Chapter 218 - Dangerous Person

MGA: Chapter 218 - Dangerous Person

The scene in front of their eyes could only be summarized with one word. Cruel!

Even more cruel than the Golden-purple City because every single people’s death there was that horrifying. It made people unable to look straight at it.

If it was said that corpses filled the ground in the Golden-purple City, then at that instant, in the Five Tiger Village, it was hell. There was not a single complete corpse. Only incomplete skeletons remained other than pools of blood.

Even the people from the Vermilion Bird City who experienced the battlefields found it hard to bear that scene. Even Su Hen’s face changed quickly. As for the guards of the Vermilion Bird City, some trembled, some threw up while kneeling on the ground, and some even directly lost consciousness out of fear. Even after losing consciousness, white foam came out of their mouths and their bodies were violently twitching. It could be seen that they were extremely terrified.

“Did they get silenced? What kind of person could be so cruel?!”

“It seems like Chu Feng has met with big trouble so it seems that little Rou and Little Mei must be kept at a distance from him.”

Su Hen tightly frowned. He did not know that it was done by Chu Feng and he even thought that it was all done by the mastermind who directed the Five Tiger Village in order to silence them.

As he looked at that wretched scene, he could imagine what kind of dangerous person that mastermind must be, yet Chu Feng angered such a person. Naturally, he did not want to be affected as well.

Within the Black Tortoise City, security was tight and all the guards in the city were dispatched. Many experts in the Black Tortoise City who closed themselves behind doors for cultivation also came out. The reason why all that was happening was because within the territory of the Black Tortoise City, an extremely dangerous person appeared.

No one knew what that person’s real appearance was because those who saw that person’s appearance were killed, and the people who were killed were all people from the Gong family.

What status did people from the Gong family have? They were the rulers of the Black Tortoise City! The people who were killed were even high-ranking characters who had quite some status in the Gong family. Clearly, someone was provoking the Gong family and becoming a huge enemy.

The experts from the Gong family were endlessly being killed and the dignity of the Gong family was being challenging in their own territory. Naturally, the Gong family could not possibly tolerate that so this time, the Gong family truly dispatched a large group of people and they vowed to apprehend the culprit.


“Dammit! Who are you to dare to repeatedly attack my Gong family?”

Within the unmarked graves outside of the Black Tortoise City, a middle-aged male who wore sumptuous clothing laid on the ground. Blood filled his mouth and fear filled his face. Surrounding him laid almost a hundred Black Tortoise City guards. However, those people did not breathe anymore.

He was a Gong family member and he had the cultivation of the 3rd level of the Profound realm. He was sent by the Gong family to search for the culprit who hiddenly killed the other Gong family members.

On that day, finally, he met that culprit. However, he never would have thought that he would be so strong. So strong that even him, who was at the 3rd level of the Profound realm, was completely powerless in front of him.

“Tell me where Gong Luyun is!” Chu Feng wore a flax robe, and in those days, he was lingering near the Black Tortoise City and slaughtering one Gong family expert after the other. His goal was not revenge. His goal was to find the whereabouts of Gong Luyun.

Sooner or later, he was going to exterminate the Gong family. However, he was not impatient. At that moment, the person he wanted to kill the most was Gong Luyun, the person who hiddenly killed the people from his Chu family. If he did not kill Gong Lyun, it would be extremely hard for him to dispel the hatred in his heart.

“So you came for Gong Luyun. Kill me. Even if I die, I will not tell you where Luyun went.” That person from the Gong family was quite unyielding.

Chu Feng was already prepared for that reaction because it was not the first time that he met such an answer. It could be seen that everyone who Chu Feng killed before refused to answer that question.

It had to be said that the Gong family was quite courageous and unyielding and it was something that was quite rare. However, when people like them became enemies, it was a very troubling thing, and after a few days of observations, Chu Feng discovered a problem.

No wonder the Gong family was quite valued by the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. The foundation of the Gong family really was the stronger one within first-rate cities. It could be said that the Black Tortoise City surpassed the Vermilion Bird City quite a bit.

So strong that the current Chu Feng could only linger around the outskirts of the city and it was very hard for him to enter the city itself. Chu Feng felt that inside the city, there were characters that even he could not suppress.

“If you want to die, I can grant you that wish. But before you die, I will let you suffer torture.”

“You’ve seen the Gong family corpses right? I will make you several times more miserable than them.” A flash came from Chu Feng's sleeve and a sharp dagger appeared.


After seeing the dagger which glared, the powerful Gong family person couldn’t help but swallow some saliva. He recalled the Gong family members who were killed by Chu Feng before. Indeed, they were extremely miserable. Just by looking at their corpses, one would tremble even though it wasn’t cold. It could be imagined how they were tormented before they died.

“If I tell you, can you spare my life?” The Gong family member’s gaze glittered and as he trembled, he said those words.

“I can spare your life.” In response, Chu Feng unhesitatingly promised.

“Truly?” The Gong family member was a bit suspicious.

“I have always spoke the truth.” Even though Chu Feng’s face was concealed, one could still see the sincerity in his gaze.

“Luyun was invited to the Valley of Hundred Bends to participate in the Heroic Hunt that that happens once every year in the Azure Province. The peak disciples of the many schools in the Azure Province went to participate in this hunt.” The Gong family member said in a low voice.

Chu Feng had heard of the Heroic Hunt before. It was a huge thing that happened once a year in the Azure Province and only the top disciples of various schools could participate in it. So, Gong Luyun being able to be invited made Chu Feng a bit surprised.

Because those who were able to be invited to the Heroic Hunt were mostly top disciples of first-rate schools. Almost no disciples from second-rate schools received invitations.

“How many days are left to the Heroic Hunt?” Chu Feng quickly asked.

“There are three more days until it starts. The Valley of Hundred Bends is very far from here, and after the hunt starts, schools from various places will work together to seal the entrance. You won’t get there in time.” The Gong family member reminded.

“No need to worry about that.”

Chu Feng sneered and the dagger in his hand flashed past. The Gong family member’s face instantly changed greatly and he quickly covered his neck area, but he could not stop the blood that was gushing out from his neck. He said with a furious face, “You...You...You went back on your word!”

“If you had to blame something, you could only blame your foolishness.” Chu Feng’s gaze became even more eerie and a boundless attraction forced surged out from his body and rushed into the body of that Gong family member.

“Ahh~~~~~~~~” At that instant, the Gong family member opened his mouth and started to painfully scream because he could feel that the most important thing in his body was being absorbed by a terrifying power.

Source energy. His Source energy was being absorbed by Eggy who was in Chu Feng’s body. The absorption of a dead person’s Source energy could not be felt, because they were dead. However, when a person’s Source energy was being absorbed when they were alive, it was extremely painful. Even more painful than having their blood all sucked dry from their body.

After killing the Gong family member, Chu Feng collected all the Cosmos Sacks from everyone who was there. However, after some inspection, he extremely displeasedly curled his lips and said, “A bunch of poor bastards!”