Chapter 216 - Arena of Carnage

MGA: Chapter 216 - Arena of Carnage

“How long did I sleep for?”

“Two days.”

“What about Chu Yue and the others?”

“For the sake of their safety, they are being sent back to the Azure Dragon School with escorts. Your family has also been buried.”

“They must really hate me now. If I considered the consequences of my actions, they wouldn’t have died because of me.”

“Don’t blame yourself anymore because there’s no use in that. This cannot be blamed on you. It can only be blamed on the people who attacked so despicably.”

“They could not kill you, so they killed your family. This is a plot. They intentionally want you to blame yourself and to feel guilt. Do not get tricked by them and don’t be destroyed by their schemes.” Su Rou tightly grabbed onto Chu Feng and she was extremely afraid that Chu Feng could not undo the knot in his heart.

“Don’t worry. I, Chu Feng, am not that weak. Right now, I just want to know who did this.” Bone-piercing coldness emerged into Chu Feng’s eyes.

“Actually, in his massacre, there is a survivor. The city lord of the Golden-purple City did not die. With special methods, he faked his death and survived. He also saw the people who massacred this city.” Su Rou slowly said.

“Who? Who was it?” Chu Feng was a bit agitated.

“Don’t get too stirred up for now and don’t wake little Mei up. Come out and I’ll tell you then.” Su Rou worriedly looked at Su Mei who was laying on Chu Feng’s chest while still sleeping sweetly and walked out the tent.

So, Chu Feng carefully carried Su Mei onto the bed, and after covering her with the blanket, he walked out of the tent.

This time, before Chu Feng spoke to ask, Su Rou took the lead and spoke, “It was the Five Tiger Village. It is a fortified mountain village, and there are five leaders. All of them are experts in the Profound realm.”

“This fortified mountain village is a bandit's nest. All of them do things that cannot be exposed to gain large amounts of reward from it.”

“The Five Tiger Village is a headquarters by itself. It is located in a special area, being on the border of my Vermilion Bird City as well as the Black Tortoise City. So, my father have never taken care of them. After all, they were a power that was not weak. If he needed to remove them, it would not be simple and if it wasn’t dealt with well, he would even get retaliated on.”

“However, this time, my father is determined to remove the Five Tiger Village. He has already assembled the army from my Vermilion Bird City and he is currently heading towards the Five Tiger Village.”

“Do you know where the Five Tiger Village is located at?” Chu Feng asked.

“Mm.” Su Rou nodded her head.

“Bring me there!”

After speaking, Chu Feng summoned Little White over. The two of them rode the White-headed Eagle, with the fastest possible speed, they rushed towards the Five Tiger Village.

The Five Tiger Village was a bandit’s nest. The people in it raped and pillaged, and there was no evils that they did not do. The people in the fortified mountain village called each others as brothers.

The Five Tigers were the leaders. There weren’t many people there, only near a thousand. The strongest were at the Profound realm, and the weakest were at the Origin realm. Their strength was quite strong and underestimation was not permitted.

A few days ago, the Five Tiger Village received a huge business; and currently, they were celebrating after a great success. Some drank beer and ate meat, while others abused the females they plundered. No matter how much more miserable the females painfully yelled out, not a single person expressed sympathy. Even when they were abused to death, no one would feel any pity.

Because those people were a group of bastards. They did all sorts of heartless things and they did not have a single bit of humanity within them.

Suddenly, a White-headed Eagle came down from the sky and it caused the noisy laughter to quiet down. Everyone’s gazes were attracted by the two people on the White-headed Eagle. Especially when they saw the female who wore white clothes, the group of beasts even started drooling.

They had played around with innumerable females, but they had never seen such a beautiful girl. As they looked, they simply could not stop. Their beast-like nature was stirred up. Some people who did not grow eyes were even eager and they wanted to rush over to strip the long skirt off the white-clothed beauty.

“I wonder what you two came here for?” Suddenly, a clear and loud voice rang out and five figures walked out from the crowd.

Every single person was tall and big. Dragons and phoenixes were drawn on their bodies. There were silver rings hanging on their ears and noses, and there were even several alluring females with incomplete clothing on their bodies next to them. They were touching and nibbling on the Five Tigers’ bare muscles and doing lowly actions. They did not even care about the gazes of others and they acted quite wildly.

At the same time that the five people appeared, everyone else in the Five Tiger Village calmed down because those five people were the leaders of the Five Tiger Village, the Five Tigers.

“Who let you to do the case in the Golden-purple City?” The cold glare from Chu Feng’s gaze shot everywhere and he was trying his best to control his bloodlust.

“Kill them!” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the leader of the Five Tigers knew that something was wrong. He did not waste any words and he directly ordered them to kill Chu Feng and Su Rou.


At the same time that the leader of the Five Tigers spoke, Chu Feng already started attacking. He raised his hand and palmed. Instantly, several people were shook into pieces and became pools of blood as they sprayed over the people who were behind them.

Following that, Chu Feng palmed again and several more people became pools of blood as they died wretchedly by Chu Feng.

At the same time, Su Rou also attacked. Similarly, her attacks were abnormally fierce and every strike drew blood. Every time she attacked, several people would die and there was no mercy.

“Damn it, these two are in the Profound realm!” Seeing that things weren’t going well, the Five Tigers did not fold their hands away and watch on the side, and they started to attack Chu Feng and Su Rou.

The five of them had the cultivation of the 1st level of the Profound realm and the martial skills they were skilled in were very vicious. However, in front of Chu Feng who borrowed Eggy’s power, they were simply like five pieces of trash.

Chu Feng did not even use martial skills. With a casual punch, his Profound power overflowed and it was extremely tyrannical. It easily dissolved the combined attacks from the five people, and at the same time, the five of them also flew back.


When they slammed back down onto the ground, bones all over their bodies cracked and countless bones were snapped. Even half of their internal organs were damaged. All of them spit out blood and they were heavily injured, without any more power to stand back up.

“Quick, quickly run!”

After seeing their five leaders get destroyed from one punch by someone, the Five Tiger Village members who were full of confidence previously were instantly terrified so much that their souls flew away. How would they dare to continue attacking Chu Feng and Su Rou? They turned around and ran out the mountain village.

“Today, all of you will die.”

However, with the wave of Chu Feng’s big sleeve, a huge Spirit Formation descended from the skies and enveloped the entire mountain village. No matter how the members attacked the Spirit Formation, they could not move it in the slightest.

The Spirit Formation was laid when Chu Feng entered the mountain village. It was a strong Spirit Formation and its goal was to prevent them from escaping because today, Chu Feng was absolutely not leaving a single person alive.

From then on, the Five Tiger Village that was enveloped by the Spirit Formation was as if it was an arena of carnage. The people who normally did nothing but evil fell one after the other, and every single death was more miserable than the previous.

When blood converged into rivers and corpses stacked into mountains, after the massacre in the Five Tiger Village, only five people remained, Those five people were the five leaders of the Five Tiger Village.

“I’ll ask again. Who prompted all of you to do it?” Chu Feng swept his icy gaze at the five people who laid on the ground with deathly-white faces.

“What are you talking about? We don't even understand.” One of them howled very innocently.

“You don't understand? Sure, don't understand.” Chu Feng stuck his hand out and pressed it onto his head. Following that, the lightning that encircled his hand drilled from the head into his entire body.

“Ahh~~~~~~” At that moment, that person painfully howled out.