Chapter 221 - Falling into a Trap

MGA: Chapter 221 - Falling into a Trap

“He’s that brat who doesn’t have eyes?” After hearing those words, the surrounding people expressed a bit of shock.

“No wonder he dared to so arrogantly challenge brother Gong. If he is able to mix into the Heroic Hunt with the cultivation of the 4th level of the Origin realm, it seems that this boy still has a bit of skill.” But some people also felt that Chu Feng was indeed not simple.

“Hmph.” When he heard that someone approved of Chu Feng, Gong Luyun coldly snorted and obvious dissatisfaction appeared on his face.

“Luyun, since this brat dares to come here to challenge you, he is simply looking to walk onto his road of death. I’ll help you track him, and after he enters the Valley of Hundred Bends, I’ll help you finish off this brat.” Seeing that, the alluring female pulled Gong Luyun to the side and said in a low voice.

“Sister Wang is right. He can come in, but he will not come out.” Just at that time, the group of people gathered together and some killing intent emerged onto their faces.

“This isn’t too good right?” When he saw that, Gong Luyun hesitated a bit, but he did not refuse.

“Brother Gong. When people like him fight with you, you only need one strike to make him disappear like a strand of smoke. Killing him is only a matter of time.”

“However, these kinds of people are like dogs. If you don’t slaughter him, perhaps he would jump out and bite you. So, do not be too kind towards people like him and it’s best to finish him off earlier.” Seeing that Gong Luyun had some hesitation, some people started to urge him one after the other.

“Then sorry to trouble all of you. I, Gong Luyun, will remember everyone’s loyalty and I will certainly repay all of you in the future.” Some people were on friendly terms with Gong Luyun so he didn’t push it away anymore. He only clasped his hands together towards the crowd with a touched face.

“Just the work of raising a hand!” After Gong Luyun expressed that, the group of people were incomparably happy. After all, from what they saw, even if Chu Feng had talent, he was only a little character. It was simply too easy for them to kill Chu Feng.

However, if they killed Chu Feng, their relationship with Gong Luyun could be advanced to another stage. That brought along quite a few benefits so naturally, they did not shrink away from it and they wanted to finish off the trouble in Gong Luyun’s place.

The Heroic Hunt was quite special. Many hunts started in the morning, but this Heroic Hunt was fixed to start when the sun came down.

After almost a day of long waiting, the sun finally descended from the tall skies down to the west mountains, and the grand occasion that happened once a year in the Azure Province, the Heroic Hunt, was finally going to start.

There were many people who joined the Heroic Hunt and there were at least several thousand people. However, after that number of people entered deep into the Valley of Hundred Bends, they disappeared like a stone thrown into an ocean because the Valley of Hundred Bends was simply that vast.

So, if someone had ill intents towards a certain person, they had to tail that person in the instant they entered the Valley of Hundred Bends. Otherwise, it was like fishing a needle in an ocean if they wanted to find a person in the Valley of Hundred Bends.

Coincidentally, behind Chu Feng were a group of people who were exactly like that. There were roughly twenty people in that group and many of them were at the 1st level of the Profound realm. Several people within the group were even at the 2nd level of the Profound realm. Some people in that group even had Spirit power, so they could lock onto Chu Feng but not expose themselves.

But all of that was useless. Chu Feng already discovered them when they thought that they were tailing him undetectably and were waiting for the time to finish him off. No matter how better their concealment was, they had no way of escaping Chu Feng’s Grey-cloak World Spiritist’s detection power.

Actually, not only did Chu Feng discover Gong Luyun and the others who were in the young generation, he also discovered some people in the old generation. Those old people secretly followed Gong Luyun and the others. They were undoubtedly there to hiddenly protect Gong Luyun and the others to prevent them from meeting any unnecessary troubles.

Chu Feng was not afraid when he faced that. Rather, everything was within his expectations. The reason why he showed himself to greet Gong Luyun after he discovered where his whereabouts were was because he wanted Gong Luyun to have killing intent towards him. So, that way, Gong Luyun would follow him to a more desolate location before attacking him.

The reason why Chu Feng participated in the Heroic Hunt was not for the Profound medicine. It was to kill Gong Luyun. So, if he wanted to find a place where he would not be disturbed in order to kill Gong Luyun, he had to lead Gong Luyun and the others to a place where he himself felt satisfied, and not where Gong Luyun, who was secret tailing him, felt satisfied.

*whoosh* Feeling that the time was almost right, a flash appeared under Chu Feng’s feet and he used the Imperial Sky Technique. Instantly, his speed increased by several times and after a blink, he disappeared from the palms of Gong Luyun and the others.

“Dammit. This brat’s speed is too quick and I lost him.” Suddenly, the alluring female stopped her steps forward and she lightly frowned.

“Really? Sister Wang, you’re a World Spiritist! You lost that damn brat?” Everyone understood what happened after hearing those words.

“Is it possible that we were discovered by him?” Someone suggested that suspicion.

“That’s possible. After all, he also has Spirit power and he was accepted as the final disciple by my Azure Dragon School’s Zhuge Liuyun. However, I never would have thought that he could discover that sister Wang was following him.” Gong Luyun gravely said.

“Now what?” Someone raised a question.

“What else? The person is lost, and in addition, when the sky goes dark, it would be too difficult to try and find him. What we should do now is to go deeper in to find Profound medicine.” Someone suggested.

“Mm. It seems that we can only do that.” Although they were extremely unwilling to, at that moment, they agreed to break up.

“Brother Gong, don’t worry. If that brat meets me, Fu Xiaojie, I will certainly help you finish him off.” A male who had a rather rough appearance clasped his hands towards Gong Luyun.

“Thank you brother Fu.”

Gong Luyun smiled, but he could not conceal his disappointment. After knowing Chu Feng’s extraordinariness, he became more and more uneasy.

Especially after meeting him again. He felt that he could absolutely not give Chu Feng any more time to continue developing. Or else, when the day of the arranged battle arrived, the person who would need to suicide would be himself.

“Everyone, I will take my leave now.” The rough-looking male who called himself as Fu Xiaojie clasped his hands again, then hurriedly rushed deeper in.

“Everyone, I, Gong Luyun, have remembered all your good intentions. The Valley of Hundred Bends has ample resources, and since everyone came here, you must have good harvests. Don’t waste anymore time here and let us scatter.” Even though he was disappointed, Gong Luyun still smiled towards everyone to express his gratitude.

*whoosh* However, just at that time, a strong wind suddenly lifted up and a black silhouette abruptly came flying over. With lightning speed, it rushed out from the forest and at the end, it landed next to Gong Luyun and the others.

“What’s this?” Everyone was surprised at that change and they even thought that it was a Monstrous Beast attacking. So, they quickly backed away to the side.

However, when they cast their gazes at the black silhouette, not a single person’s face did not change greatly as fear emerged onto their faces.

That black silhouette was not a Monstrous Beast. It was a person, and it was even a person they were familiar with. It was Fu Xiaojie who just left first.

But at that instant, Fu Xiaojie’s brain already left his neck. There were several big, bloody holes dug out from his chest and all of the organs in his body were no longer there. As for his brain, it was stuffed into the bloody holes in his chest. His death was abnormally horrifying.