Chapter 219 - Gathering Area of Powerful People

MGA: Chapter 219 - Gathering Area of Powerful People

The White-headed Eagle was flying in the clouds. With its speed, it wasn’t hard for them to arrive at the Valley of Hundred Bends within three days.

Chu Feng sat on the White-headed Eagle, but he wasn’t staying idle. He was doing some preparations. Preparations for entering the Valley of Hundred Bends.

The Heroic Hunt in the Valley of Hundred Bends was extremely famous in the Azure Province. The Valley of Hundred Bends was a very special place, being a sacred land of medicines. Not only were the large amounts of spiritual and Origin medicines within it, there were even many Profound medicines.

However, the Valley of Hundred Bends was usually closed off. It would only open once a year for the outstanding disciples from the Azure Province’s various schools. They would enter the hunt, and as for how much resources they could get, it all depended on their abilities.

In short, the Valley of Hundred Bends did not belong to any power, but to the entire Azure Province. So, as long as the disciples from various schools had strength, they could enter.

But there was one thing. If someone wanted to enter the Valley of Hundred Bends to participate in the Heroic Hunt that happened once a year, it was a must to have sufficient strength, and they needed to register with their real name.

Chu Feng could not participate in the Heroic Hunt with the identity of Mr. Grey-cloak. So, he had to enter with the identity of Chu Feng. That identity only had the 2nd level of the Origin realm as his cultivation, so even he used all of his battle power, it would still be quite challenging for him to pass the Heroic Hunt exam. So, Chu Feng had to increase his cultivation.

In the past days, he grabbed quite a few belongings from others. To normal people, perhaps they were treasures; but to Chu Feng, they weren’t much because the only things that assisted his cultivation were only the twenty high-quality Profound medicine that the head of the Void School gave him. Only those had some effect towards him.


A single Profound medicine was refined and the strong Profound power quickly spread throughout his body. However, it couldn’t do anything to Chu Feng’s dantian. With a single gulp, it swallowed the burst of Profound power.

“These guys must have been born on the year of the wolf! You swallow spiritual energy with one gulp, you swallow Origin power with one gulp, and you still swallow Profound power with one gulp. Damn, what on earth can feed you guys full?”

Chu Feng felt quite helpless. Even though there were only eight Divine Lightning in his dantian, their appetite got bigger and bigger. That made him feel more and more pressure.

Only after Chu Feng refined the fifth high-quality Profound medicine did he feel some change happening to the Origin power in his body. After his cultivation increased by a single level, Chu Feng felt even more helpless.

How precious were Profound medicine? They were greatly beneficial towards powerful people in the Profound realm. But him, a person at a mere 2nd level of the Origin realm, needed to refine five of such treasures in order to have a breakthrough into the 3rd level of the Origin realm. That made him quite speechless.

But luckily, what came after was quite nice. After refining the fifteen other Profound medicine, Chu Feng felt that he was going have a breakthrough again. So, he swallowed everything that he had on him that would help his cultivation into his stomach all at once.

Finally, after nearly exhausting his stock, he successfully made another breakthrough and he entered the 4th level of the Origin realm.

“4th level of the Origin realm. It should be enough to participate in that Heroic Hunt right?”

After some calculations, with his current cultivation and the methods he grasped, it was not a problem for him to fight those at the 8th level of the Origin realm. If he also used the power of the golden-coloured lightning and raised his cultivation to the 5th level of the Origin realm, those at the 9th level of the Origin realm did not even need to be mentioned.

If Chu Feng used all his power and used all his abilities, it was still possible for him to fight a powerful person at the 1st level of the Profound realm.

From what he knew, if one did not receive an invitation, they were required to pass a series of exams in order to be qualified to participate in the Heroic Hunt. However, they still needed at least the power from the cultivation of the 1st level of the Profound realm in order to pass that. So, Chu Feng also felt the pressure. After all, he did not want to expose his other methods too early.

After hurrying for two days, finally, Chu Feng arrived near the Valley of Hundred Bends. To avoid any unnecessary troubles by riding the top-quality White-headed Eagle, he hiddenly landed in a certain area and walked towards the Valley of Hundred Bends.

The Valley of Hundred Bends was actually a huge primitive area. There were valleys, mountain ranges, forests, rivers, swamps, and it was extremely vast, but also extremely beautiful.

However, that beautiful scene in the Valley of Hundred Bends could only be seen for a few days every year. Of course, that treatment was only enjoyable for those who could actually enter the Valley of Hundred Bends.

“Quickly look there! Even a little child is here for the liveliness.”

“That’s true. Eh? Look carefully at his clothes that he is wearing. I don’t recall seeing that before. He wouldn’t be a disciple from a second-rate school would he?”

“Whatever, who cares about him? He’s not afraid of losing face, so why do we need to mind?”

There was no need to conceal his identity by appearing at that place, so Chu Feng wore the clothing for the Azure Dragon School’s core disciples. Something that he was helpless towards and could not be avoided were the mock from people.

Chu Feng already gotten used to that type of mock. In any big occasions when he met some disciples from some first-rate schools, he would always receive their mock. Besides, it was the Heroic Hunt where many excellent disciples from various schools gathered.

Chu Feng followed the two disciples from a first-rate school who mocked him before and entered the same examination location. When they entered, the two people always used gazes of disdain to stare at Chu Feng from start to finish.

However, when the three of them left the examination location, the gazes of the two completely changed. They were not longer gazes of disdain, but gazes of shock. Shock that was extremely complicated and hard to express.

As for why such change happened? That was because the two of them, who were disciples from a first-rate school and also had the cultivation of the 8th level of the Origin realm, both failed the exam.

As for Chu Feng, a disciple from a second-rate school who only had the cultivation of the 4th level of the Origin realm, passed, and he passed very effortlessly.

After that, Chu Feng arrived at a conclusion, and it was that the exam wasn’t as hard as it was said to be. Of course, he neglected the fact that he was a monster.

After passing the exam, Chu Feng gained the qualifications to enter the Valley of Hundred Bends. After entering it, he first saw a huge, tall, and magnificent city.

The city was built within mountains and rivers and it was indeed very beautiful. Chu Feng spread out his Spirit power, and at the end, he got a surprising result.

There were a large number of powerful people gathered within the city. People in the Profound realm were uncountable, and there were also many people at the peak of the Profound realm. Indeed, many huge characters from the Azure Province gathered there as well as many peak geniuses from various schools. Not a single person was simple, so at that place, he needed to be careful and cautious. He was not allowed to have half a point of carelessness.