Chapter 222 - Gold-Armored Old Man

MGA: Chapter 222 - Gold-Armored Old Man

“What happened? Who did this?”

Fu Xiaojie’s death was too terrifying. Even though the people who were on scene were ruthless, and even though every single person had touched blood before and every single person had life debts that they carried on their backs, when they saw that scene, they would tremble even though it wasn’t cold and chills would go down their spines.

Fu Xiaojie was a person at the 1st level of the Profound realm. Who could kill him in such a short period of time with such cruel methods? There wasn’t even any cry of pain, so how scary would the person who killed him be?

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Just at that time, three aged figures rushed out from the forest behind the crowd. They were people from the old generation who hiddenly protected the young generation group.

Since the three of them heard a cry of surprise earlier, they determined that something must have happened. When they saw that scene, they also tightly frowned and their faces changed greatly.

“Lord elders, it’s great that you’ve come! There are dangers in this Valley of Hundred Bends.” After seeing the three old people, Gong Luyun and the others quickly went close to them.

Although the three old people came from different schools, all of them had the cultivation of the 5th level of the Profound realm. That kind of strength was not weak within the Azure Province. So, after they appeared, the terrified core disciples were as though they saw their savior.

“What kind of person dares to do this type of thing?” One of the elders yelled his throat out from the direction that Fu Xiaojie flew out from.

*rustle rustle rustle* Immediately after he spoke, stepping sounds gradually rang out. A person was slowly nearing from the dusky forest.

In that instant, everyone’s heart were raised to their throats. Gong Luyun and the others stood behind the three elders and without moving their eyes away, they stared forward because they knew that the culprit who killed Fu Xiaojie so cruelly was going to appear.

Under the gazes of the crowd, Chu Feng slowly walked out from the forest. However, the current him already changed his clothes. He put the World Spirit Grey-cloak on himself and he borrowed Eggy’s power as he emitted the might of a powerful person in the Profound realm.

It was no longer the petty young man Chu Feng. After a short period of time, he became the great character whose name spread throughout the Azure Province, Mr. Grey-cloak.

“You..You are?!”

After seeing Chu Feng, not to mention the disciples, even the three elders’ expression changed greatly because all of them simultaneously thought of the mysterious grey-cloaked person who slaughtered the Shangguan from an earlier period of time, Mr. Grey-cloak.

“Senior, I wonder if you are Mr. Grey-cloak?” One of the elders went up to Chu Feng and paid his respects.

*boom* Without even speaking, Chu Feng raised his hand and palmed. When that palm was thrown out, it sent out the power of three hundred thousand catties. As the old person at the 5th level of the Profound realm was caught off guard, he instantly became a pool of blood and exploded in front of the crowd.

*boom* Another palm went out as Chu Feng palmed again. Similarly, another person became a pool of blood and died violently.

“Senior, we have no grievances nor hatred between us, so why do you attack?”

“Ahh!” Another person loudly yelled, and before even finishing speaking, he exploded from Chu Feng’s palm.

From then on, Chu Feng threw out several more palms and every single palm created absolute power. There would always be a person who died from it.

There was no one there who could stop him. They even had no way of dodging as they looked at themselves being split into multiple pieces, and they could not even keep a complete corpse.

“Run!!” After seeing the blood spattered all over their bodies, finally, someone reacted to it, spun around, and wanted to escape.

“Hmph.” But how could Chu Feng give them a chance to escape? He turned his hand in the air and grabbed. Strong suction power spread out, like a formless cage, as it bound the disciple who wanted to escape earlier. In an instant, he was pulled towards Chu Feng’s palm.

“Ahh~~~~~” This time, he was not directly hit into a pool of blood. He was only forcibly being absorbed by Chu Feng’s power that came out from his palm. The pain of his flesh being condensed bit by bit made him endlessly cry out in miserableness as he unceasingly wailed.

“You demon! I’ll kill you!” At that moment, from the three elders, only one still survived and the person who was forcibly being refined by Chu Feng was a disciple from his own school.

That made him furious. Not only did he not escape, he even started an extremely strong attack. The strong Profound power was like the tide as it surged out from his body and it condensed into a huge chariot in front of him.

That chariot was as though it pressed down on void. It made rumbling noises and the ground trembled. Flames lit up in the air from friction. The strong might seemed like it could crush everything, and even the mountains could not stop the collision.

However, such a strong martial skill, the full powered strike of a person at the 5th level of the Profound realm, was not even put into Chu Feng’s eyes. With the wave of his arm, six Spirit Formations were condensed out and they surrounded from all directions and enveloped the chariot within them.

The Spirit Formations quickly shrunk and the strong pressure finally pressed the Profound power chariot, which had extremely strong might, into dust as it disappeared in the air.

“Heavens, is this guy even a person?”

“This is the power of a Grey-cloak World Spiritist?” As they faced that scene, almost everyone who was there were stupefied because they personally experienced the strength of Mr. Grey-cloak.

*whoosh* But as everyone were staring blankly at that, a figure who was on the ground suddenly leaped out and escaped towards the road that they came from.

Seeing that, Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly as well because the person who was escaping was none other than the person who he wanted to kill the most, Gong Luyun.

“A group of trash wants to take my life? All of you should die.”

Chu Feng was enraged. He no longer killed them off one by one but with a thought, his entire body became lightning. As the lightning surged, it lit the dark forest into day.

Under the shine of the white light, the boundless lightning finally became a huge lightning python. With a single gulp, it swallowed everyone who still survived. Even the old person who was at the 5th level of the Profound realm was not let off.

After completely burning everyone who was there all at once, Chu Feng used the Imperial Sky Technique and chased after Gong Luyun with extreme speed.

However, after chasing for several miles, Chu Feng’s face suddenly changed and he tightly frowned. He discovered that Gong Luyun who used all his power up to escape stopped running and he stood where he was.

At the same time, a person appeared next to Gong Luyun. Obviously, that person was a cultivator. However, Chu Feng could not detect what stage of cultivation he was at.

So, he was clearly a powerful person. A powerful person who Gong Luyun believed could protect him or else he would not have stopped escaping and waited there for Chu Feng.


As for Chu Feng, he did not stop moving and he continued chasing. Finally, he arrived at the place where Gong Luyun stopped at. At that instant, the figure of an old man also appeared within Chu Feng’s line of sight.

That old man had hair as white as snow, and a gaze that was like a torch. He wore golden-coloured armor, and on the chest area of that armor, there was even a domineering Qilin engraved on it.

The current him stood where he was with both of his hands behind his back. He was lightly smiling at Chu Feng, and the slightly squinting gaze was endlessly assessing Chu Feng. Behind him was Gong Luyun who hid there with terror all over his face.