Chapter 232 - You Don't Need to Compensate With Your Life to Deceive a Person to Death

MGA: Chapter 232 - You Don't Need to Compensate With Your Life to Deceive a Person to Death

“ bastard! Someone, apprehend this person! I want his eyes scooped out, his tongue cut off, his tendons pulled out, his skin peeled off...” Lin Yueyue quivered from anger and she pointed at Chu Feng and insanely started to howl.

At the same time, the guards from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion already pounced towards Chu Feng. Although they also felt that Lin Yueyue's appearance was really not good as well, when Chu Feng insulted Lin Yueyue in front of the crowd, it meant that they were insulting the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. That was something they could not tolerate.

“An ugly girl is guarded like treasure. This is truly sad!”

Naturally, Chu Feng would not obediently stay there and be caught. After taunting the guards who were rushing towards him, with a flash under his feet, he leaped into the forest like light and he quickly disappeared and could not be seen.

No matter how the guards tried to chase after him, they could not catch up to Chu Feng. Finally, they ended up with a conclusion. That boy who wore a conical hat was born in the year of the rabbit because he truly ran too fast.

After leaving the territory of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Chu Feng caught a little white rabbit. He was truly frightened by Lin Yueyue's appearance so he had to eat something to suppress those feelings.

At that moment, the sun had already set and the sky was dark. Chu Feng was alone in the desolate forest and he was preparing to start a fire to cook the rabbit. He extended his finger, and as Profound power condensed, a strand of fire fled out. It was a rank 5 martial skill, but its power was not stronger than the Three Thunder Styles, so Chu Feng could only use it for starting up a fire.


However, just as the flames started to burn, Chu Feng quickly extinguished it. After that, he nervously looked back because Chu Feng felt that there were people getting close again. Chu Feng already gotten used of that because the area he was in was a place with a lot of Profound medicines and many people gathered there.

Just in case, Chu Feng wanted to change locations, but then he felt that the aura of the person who was getting closer was a bit familiar. So, in order to investigate it, he concealed his aura and secretly went close.

“Damn. This guy is still quite unrestrained and free even in this kind of place.” Although he did not expect too much from going close, Chu Feng was instantly shocked.

In the empty land, there was a small tent. Outside of the tent was a bonfire. Over the bonfire were some delicious meat, and next to the bonfire was a male and a female. They were currently hugging one another as well as toasting and drinking

That male was Dugu Aoyun’s brother, Dugu Xiangyu, and the female was a disciple in the Lingyun School. At that moment, she was acting cutely, being romantic, and her emotions were going up and down as she was in Dugu Xiangyu’s embrace.

At that instant, finally, Chu Feng knew why Dugu Xianyu would come to such a place. He did not come along with the Lingyun School army. Clearly, to have a secret affair with that female disciple, they intentionally distanced themselves from the Lingyun School’s group.

As he looked at Dugu Xiangyu, Chu Feng couldn’t help but think of Dugu Aoyun, and think of the scene today when Dugu Aoyun gave out demands along with his group. As he thought of that, the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up into a evil smile, and after a leap, he went away.

It was deep into the night, and from the wine, Dugu Xiangyu’s beast-like nature was greatly displayed. He started to roll around on the grass with his little female junior with all sorts of deep emotions. When he reached the climax, he started to pull his junior’s skirt away.

“Senior not..not here.” The little female junior was a bit embarrassed and she cast her gaze towards the nearby tent.

“Hehe, fine fine fine. My beauty, I’ll listen to you.” Dugu Xiangyu chuckled, then carried the beauty into his embrace and went into the tent.

*ta ta ta* But just as the two entered the tent, footsteps rang out from the forest outside.

“Who?” That made Dugu Xiangyu extremely panicky. As his upper body was naked, he rushed out and jumped into the forest. When he came back, there was a little timid rabbit in his hand. He chuckled and said, “It’s nothing. Just a little white rabbit.”

After speaking, Dugu Xiangyu waved his arm and threw the little white rabbit out, and it was crushed into a pile of meat paste.

“Waa, my junior, you even took off your clothes by yourself!”

After Dugu Xiangyu returned to the tent and extended his palm of evil towards his junior, he shockingly discovered that his junior’s clothing was already taken off. Her figure was truly too great. It was simply the best body he had ever seen in his life.

So, Dugu Xiangyu’s beastly nature was thoroughly ignited, and love was made with his junior inside the tent. He was not even satisfied after doing it for so long, and he even forgot about the fact that his little female junior did not even make a sound as she was freely played around with.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

However, just as Dugu Xiangyu was absorbed in his actions, suddenly, there were footsteps outside in the forest. Following that, lamps lit up everywhere and a large number of troops surrounded him.

“Who is it that dares to disturb my good occasion?” Dugu Xiangyu who lost himself from the excitement was furious. As he was naked, he jumped out. But when he saw the people who surrounded him, his expression couldn’t help but change and the fury on his face couldn’t help but be held back a bit.

It was because the people who surrounded him were not simple troops. It was the army of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, and within that group of people, there was even a young male adult who had extremely high cultivation.

That male was quite well-built, and when the Qilin Golden-armor was on his body, he looked like a battle god. He was the number one person within the young generation of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Lin Xu.

Lin Xu was a first-class person. He had the cultivation of the 7th level of the Profound realm and he was named as the second strongest person in the Azure Province’s young generation. He was only slightly weaker than Dugu Aoyun. His identity was very special as well, being the eldest son of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion’s Lin Ran, and he was also Lin Yueyue’s older brother.

At that instant, Lin Xu’s face was extremely unkind. It could be seen that he was trying his best to control his anger, and he pointed at Dugu Xiangyu and said, “Dugu Xiangyu, hand my sister back.”

“Your sister? I don’t understand what you mean?” Dugu Xiangyu had no confidence as he faced Lin Xu and when he was asked like that, he was a bit puzzled.

“Hmph. You still dare to act dumb? Someone, bring the third lady out.” Lin Xu coldly snorted and the servants behind him rushed into the tent. Very quickly, a female who wore incomplete clothing was supported out.

“Brother Lin Xu, you can really jest. Where is the third lady here? Inside, it is...this...this...what is this?”

Dugu Xiangyu chuckled and he originally wanted to explain, but when he saw the female who was supported out, his was dumbfounded and his face instantly became deathly-white.

How was that female even his Lingyun School’s junior? She was the infamous number one most ugly female in the Azure Province, Lin Xu’s little sister, Lin Yueyue.

“Heavens, how did this happen?”

At that instant, Dugu Xiangyu knelt to the ground with a poof. Both of his hands hugged his head and he knocked his head onto the ground.

To think that he, Dugu Xiangyu, who was handsome, distinguished, casual, at ease, and had played with countless beauties, slept with such a top-level ugly female today. He was even extremely excited as he did it. At that instant, he felt that the sky was falling and the ground was collapsing. Ten thousand hopes all turned into dust, and currently, only a single sentence echoed in his brain.

Finished. He, Dugu Xiangyu, was completely finished for his entire life.