Chapter 211 - Two Big Things

MGA: Chapter 211 - Two Big Things

The news of the Shangguan family being slaughtered within the Vermilion Bird City quickly spread throughout the Azure Province.

Even the ruler of the Azure Province, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, and the number one school in the Azure Province, the Lingyun School, sent powerful people over to the Vermilion Bird City and they wanted to investigate everything.

The reason why they had such big movements was not because of the life or death of the Shangguan family which was so eye-grabbing. In actuality, the Grey-cloak World Spiritist who exterminated the Shangguan family became the topic of focus for people.

Grey-cloak World Spiritists. In the current Azure Province, there were only two known. So, the value of Grey-cloak World Spiritists in the Azure Province was extremely high. All sorts of powers wanted to pull a Grey-cloak World Spiritist into their own power. Even if they could not pull them in, they would want to at least be on good terms with them and start up some relationship.

But sadly, after that day, Mr. Grey-cloak completely disappeared. No one knew where he was, but something that could not be denied was that the matter was certainly one of the two big things that shook the Azure Province.

The other big thing was that within the thousands of schools in the Azure Province, something happened to one school that could rank as one of the top three in the Azure Province.

That school was called the Plum Flower School. It had an extremely good relationship with the two huge overlords of the Azure Province, the Lingyun School and the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. Its foundation was extremely strong as well. The weakest core disciples of the Plum flower School were at the Origin realm but many already already entered the Profound realm. There were innumerable experts within the elders, and it could be said that powerful people were like wood in forests.

The head of the Plum Flower School, Plum Flower Zhenren, was a person who lived for 99 years, had the cultivation of the 9th level of the Profound realm, grasped several rank 6 martial skills as well as special methods. He was truly at the peak of the Profound realm and he only needed a step to walk into the Heaven realm. He was one of the most famous big characters in the entire Azure Province.

[TN: Zhenren is a title.]

However, such a powerful school like that was massacred a few days ago. Within the Plum Flower School, not a single life remained from the several million disciples. Even the buildings that had towered for several hundred years all became ashes.

The huge Plum Flower School became an ocean of flames, and those flames were fierce. Even the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, and also the head of the Lingyun School could not step into it.

Such terrifying ocean of flames made people associate it with the ocean of flames that appeared within the desert a few months ago. It was said that several months ago, within the desert, the tomb of the Imperial Sky Sage, who was the number one expert who went wherever he wished to within the Azure Province a hundred years ago, appeared.

When that news got spread out, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and the Lingyun School, and also various great powers of the Azure Province sent strong people out to investigate it, but they were obstructed by the ocean of flames and they had no way of going near.

At that time, some people who did not believe in the evil wanted to forcibly charge into the ocean of flames, but before even getting close, they were burnt into ashes. Up until now, the ocean of flames were still burning. Even the rainstorm two months ago could not extinguish the flames. In contrary, it was as though the rain was adding fuel to the flames. It was extremely strange.

Some people said that they saw a male who looked like a beggar walk out of the ocean of flames as he spoke gibberish, yet he was not burnt at all.

People felt that news like that was made up. Even the strongest characters in the Azure Province could not step into the ocean of flames, so how could someone walk out and not be harmed at all?

So, that information was taken as a joke and no one cared about it. But the weirdest thing was on the day that the Plum Flower School was annihilated, there were people who also saw a beggar walk out the Plum Flower School.

After the Plum Flower School got destroyed, some people saw the beggar who was outside of the Plum Flower School. That beggar was not injured at all but he was just a bit insane.

Some people were curious and they felt that perhaps the beggar knew some truths. So, they went up and asked him about the Plum Flower School. However, just after they opened their mouths, the beggar disappeared and could not be seen. People did not even see how he left.

When people got hold of that news, instantly, there were huge reactions and everyone felt that the ocean of flames in the desert was related to the ocean of flames in the Plum Flower School, and it was very possible that it was done by the mysterious beggar.

Immediately, powers from everywhere searched everywhere. They wanted to find that beggar because he would not actually be a beggar, but an expert who had extremely strong strength. He would be at least of the Heaven realm, and some people even suspected that he was a Martial Lord.

Martial Lord. If that news arrived at the Jiang Dynasty, even they would be shaken. They were powerful people that didn’t even exist in the Jiang Dynasty. Such a character would flip the entire continent of the Nine Provinces upside down.

However, only powers with strong strength such as the Lingyun School and the Qilin Prince’s Mansion could participate on those matters. Others could only look at the liveliness, so even though the two big things shocked people, powers such as second-rate schools did not change at all.

In fact, the second-rate school, the Void School, remained normal and usual. The disciples that should be cultivating were cultivating, and the elders that should be lecturing were lecturing. Only the core zone was completely silent.

Several days ago, the head of the school personally ordered all core disciples to leave the core zone and also the core zone to be locked up for building repairs.

As for why it needed to be locked up, naturally, it was Mr. Grey-cloak’s promise. He was going to set up a Spirit Formation Array in the core zone. Just in case, if there were enemies who invaded in the future, they could protect the most important foundations.

After several days of laying, Chu Feng finally finished the Spirit Formation Array. Even though he lacked the cultivation and had insufficient Spirit Power, which caused the Spirit Formation Array to have flaws, there were absolutely no problems for it to block the attacks from a person at the 3rd level of the Profound realm.

Within the head of the school’s eyes, that Spirit Formation Array was simply perfect. So, as he was touched, he even gave Chu Feng a huge gift. Twenty high-quality Profound medicine.

That was certainly a huge gift. After all, the Void School was only mediocre within second-rate schools and its strength was far from the Azure Dragon School’s strength. Besides, twenty high-quality Profound medicine were still extremely precious for the Azure Dragon School.

So from that, it could be seen that the Void School truly, greatly bled. Even if they didn’t completely empty their storages, it would be pretty close.

“School head, this present is too valuable. After all, since you helped me, you also suffered from quite a few losses. It is completely reasonable for me to set up a Spirit Formation Array for your Void School.” As he looked at the twenty high-quality Profound medicine, although Chu Feng’s heart was moved, he did not immediately accept it.

“Ahh, Mr. Grey-cloak, they aren’t compensation for the Spirit Formation Array. They are just some tokens of respect from my Void School. I know that my Void School, which is a petty little second-rate school, isn’t qualified for you to remain here to be a guest elder in my Void School.”

“However, my Void School still hopes to befriend you. If possible, I hope that we can become friends.” The head of the void School was quite honest and he spoke his true thoughts.

“That’s fine. Since it is like this, I will take the offer!” Chu Feng smiled and put the twenty high-quality Profound medicine into his Cosmos Sack.

How precious were high-quality Profound medicine? Even the World Spirit Guild did not give out such a precious gift when they were trying to rope Chu Feng in. Of course, it could not be denied that the top-quality White-headed Eagle that the World Spirit Guild gifted to Chu Feng was also extremely precious. In terms of price, it would most likely not be any lower than the twenty high-quality Profound medicine.

However, how big was the World Spirit Guild? A single top-quality White-headed Eagle was truly only a hair from nine oxen and not even worth mentioning. However, to the Void School, twenty high-quality Profound medicine was possibly their accumulations of several years.

So at that instant, Chu Feng was extremely happy and he had great impressions towards the Void School. He hiddenly decided, when he flourished in the future, he must also help the Void School out.