Chapter 220 - Meeting of Enemies

MGA: Chapter 220 - Meeting of Enemies

The tall, big, and beautiful city wasn’t actually that big, but it was extremely delicate. It was created on the peak of the mountain range, and surrounding it were huge waterfalls that went down the valleys

The sunlight shone through the mist and a seven-coloured rainbow bridge appeared. Cranes circled and passed above the rainbows and it was quite aesthetically pleasing. Looking over at that scene, it seemed just like a realm for saints.

No wonder people said that the scenery in the Valley of Hundred Bends was peerless in the world. At least, in Chu Feng’s eyes, it was the most beautiful place that he had ever seen before.

Of course, the scene in front of him was only a corner of the Valley of Hundred Bends. It was truly only a corner because that place was only the outskirts of the Valley of Hundred Bends.

Although everyone who prepared to participate in the Heroic Hunt could temporarily rest there, the luxurious palaces could only be used by the greater characters from various powers. On the other hand, the disciples were waiting in a super-sized plaza that was located on the peak of a cliff.

Chu Feng spread his Spirit power out and he wanted to find the whereabouts of Gong Luyun. As he walked, Chu Feng was actually quite shocked because within the people who gathered there, other than himself, almost everyone were experts in the Profound realm. They were young geniuses of their generation.

In terms of real cultivation, Chu Feng truly wasn’t much in the group of people because those people were true geniuses. Almost everyone grasped special methods, and if any one of them came out, Chu Feng would have quite some difficulty if he wanted to defeat them. As for those who could suppress Chu Feng? Innumerable.

However, the relationship of those people weren’t too friendly. Most of them formed groups of three or five, but there were also groups with a large number of people. For example, the disciples from the Lingyun School, as well as the young generation from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

Those two groups of people represented the two strongest powers in the Azure Province. They had the most number of people, so they would have the most number of elites. Every single power would show respect at a distance as they were deeply afraid of offending the endlessly proud people.

“Finally, I found you.” Suddenly, two fists in Chu Feng’s sleeve tightly clenched and killing intent instantly emerged into his eyes. He quickly walked towards an area in the plaza.

A large group of people gathered in that area. All of them surrounded a young person who were around twenty years old. There were males, and there were females. The females were beauties, but in between their eyebrows was proudness.

The appearances of the males were all different, but the strength they possessed was not ordinary. All of them were at the Profound realm and most of them came from first-rate schools.

But exactly because of that, when a rather handsome male wore the clothing of a second-rate school, he seemed quite off when he was in the group.

As for who that person was, naturally, it was the number one disciple in the Azure Dragon School, the son of the Black Tortoise City’s lord who hidden instigated the Five Tiger Village, Gong Luyun.

Although disciples from second-rate schools should have been looked down upon by countless people there, Gong Luyun was not seen by any gazes like that. Instead, within the gazes of males, there was admiration. Within the gazes of females, there was adoration.

The group of people chatted and laughed together, and some people even praised Gong Luyun openedly. From that, the reason why Gong Luyun wasn’t looked down was stated there.

“Brother Gong, I really have to congratulate you. You actually became the foster grandson of Mr. Lin Ran! In the future, you need to take care of us more.” Some people said with admiration all over their face.

“Brother Li, you’re too polite.” Gong Luyun courteously smiled.

“Ahh, brother Gong, no need to be so modest. Who doesn’t know that Mr. Lin Ran is a powerful person at the peak of the Profound realm? He is the head manager of the Lin clan in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and many people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion want to set up a relationship with that old man, yet they can’t.”

“But today, he recognized you as his foster grandson. This would arouse the admiration of quite a few people.” Another male with a more rougher face chuckled and said.

“What use does admiration have? Mr. Lin Ran recognized Luyun as his foster grandson because his has quite good eyes. Brother Luyun is young but he is already at the 2nd level of the Profound realm. His battle prowess is not ordinary and he can defeat the strong as the weak. Even those at the 3rd level of the Profound realm cannot defeat him, and his future achievements are simply unmeasurable.” An alluring female went close to Gong Luyun.

“That’s right. Brother Gong is a true genius and we truly admire you from the bottom of our hearts. However, with his talent, it is quite undeserved for brother Gong to enter the Azure Dragon School.” Another female went close to him as well.

“Yeah yeah. I heard that there was a brat who did not have eyes in the Azure Dragon School and he dared to challenge brother Gong. Something about taking your life after one year. Ahh, I really don’t know where that brat got his confidence from.”

“Is it true or false? There’s actually something like that? Brother Gong, was what he said true?”

“Ho...The world is huge, so there are all sorts of people in it. When facing a person like him, I, Gong Luyun, feel that it is not worthy for me to pay attention to him. However, he was so aggressive that I had to accept his arranged battle. He is but a little minion, so no need to worry everyone.” Gong Luyun smiled and waved his hand.

“So that means it’s true! Brother Gong, who is that brat called? If you don’t feel well to attack those from the same school, I’ll give a lesson to him for you.”

“Yeah, he came from the same school yet he dares to be disrespectful to the number one disciple. These kinds of people truly aren’t educated and they should get a beating.” After knowing that such a thing happened, everyone curiously asked more about it.

“Gong Luyun, you’re living comfortably huh?” Just at that time, a voice suddenly rang out into the crowd.

As they looked towards the origin of the voice, everyone couldn’t help but be taken aback because they discovered, from nearby, a young man stood there. He was indeed a young man, and from his face, he did not seem to be over fifteen years old.

Although the Heroic Hunt was a prospering period for the Azure Province’s young generation, most of them were young adults and when such a tender young man appeared in that place, it made everyone quite shocked.

Especially when the young man’s clothing was exactly the same as Gong Luyun, being also from the Azure Dragon School. That made people even more shocked. They were also quite curious who he was.

“Even you entered here?” Gong Luyun tightly frowned and surprise appeared in his gaze. Naturally, he recognized who the young man in front of him was. It was Chu Feng who arranged a fight after one year.

When Gong Luyun discovered that Chu Feng’s cultivation became the 4th level of the Origin realm, the bit of surprise in his gaze became more serious.

“If even a foster grandson like you can enter, why can’t I? Gong Luyun, I came here for no other reason but to remind you. After entering this Valley of Hundred Bends, you better be careful. Careful as after you finish all your evil deeds, you receive retribution.” After speaking those words, Chu Feng waved his big sleeve, then turned around and left.

“Brother Gong, who is that person? Why were his words so unpleasant?” Seeing that, everyone quickly questioned.

“Didn’t you just ask who the brat who arranged a battle with me was?” Gong Luyun lightly smiled and said.

“It wouldn’t be him right? ” Everyone was greatly shocked.

“That’s right. He’s that bastard brat.” When Gong Luyun spoke those words, he was gnashing his teeth and a cold glare appeared in his gaze.