Chapter 217 - Who's the Mastermind

MGA: Chapter 217 - Who's the Mastermind

The merciless Third Thunder Style created countless little lightning snakes. They were tearing his skin inch by inch, and burning his flesh bit by bit. They were destroying his bones, wrecking his organs, and insanely devastating every single part of his body. That feeling of pain was indescribable. Only those who personally experienced it could understand.


The wretched wail which was like a pig being slaughtered kept on sounding out. Birds flew and beasts escaped in all directions. That was intentional by Chu Feng. As he remained awake, he would feel the torture from his body and Chu Feng wanted him to taste all kinds of pain before cutting off his life.

As he was being destroyed by the lightning, the powerful person at the 1st level of the Profound realm finally became charcoal-like after all the burning. There was not a single inch of undamaged place on his body. That period of time was certainly something that he never wanted to experience because it was the hardest event to bear in his entire life. But luckily, the current him already breathed no more.

After killing that person, not only did the flames of anger in Chu Feng’s heart not diminish, it even increased because even though he knew that those people were the culprits behind his Chu family’s massacre, they were not the mastermind. So, he extended his palm which was full of lightning towards another person.

“It was Gong Luyun! Gong Luyun from the Black Tortoise City! He hired us to massacre the Golden-purple City!” This time, before letting Chu Feng do the deed, that person confessed.

“This hero, please spare us! This is the reward that Gong Luyun gave us and we’ll give all of it to you.” The leader of the Five Tigers took his own Cosmos Sack off and shot a glance at the three others who still survived.

“Hero, please spare the lives of us three! This is everything we’ve accumulated and please accept them.” Seeing that, the three others also forcibly sat back up, and with a petty attitude, they gave their Cosmos Sacks to Chu Feng.

“You killed my family, yet you want me to spare your lives? A debt in blood must be paid with blood. Those words were written by you right? Do you not understand the principles behind that?” Chu Feng coldly smiled and his smile was extremely terrifying.

“You..You’re that Chu Feng?” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the remaining Four Tigers’ expression changed greatly. The colours of their faces instantly turned deathly-white and they powerlessly laid down. They knew that a disaster truly arrived.

Chu Feng did not reply. He clenched one of his hands and a golden-coloured longsword was condensed out. With the streak of a golden light, eight arms fell onto the ground.

“Ahh~~~~” As they saw that their own arms were cut off by someone, the Four Tigers painfully cried out. However, that was not the end. It was only the beginning.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Chu Feng held the golden-coloured longsword and madly stabbed the Four Tigers. He sliced open their skins, cut off their tendons and veins, and Chu Feng was endlessly pricking their most sensitive nerves yet keeping them awake. He let pain that was hard to unendurable engulf their bodies one wave after the other and let them be filled by the most cruel tortures in the world.

“Ahh~~~ You bastard! Kill us if you dare!!”

Within a blink, the infamous Four Tigers had their blood and flesh muddled together by Chu Feng. It made them want to die instead of live from the pain, and they wanted Chu Feng to kill them.

“Want to die? How can it be so easy? I want all of you to wish to live but cannot, and wish to die but cannot!” How could Chu Feng, who was burning with flames of anger, so easily let them go? Not only did he not stop, he even became fiercer.

“Chu Feng, that’s enough. Look at the time. My Vermilion Bird City’s army will arrive quickly so we have to leave this place soon as well.” As she looked at the Four Tigers who completely became bloody humans, even Su Rou’s heart could not bear it.

“Even if they die, they will not die with a complete corpse.” Chu Feng coldy snorted and the golden sword in his hand slashed randomly. As the golden glare shot in all directions, the corpses of the Four Tigers started to fly everywhere. Even their Source energies were absorbed by Chu Feng for Eggy. They truly died with incomplete corpses.

“Gong Luyun. I never would have thought that you would be so ruthless. You dare to secretly kill my family? Originally, I even thought of letting you live for a bit more. But now, it seems that not only do you need to die, your Gong family needs to die as well.”

After thoroughly finishing the Four Tigers off, Chu Feng looked around to confirm that he did not leave anyone living. Then, he dissolved his Spirit Formation and rode Little White away without caring about his surroundings.

After knowing who the mastermind was who directed the attack on his family, it was not possible for Chu Feng to wait another instant. He wanted to quickly kill that Gong Luyun as an offering for his Chu family members as well as the souls of the several hundred thousand people from the Golden-purple City. So, what Chu Feng needed to do was to search for the whereabouts of Gong Luyun.

On the second day that Chu Feng and Su Rou left, the army from the Vermilion Bird City finally arrived outside of the Five Tiger Village.

Since they knew that people in there were criminals who ran for their lives, they did a strict arrangement and formed an impenetrable circle that surrounded the village as they went closer and closer to the Five Tiger Village.

However, as they neared the Five Tiger Village, the Vermilion Bird City’s army were more and more uneasy. Why was the Five Tiger Village that should have been noisy so silent? It was simply not normal for it to be so quiet.

At first, they even suspected that it was possibly a trap. However, later on, they discovered that it wasn’t a trap because they smelled something. The smell of blood.

“Milord, what should we do?” The smell of blood always made people fearful because it was a signal that represented danger. So, at that instant, the powerful people from the Vermilion Bird City were also slightly afraid and everyone cast their gazes towards the city lord, Su Hen.

At that moment, Su Hen’s deep thoughts were unstable. Such a strong stench of blood meant that a lot of people died. At least, it meant that a huge battle happened within the Five Tiger Village so even he did not know what kind of dangers were in it.

But after thinking for a while, he still ordered, “Kill!”


After Su Hen spoke, everyone loudly yelled and the word “kill” resonated in the mountain forests. Even the ground rumbled.

The army of the Vermilion Bird City, under the lead of Su Hen and various other powerful people, rushed into the Five Tiger Village with a burst of courage. However, after rushing into the Five Tiger Village, all of them were dumbfounded and they were completely stupefied by the scene in front of them.