* At that instant, even Lin Ran’s face could not remain calm. As he faced such a powerful White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, he had no choice but to quickly dodge and he did not dare to continue holding it back.

*rumble rumble rumble* This time, when the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique collided with the ground, it formed a huge palm mark. It was not a simple palm mark. It was the palm of a tiger, the paw of a tiger.

The huge paw mark had the diameter of ten meters and it deeply imprinted itself on the ground. However, the deep paw mark was not all. Five small yet deep holes continued extending and the end of them could not be seen.